The War Zone is one of four playable arenas in the video game Robot Wars: Advanced Destruction. The arena is based on the Series 4 version of the real Robot Wars Arena, as the game is based upon the latter series.

Appearance and HazardsEdit

Advanced Destruction's replication of the arena is somewhat improved over that of the previous handheld game, Robot Wars: Metal Mayhem, as most of the hazards present in Series 3-4 are represented in some form or another. On three sides of the arena, there are large spinning discs, rather like the much smaller circular saws used in Series 3 and some battles in Series 4. The Corner Patrol Zones are present, guarded by House Robots, but smaller than their real life counterparts. On the left-hand side of the arena are a set of five large spikes, much larger than the smaller spikes phased out at the end of Series 3, which will flip competitors over if they drive over them, but not cause any damage. The last hazard is the famous Pit of Oblivion, in the bottom right-hand corner of the arena; as in the real Series 4, it will descend about halfway into the battle.

Differences between the Game and Real LifeEdit

  • The spikes are much larger than their Series 3 counterparts, and were not present at all in Series 4.
  • The CPZs are significantly smaller than in real life.
  • The Angle Grinders that line the arena walls were not present in most battles from Series 4, and were smaller in Series 3.
  • The Pit is opened by a panel that slides away quickly, rather than slowly descending down. It also appears to be much deeper.
  • The Floor Flipper is not present.
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