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"I’ve tried lots of therapies in my time; I went to see a child psychologist once, but he was terrible. Well, he was only seven. He said to me: “what’s the first thing you think of when I say the word ‘mother’?”; and I said “me mother”! So he suggested I got to the Samaritans instead, but I thought a Samaritan was one of those oranges you only get at Christmas. And then he suggested colonic irrigation, but what do I know about farmin’?! But I’ve finally found a therapy that really is right up my alley; it’s called Robot Wars, and right now, another eight angry patients are waiting to air their grievances in the arena! Look out doctor, they may need sedating!"
— Craig Charles' introduction

Heat H of Robot Wars: The Third Wars was the eighth of sixteen heats which determined the Semi-Finalists of Robot Wars: The Third Wars. The episode featuring Heat H was originally broadcast on January 28, 2000 on BBC Two. The episode managed to attract 6.63 million viewers, an increase of 690,000 viewers when compared with the previous episode, becoming the highest rated Series 3 episode. According to BARB, this meant it ranked first in the top thirty highest rated BBC 2 broadcasts during 24-30 January.

Competing Robots[]


Ally gator.JPG
Ally Gator
Weight 79.0kg
Dimensions 0.32 x 1.13 x 0.78m
Clearance 0.02m
Power 4 x 6A Wheelchair Motors
Weapons Blade at the Front
Notes 3 Servos Drive the Robot
From: Kent
Team Members: Derek Stupples, James Hogben & Steve Everton
Berserk 2.png
Berserk 2
Weight 79.5kg
Dimensions 0.93 x 1.59 x 0.77m
Clearance Variable
Power 2 x Wheelchair Motors
Weapons Pneumatic Forklift & Hammer
Notes Cost £2,000
From: Huddersfield
Team Members: Stuart Ford, Christopher O'Connell, Graham Kershaw & Martin Kershaw
Hypno-Disc Series 3 Crop.png
Weight 78.3kg
Dimensions 0.25 x 1.26 x 0.74m
Clearance 0.02m
Power 2 x 750W Electric Motors
Weapons 600rpm Rotating Disc
Notes Cost £800
From: Oxford
Team Members: Dave Rose, Derek Rose & Ken Rose
Weight 77.7kg
Dimensions 0.55 x 1.20 x 0.66m
Clearance 0.10m
Power 2 x Wheelchair Motors
Weapons Lifting Arm
Notes Cost £400
From: County Durham & Lewisham
Team Members: William Ryle, Brenda Ryle & Ginger Peakin
Stealth NoBackground.png
Weight 65.0kg
Dimensions 0.42 x 1.22 x 0.74m
Clearance 0.06m
Power 2 x Wheelchair Motors
Weapons Circular Saw & Lifting Ramp
Notes Made Mostly of Scrap Metal
From: Staffordshire
Team Members: James Lythall & Cavan Lythall


Corporal punishment.jpg
Corporal Punishment
Weight 78.5kg
Dimensions 0.36 x 1.45 x 0.81m
Clearance 0.01m
Power Electric Motor
Weapons Lifting Scoop at the Front
Notes Linear Actuators
From: Romford
Team Members: Adam Clark & Dave Dempster
Death warmed up.jpg
Death Warmed Up
Weight 60.2kg
Dimensions 0.88 x 1.28 x 0.77m
Clearance 0.01 - 0.10m
Power 6 x Wiper Motors
Weapons 'Earthquake' Saw & Trident
Notes Fibreglass Shell
From: Yorkshire
Team Members: Colin Scott, Julie Scott & Bryan Newcombe
Tut's Revenge.jpg
Tut's Revenge
Weight 80.1kg
Dimensions 0.68 x 0.72 x 0.68m
Clearance 0.02m
Power 2 x 750W Electric Motors
Weapons 2 x Pneumatic Rams
Notes Has Self-Righting Mechanism
From: Preston
Team Members: Dave Lund, Tony Lund & Gordon Keeling

Round 1[]

"And this is how they line up, Philippa. Ally Gator, swamp thing or mean manned machinery against Corporal Punishment. Will they go Berserk twice or leave in a trice against Tut's Revenge? Flipping good, they are. Hypno-Disc will give you a close shave against the inventive Robogeddon team. And Death Warmed Up, no velvet glove approach there against the Stealth bomber."
— Jonathan Pearce announces the first round line-up

Ally Gator vs Corporal Punishment[]

Corporal Punishment gets trapped

Matilda comes charging in to attack the stuck robots

Ally Gator immediately zipped in underneath Corporal Punishment, who got stuck on top of it permanently, as the edge of its side armour plate was hooked onto one of Ally Gator's serrated spike strips. Ally Gator dragged Corporal Punishment away, but struggled to do so with any gusto because part of Corporal Punishment was digging into the arena floor. Matilda came out from her CPZ and pushed the two towards the centre of the arena and Ally Gator then reversed. After a short time, Ally Gator guided Corporal Punishment towards the edge of the pit, but Matilda intervened.

