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"Robot Wars: The Ultimate Warrior Collection is the definitive guide to the greatest, most destructive robots in the history of Robot Wars."
— Back covers

Robot Wars: Ultimate Warrior Collection was a collection of videos that were released on VHS and DVD (a first for Robot Wars). Three of these were dedicated to some of Robot Wars' greatest competitors; Chaos 2, Hypno-Disc and Razer (coincidentally, the three top seeds for Series 4). The fourth being dedicated to the House Robots. Featured were interviews with the roboteers, a detailed look at how the machines worked and operated and an almost complete set of battles that the teams fought in their time on Robot Wars up to the end of The Fifth Wars. The teams discuss their hopes and plans for The Sixth Wars at the end of each video.

The videos could be bought either individually or as a complete 4-volume set. The DVD releases took advantage of the extra capabilities of the format. All 4 of the DVD volumes included a Cut Your Own Battle feature, each featuring raw footage from a battle lacking commentary or music. Using a DVD remote at certain points the viewer could switch to a different camera angle from which to view the battle. The other common feature was Terminology which was a glossary of terms relating to Robot Wars and robot combat in general.

The set was also later repackaged on DVD as The Stars Collection. Other than now featuring the 4 DVDs in a single standard DVD case and different cover art the contents were identical.

In 2003-2004 the videos were also released in the Scandinavian region (Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden) by Pan Vision. Other than different cover art the only other change is the addition of Danish, Finnish, Norwegian and Swedish subtitles. It should be noted that all the Pan Vision videos were all released under the Ultimate Warrior Collection label. Apart from the individual releases there was also a 3-volume set released on November 12, 2003 that included the Chaos 2, Sir Killalot and the House Robots and The First Great Wars (never released on DVD in the UK) DVDs.

Chaos 2Edit

"No robot is safe - and very few keep their wheels on the ground - when Chaos 2 is on the loose!"
— Front cover

Follows the history of Team Chaos's various machines and features many of the battles of Robot The Bruce in The First Wars, Chaos in The Second Wars and finally Chaos 2 from The Third Wars onwards.

Full Battles IncludedEdit

DVD Special FeatureEdit

The DVD concluded with footage of Team Chaos demonstrating a working replica of Chaos 2 that they had built using the Chaos 2 pullback toy.


"Quite simply, Hypno-Disc wants to etch R.I.P. into the gravestones of its opponents - and in the world of Robot Wars, that's Rust in Pieces!"
— Front cover

Follows the history of the Rose family robot Hypno-Disc from its first appearance in The Third Wars.

Full Battles IncludedEdit

DVD Special FeatureEdit


"Razer isn't unbeatable, but when it counts no-one can argue with nine tonnes of squeezability!"
— Front cover

Follows the history of Team Razer's robot Razer from its debut in The Second Wars.

Full Battles IncludedEdit

DVD Special FeaturesEdit

  • Cut Your Own Battle - The Fourth Wars Heat B Eliminator with Razer against Velocirippa and Robochicken.
  • Most Asked Questions - Team Razer answers some of the viewers most frequently asked questions about Razer. At the end of the video the team give a demonstration of Razer's power by crushing the toolbox of Arthur Chilcott from Random Violence Technologies (the team behind Mortis) that had been left with them the other day.

Sir Killalot and the House RobotsEdit

"This unique celebration of the house robots in all their destructive glory should not be missed - if you know what's good for you!"
— Front cover

An extensive history of the show's famous House Robots with plenty of behind-the-scenes clips and information with Chris Reynolds, the designer of the House Robots. Notable sections include a look at a basic skid-steer chassis of a typical robot (actually Shove) and a preview (with concept art) of the then future House Robots Mr. Psycho and Growler which would debut in The Sixth Wars.

The Scandinavian releases were known as Robot Wars: Sir Killalot Og Husrobotterne in Danish, Robot Wars: Sir Killalot ja Kotirobotit in Finnish and Robot Wars: Sir Killalot och Husrobotarna in Swedish.

Full Battles IncludedEdit

In addition to numerous short clips the following full battles were chosen, representing many of the House Robots' best and worst moments:

DVD Special FeatureEdit

Cover GalleryEdit

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