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Robot Wars Extreme was a series of special episodes of the television game show Robot Wars. The show ran for two series and was originally broadcast on BBC Choice on Friday evenings from 2001 until 2003, between series of the main show.


Robot Wars Extreme was not a single championship like the main series of the show but featured smaller tournaments and individual battles, which usually had a special theme such as weapon types or roboteers' backgrounds. It featured many robots from the main series but also included new robots from the UK and many robots that had appeared on Robot Wars series from around the world.


The show had the same presenters as the main series; Craig Charles, Philippa Forrester and Julia Reed. Charles hosted both series of the show with Reed co-presenting the first series and Forrester co-presenting the second series, having been unavailable for the first series due to pregnancy. Jonathan Pearce provided the commentary throughout the series.

Series 1[]

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The first series of Robot Wars Extreme was originally broadcast in 2001 on BBC Choice and repeated from 2001 until 2002 on BBC Two. The series consisted of 18 separate competitions and one-off battles, spread over several episodes. Every episode featured five separate battles, usually a mix of the various competitions and battles which were running throughout the series. The exceptions were the two Annihilator shows and the Forces Special, which were episodes devoted to single competitions. The series also featured the UK broadcast of The Second World Championship.

Series 2[]

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The second series of Robot Wars Extreme was originally broadcast in early 2003 on BBC Choice and repeated later that year on BBC Two. The series consisted of 11 separate tournaments and one-off battles, with each episode devoted to a specific tournament or group of battles. The second Extreme series contained fewer one-off battles and focused more on small tournaments, such as the European Championship and the New Blood Championship, in which newcomers to Robot Wars battled for a place in The Seventh Wars.