"Inching, slowly, inextricably towards that pit. And in comes Matilda with a blocking movement."
Jonathan Pearce

Matilda intercepts as Ally Gator edges Corporal Punishment towards the Pit

The House Robots come in with Sir Killalot lifting Corporal Punishment

She then guided the two robots towards the arena floor flipper. The House Robots then closed in, with Corporal Punishment still on top of Ally Gator. Sir Killalot lifted Corporal Punishment, but didn't get enough purchase with the lance, so Adam Clark's machine fell back onto Ally Gator.

Sir Killalot lifts Corporal Punishment off of Ally Gator as battle ends

"And there can only be one winner here, and it's not going to be Adam Clark's Corporal Punishment team."
— Jonathan Pearce

With time ticking down, Sir Killalot tried once more to lift Corporal Punishment, this time dropping it on its back just as cease was called. It went to the judges, a split decision from whom gave Ally Gator the win.

Winner: Ally Gator

Berserk 2 vs Tut's Revenge[]

A wedged Tut's Revenge is lifted by Berserk 2

Berserk 2 turns Tut's Revenge over

Tut's Revenge immediately went past Berserk 2 and straight into the arena wall. This allowed Berserk 2 to lift Tut's Revenge. They attempted to topple Tut's Revenge over, but couldn't because of the arena wall being in the way.

"It may be pretty, with the symbol of long life and so on, but I don't know whether Tut's Revenge is going enjoy a long life in Robot Wars."
— Jonathan Pearce

Dead Metal and Sgt Bash slice into Tut's Revenge

Tut's Revenge is pitted by Dead Metal

Berserk 2 backed away, with Tut's Revenge still lingering near the arena wall. Tut's Revenge then drove at the rear of Berserk 2, who flipped it over.

""This way up"? That's what the sign there says. And you're the wrong way up, boys!"
— Jonathan Pearce as the overturned Tut's Revenge is attacked by the House Robots.

Tut's Revenge couldn't get back up, so Dead Metal came in and sliced into the bottom of it, before dragging it to the pit.

"It wasn't even a pyra-mid length battle, was it? It was over in a trice."
— Jonathan Pearce

Winner: Berserk 2

Hypno-Disc vs Robogeddon[]

"Oh tut, tut. They didn't last too long. They're out. Berserk 2 go through and Hypno-Disc next up against Robogeddon."
— Jonathan Pearce

Hypno-Disc's first impact against Robogeddon

Robogeddon pushes Hypno-Disc

Hypno-Disc annihilates its first victim

Hypno-Disc tears the backend of Robogeddon

Not shown on television, the battle begun with Robogeddon pushing Hypno-Disc towards an arena wall, where Hypno-Disc became stuck in reverse drive. Hypno-Disc was torched by the flamethrowers, but regained control before it could be attacked by Dead Metal.

Hypno-Disc then made its initial blow, which caused Robogeddon to bounce off, but the following three blows tore the armour off Robogeddon.

Hypno-Disc rips off Robogeddon's shell

Hypno-Disc tears out Robogeddon's internals

"Poor old...Robogeddon crumpled, by Hypno-D-I-S-C-O. Oh, no more letters in that, never mind. Hypno-Disco it certainly is though, dancing around, on the attack, and Robogeddon being shredded here! All that work, 100 hours over four months to prepare Robogeddon and shattered in seconds!"
— Jonathan Pearce

Hypno-Disc then shredded the hanging shell of Robogeddon, whilst the reptilian robot fled. Two more blows and the armour detached completely, leaving Robogeddon without any armour. Another blow from Hypno-Disc ruptured the wheel and removed all chance of Robogeddon escaping. Hypno-Disc struck once more and cracked open the CO2 canister to Robogeddon's weapon.

