This article refers to the 2019 line of construction sets. For the 2001 range, see Pitstop Kits

"These superb construction sets feature easy to follow clear instructions, high quality stainless steel pieces and specialist tools. Also compatible with other brands and system for endless possibilities!"
— Official description[1]

The Robot Wars Construction Sets were a range of Robot Wars toys released in 2019. The Robot Wars Construction Sets contained a loose assortment of metal pieces, which could be put together using an included instructions sheet to make Meccano-style House Robots. The smallest kit was Matilda, containing 160 pieces, while the largest kit was Sir Killalot, containing 378 pieces.


Sir Killalot Construction Set Box

The Sir Killalot Construction Set in its packaging

The toys were first revealed in March 2018[2], but were only released over a year later in August 2019, with no official announcement marking their release. Indeed, the release of the toys did not become mainstream knowledge until a Reddit user shared their purchase online[3][4].

Four packs were released, depicting the four House Robots from the reboot of Robot Wars, although the toys were based upon the original designs of the House Robots from Series 3-4, despite using modern packaging with imagery of the newer House Robots.

The packs were generally priced at £24.99 each, with some retailers selling Matilda at £19.99, and Sir Killalot at £29.99. Alternatively, all four could be bought as one set for £79.99. The Robot Wars Construction Sets have thus far only been released through relatively obscure online retailers, most notably The Gift Box Company, who are credited on the back of the packaging.

List of Robot Wars Construction SetsEdit

Construction Set Image Pieces
Dead Metal Dead Metal Construction Set 279
Shunt Shunt Construction Set 253
Matilda Matilda Construction Set 160
Sir Killalot Sir Killalot Construction Set 378


  • Having been revealed in March 2018, and released in August 2019, this is the Robot Wars merchandise range with the largest gap between its reveal and release.
    • Potentially due to the cancellation of Robot Wars over a year prior to the toys releasing, the Construction Sets suffered from a very quiet launch, not being stocked by any major retailers such as Amazon or eBay, with no official marketing taking place in the lead-up to the range's sudden and unannounced release.
  • Although the packaging of each set reflects the reboot of Robot Wars, the toys themselves are based upon each House Robot's design from the original run of the show.

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