"An international clash of the most extreme fighting machines ever."
— Craig Charles
The International Inferno was a one-off battle from Episode 3 of Robot Wars Extreme: Series 1. The battle consisted of a four-way melee between representatives of the UK, the USA, the Netherlands and Germany, all of which held domestic Robot Wars championships during the show's original run.

Competing RobotsEdit

Flensburger Power
Weight 92kg
Dimensions 1m x 0.5m x 0.3m
Power Electric Motor
Weapons Wheel Cutters & Spear
Strengths Low Ground Clearance
Weaknesses Slow & Sluggish
From: Germany
Team Members: Michael Schnoor, Anita Jensen, Andre Bruske
Manta S1
Weight 84kg
Dimensions 1.12m x 0.95m x 0.32m
Power 24v Motors
Weapons Spinning Steel Blade
Strengths Very Fast & Powerful
Weaknesses Effectiveness Of Weapon
From: United States of America
Team Members: Jeff Cesnik, Billy Boden, Chris Tyson
Weight 77kg
Dimensions 0.86m x 0.6m x 0.33m
Power 24v Wheelchair Motor
Weapons Rotating Windmill Blade
Strengths Quick & Agile
Weaknesses Comparatively Light
From: The Netherlands
Team Members: Frank Van Corschot, Bram Verhaegen, Ab Dekker
PanicAttack Extreme 1
Panic Attack
Weight 98kg
Dimensions 1m x 0.7m x 0.16m
Power 24v Motor
Weapons Lifting Forks
Strengths Impenetrable Armour
Weaknesses Reliability of Weapon
From: Thornhill in Cwmbran, Gwent
Team Members: Kim Davies, Michael Davies, Christian Bridge

International InfernoEdit

Manta maximill

Manta sends MaxiMill flying

Panic attack manta

Panic Attack lifts Manta

The four robots moved off their starting positions - both MaxiMill and Flensburger Power were slow, but Manta sped around and rammed into MaxiMill. MaxiMill's weapon had charged, but Manta's was not spinning at all. Manta was not hindered by this and quickly reversed MaxiMill onto the flame pit. MaxiMill was spinning on the flames until Manta rammed it into the side wall. Meanwhile, Panic Attack had been pushing Flensburger Power around, and the now unoccupied Manta rammed it onto the flames as well. Flensburger Power appeared to have broken down, but MaxiMill came back to life and re-entered the battle. Manta pushed into it again, ramming it into an unoccupied CPZ. MaxiMill moved out to escape, but was immediately boxed in by Shunt and Matilda, the latter of who pushed it into the CPZ and struck with its heavy flywheel. Manta and Panic Attack turned to each other, but Panic Attack was the successful attacker, lifting Manta up with its forks and slipping into a position beneath Manta's disc.

"And Manta - a ray of hope for the USA - I think not! You are now impaled on those forks and there is no way out from there."
— Jonathan Pearce
MaxiMill Counted Out

Refbot counts out the crumpled MaxiMill

Panic attack pits manta

Panic Attack pits Manta

Panic Attack dragged Manta around and into the pit release as Refbot counted out Flensburger Power. Panic Attack almost lost its grip on Manta when it drove over the closed pit, then eventually lowered Manta back down. Manta charged into Panic Attack, slamming it aside, but with its disc still not working, it was unable to do any damage. Meanwhile, Refbot moved over and counted out MaxiMill, who had broken down after being attacked by Shunt and Matilda. Shunt placed MaxiMill on the floor flipper, and it was hurled through the air, its disc breaking off on impact with the floor. Panic Attack then got beneath Manta again, lifting it completely up. Matilda then pressed the pit release, and Manta, who was resting on the pit, began to descend with it. Panic Attack briefly got stuck with Manta on top, but used its srimech panel to shrug Manta off and into the pit properly.

Maximill flensburger power

Matilda herds together the broken Germans and Dutch

"Go on, Matilda, nudge that- Yeah, that's what I was going to suggest, nudge that tyre, because that opens up the pit to end the stalemate... Manta is right on the lip of defeat here! On the very edge - how on earth are they holding on? They're not holding on any longer, they're in the pit. And Panic Attack, and Kim Davies, have triumphed in the International Inferno."
— Jonathan Pearce

Flensburger Power was hurled by the floor flipper, and Shunt and Matilda pushed it into MaxiMill. Cease was called, and Panic Attack was confirmed as the victor.

Winner: Panic Attack

"Well they came to Britain with their suntan cream. But they got tanned, on Robot Wars Extreme."
— Craig Charles' sign-off
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