Robogeddon disrobed and immobilised

Robogeddon's CO2 canister is damaged

"There's no shell, no wheels, no hope. Oh, Hypno-Disc. This is the most complete destruction I think we've seen in Robot Wars, ever."
— Jonathan Pearce

At this point, cease was called, truly sending Robogeddon out of the wars, and concluding a famous early victory for Hypno-Disc.

"I've never seen anything like that before on Robot Wars, I mean it completely battered that robot, it just ripped it to pieces! It's devastating, isn't it? I wouldn't wanna find that in my laundry basket, never mind Sir Killalot."
— Craig Charles after the battle

Winner: Hypno-Disc

Death Warmed Up vs Stealth[]

"The terrible twins, Derek and Dave Rose. Hypno-Disc very, very impressive. Next up, Death Warmed Up and Stealth."
— Jonathan Pearce

Stealth attacks Death Warmed Up

Death Warmed Up ambled towards the centre of the arena, with Stealth coming out from the starting blocks seconds after. Stealth bumped into the front of Death Warmed Up before Team Death's machine backed away. Stealth saw this as an opportunity to pursue Death Warmed Up and slid underneath the back of it. Stealth then guided Death Warmed Up in the arena wall before placing it onto the flame pit. Shunt came out of its CPZ and axed Death Warmed Up, who was now pinned on the grill; Shunt freed it, but it had caught fire.

Death Warmed up is toasted on the Flame Pit by Stealth

"Well, it really is warmed up for Colin Scott!"
— Jonathan Pearce on Death Warmed Up catching fire

Death Warmed Up slowly moved around the arena, before Shunt, Sgt. Bash and Stealth all came in on it near the flame pit. No further damage was inflicted on Death Warmed up. Cease was called and Stealth was the clear winner.

Winner: Stealth

Round 2[]

Berserk 2 vs Ally Gator[]

Ally Gator drives Berserk 2 in towards Shunt

Ally Gator made the first move, getting underneath the side of Berserk 2. Berserk 2 backed off of Ally Gator's scoop and then got underneath it with its forklift, but couldn't turn it over, overbalancing itself in the process. Ally Gator then got a slam in on Berserk 2. Berserk 2 freed itself and lifted Ally Gator once more. It nearly toppled it again, but the purchase from the forklift fell away just before Ally Gator was on its side. Ally Gator charged at Berserk 2 but nearly drove into the pit itself. They backed away, towards the arena floor flipper, and then Ally Gator twice pushed Berserk 2 into Shunt, who got away after an axe blow from the House Robot that caused little damage.

"Can see the great axe of Shunt, but it just grazed the top of Berserk 2 and the alloy body shell!"
— Jonathan Pearce

Berserk 2 overbalances, but delivers the finishing move to Ally Gator

Berserk 2 then backed into Ally Gator side on and lifted it. Berserk 2 started to topple backwards itself again, but managed to regain its balance, before reversing, and finally managing to topple Ally Gator over.

"Well I've never seen an alligator turn itself up and over. I've never actually seen an alligator you understand. But can it right itself?"
— Jonathan Pearce

Berserk 2 continued to axe the baseplate of Ally Gator, along with Shunt, while Dead Metal sliced into the front.

"It's Alligator soup by now. Berserk 2 are into the heat final. Next up, Hypno-Disc against Stealth."
— Jonathan Pearce

Winner: Berserk 2

Hypno-Disc vs Stealth[]

Hypno-Disc sends Stealth spinning away from its first hit

The arena spike props Hypno-Disc upwards smashing off Stealth's blade

Hypno-Disc eyed up its opponent straight away, while Stealth twitched near the arena wall. Hypno-Disc approached Stealth, just going past it, and then clipping it with the disc while reversing. Stealth edged towards Hypno-Disc, whose disc sliced across Stealth, grazing the front of it. The action drifted towards Matilda's CPZ, where Hypno-Disc reversed into. Stealth attempted to keep Hypno-Disc in there, but was halted by an arena spike that came up. Hypno-Disc retreated, before coming on the attack once more, ripping off a side panel from Stealth. The arena spike came up on Stealth once more, before Hypno-Disc came in again, clipping Matilda and drifting over the arena spike. The arena spike flipped Hypno-Disc into Stealth's saw, which came off.

"Off goes the blade of Stealth. Hypno-Disc flown up into the air. Bits and pieces flying around the arena floor, like a great bucking bronco."
— Jonathan Pearce

Hypno-Disc chops through Stealth's rear

Hypno-Disc tears through Stealth's interals

Stealth was evidently starting to suffer from mobility issues, though, as it turned in circles, with its lifting ramp wide open. Hypno-Disc then ripped off Stealth's rear and side panel, before ripping into the insides.

