"...and yes, Vinnie Jones is cowering behind the sofa, because it's the return of the Robotic Soccer cup!"
Craig Charles introduces Robotic Soccer in Series 3, Heat B

Robotic Soccer was a small side competition held throughout Robot Wars: The Third Wars, based on the Football Trial from the First and Second Wars. Eight competing robots - most of which did not appear in the main series - were divided into four two-way qualifiers, where they were required to score a single goal in order to secure a place in the final round. In the final, the first of the four finalists to score a goal would be declared the overall winner. In the event that no competitor scored, the last robot to remain mobile, or the robot which was considered the most active player by the Judges, would be declared victorious.

The House Robots used for this competition were Dead Metal as goalkeeper and Matilda as defender, with Sergeant Bash also appearing in the final.


Other robots, including Razer and Miss Struts, were due to compete, but their matches were cancelled following a behind-the-scenes accident. The latter robots instead entered - and won - the Pinball Competition and one of the Walker Battles, respectively.


Robots competing Image Heat featured Runthrough Winner
Velocirippa vs Demolition Demon 2 VelocirippaDD2Football Heat B This was a quick match, with the faster Velocirippa driving around and pushing the ball into Matilda. Matilda then nudged the ball about briefly, before passing it across near the slow Demolition Demon, but Velocirippa zoomed in and scored pass Dead Metal who steered the opposite direction in an attempt to save. Velocirippa
Malfunktion vs Gnasher Gnasherscores Heat E Both robots steered slowly to the ball, and Malfunktion's progress was paused by Matilda, while attacking her with its angle grinder. This distraction allowed Gnasher to collect the ball and made an attempt on goal, only for Matilda to interfere, and Dead Metal to block the ball. However, Dead Metal retreated and made no attempt to block Gnasher's second attempt, which went in. Gnasher
Evil Weevil vs Alien AlienEvilWeevilFootball Heat E Evil Weevil got the early possession of the ball, and pushed it to the back of the arena. Matilda went for the ball while Evil Weevil speared Alien. Alien took the recovered ball the wrong way, where it got stuck on the side wall. The spike on the arena floor flipped Alien, but Dead Metal intervened and pushed it the correct way up, but the latter had stopped moving. Evil Weevil collected the ball but it bounced away. Evil Weevil then reversed into the ball on-target for the goal, and it bounced off Matilda, losing a decorative eye upon impact. It went to a Judges' decision, who ruled in favour of Evil Weevil. Evil Weevil
Spectre vs The General SpectreGeneralFootball Heat J The General was the first to the ball in this match, and bulldozed Matilda from behind after she pushed the ball back afield. The General then rolled the ball along the back wall, before Spectre fought The General to gain possession of the ball. But, The General pushed Spectre aside, and then dribbled the ball towards the goal. It deflected off Matilda and Dead Metal couldn't prevent it from going into the net, giving The General the win. The General


Velocirippa vs Gnasher vs Evil Weevil vs The GeneralEdit

Grand Final


The football is set alight

Gnasher Out

Gnasher is flipped over by Evil Weevil

Velocirippa drove in first, but missed the ball. Gnasher slowly moved the ball goal-bound before Matilda attacked it, while Velocirippa then suddenly broke down, and was soon toyed about by Sergeant Bash. Matilda accidentally passed the ball to Evil Weevil while blocking Gnasher from it. Evil Weevil tried pushing the ball upfield, only for it to be squeezed into the air by Matilda's block. The General then had its turn with the ball, but didn't move it far as it then attacked Matilda and gave the ball to Gnasher, who was then tackled by Matilda once again. Meanwhile, Evil Weevil then disposed of Gnasher, by flipping it onto its back by the flame pit, using its lifting forks. Matilda pushed the ball into the arena side wall, which gave it back to Evil Weevil again, who could only scoop the ball up against the wall, before being dispossessed by Matilda. The General had now appeared to grind to a halt. Matilda then helped push the ball back to the centre of the arena, where Evil Weevil missed a scoring opportunity, and Sergeant Bash used its flamethrower to set the ball on fire.

"What ball? Great balls of fire!"
Jonathan Pearce, as the ball is set alight

The General and Velocirippa then all of a sudden came back to life, Evil Weevil gingerly rolled the flaming ball away, but the match ended in a Judges' decision, as time had run out. The judges voted in favour of Evil Weevil, mainly for its immobilising attack on Gnasher, and being the most functional robot by the end.

Winner: Evil Weevil


  • Robotic Soccer winner Evil Weevil did not score a single goal throughout the course of the competition.
  • During the final, the ball got set on fire for the second time in as many series.
  • Evil Weevil was the only Robotic Soccer participant which fought in the main competition in the same series, although Demolition Demon had fought in the previous series, and Velocirippa would make its UK Championship debut in the following series.
  • For this competition, the Arena surface was illuminated with green lighting, to mimic the appearance of a football pitch.
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