Robot Wars - The Complete Compendium 2017 is a five-disc DVD boxset including all twelve main episodes of Series 9 and 10 of Robot Wars, alongside both episodes of Robot Wars: Battle of the Stars. Released by Dazzler Media on 11th December 2017, it was the second of two home media releases related to the rebooted series, the other being the DVD/Blu-ray release of Series 8. There are no special features other than subtitles. Each disc contains three episodes, aside from the disc which contains both episodes of Battle of the Stars.

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  • The only episode of Robot Wars which first aired in 2017 but was not included in the boxset was Episode 1 of Robot Wars: World Series, which aired as part of Series 10 on New Year's Eve. By excluding the special, the DVD was able to release before Christmas 2017.
    • Robot Wars: World Series also contains a second episode, although this aired in 2018.
  • The back cover of the DVD boxset includes an image of Team Eruption holding the trophy at the end of Series 10, effectively telling the outcome of the final episode on the DVD.
  • The DVD version of the Series 10 Grand Final was slightly altered in comparison to the televised version. During Eruption's victory montage at the end of the series, the Queen track "Who Wants To Live Forever" was replaced with an unrelated instrumental track, presumably because they didn't have the rights to use the Queen song on the DVD release.

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