"Oh, Stealth. There's hardly anything left now - down to bare bones. Groggy, reeling in dismay."
— Jonathan Pearce

Hypno-Disc destroys Stealth's weapon

The aftermath of the fight

Stealth's flipper was now stuck open, allowing Hypno-Disc to go in and chop straight through its cylinders. Hypno-Disc ripped some wires out the back of Stealth before cease was called.

Winner: Hypno-Disc

Heat Final[]

"Six robots have been sacrificed to the scrap heap in the sky. One more robot will join them. It's the third and final round."
— Craig Charles

Berserk 2 vs Hypno-Disc[]

Hypno-Disc leaves a gash at the back of Berserk 2

Berserk 2 lifts Hypno-Disc up by its flywheel

Hypno-Disc drove at Berserk 2, but the disc just glanced off Berserk 2's shell, creating a small slit.

"Well, that's the first time we've seen Hypno-Disc even put off, in this heat."
— Jonathan Pearce

Berserk 2 then pursued Hypno-Disc, lifting it up and stopping the disc, sustaining more slits, before pushing it into Sir Killalot.

"Bravery here, by Berserk 2, looking to use that forklift TO FLIP HYPNO-DISC! The Achilles heel - we know that, and obviously the Berserk 2 team have realised it too! Hypno-Disc here, befuddled, bemused, boxed in, but now breaking out."
— Jonathan Pearce compliments Berserk 2's strong start and then notes Hypno-Disc's weakness

Berserk 2 gets flipped by the arena spike

Hypno-Disc helps Berserk 2 self right

Sir Killalot prodded the two, and they separated. Hypno-Disc stood idle for a few moments in an attempt to get the disc up to speed again. They then ran away, as Berserk closed in. Berserk followed Hypno-Disc, but got flipped by an arena spike while doing so.

"Up and over goes Berserk 2 from the arena floor."
— Jonathan Pearce

Berserk 2 axes away as Hypno-Disc reverses

Sgt. Bash crushes Hypno-Disc in the closing seconds

It couldn't self-right, but Hypno-Disc pushed it back up. Hypno-Disc got flicked by the arena spike too, and took a hit from Berserk 2's axe, before accelerating away, and reversing into Berserk 2, pushing it into Sir Killalot. Berserk 2 got away and continued to try to use the axe, this time hitting thin air. Berserk 2 then stopped Hypno-Disc's disc once more and axed the still weapon, causing little damage. Hypno-Disc reversed onto Berserk 2 again, but then backed away onto a set of arena spikes. Hypno-Disc accelerated forwards, taking a glancing blow from Berserk 2's axe, before reversing straight into Sgt. Bash's CPZ; Sgt. Bash clawed through the back of Hypno-Disc, causing significant damage.

"This is a major surprise, and it will go to the judges. I didn't think it would last this long, did you? Well done, anyway, to Berserk 2, for staying in there, and this is very, very close. Epic final, that."
— Jonathan Pearce

Time expired on the battle, which was sent to a Judges' decision, and Hypno-Disc was given the win.

"And the judges have given it to Hypno-Disc! They're through to our series semi-finals!"
— Craig Charles

Heat Winner: Hypno-Disc

"James Bond had his fun with Pussy Galore, but he only got a rise, out of Robot Wars!"
— Craig Charles signs off

Special Event[]

Stomp is attacked by Sir Killalot

Between Round 1 and Round 2 of each heat, a Special Event or Trial took place. For Heat H, it was a Walker Battle.

Stomp vs Miss Struts[]

Winner: Miss Struts


  • Heat H marked the début of the horizontal flywheel in Hypno-Disc, which would go on to be one of the most destructive robots in Robot Wars.
    • Incidentally, Heat H featured two of the most destructive matches of all time; Hypno-Disc's battles against Robogeddon and Stealth, the former of which was nominated for the Best Battle of the Series.
  • Like Heat C, Heat H featured no semi-finalists from Series 2.
  • The arena spikes were once again subject to controversy, as Berserk 2 was fighting Hypno-Disc on even terms in the Heat Final until it was flipped by the spike.
  • At the start of reviewing the competitors in the heat, Philippa Forrester found a picture of Craig Charles on Ally Gator.
  • All three veterans in this heat lost in the first round.