The International Mayhem was a single battle event which was featured in Episode 6 of Robot Wars Extreme: Series 1. The battle was a three-way melee between reigning UK Champion Chaos 2, and two European teams, Philipper of Belgium and Alien Destructor of the Netherlands, the latter two entries aiming to defeat Chaos 2 together by approaching the melee as a two-on-one battle. Despite the European teams' strategy, Chaos 2 still went into the battle as the favourite to win the fight.

Competing RobotsEdit

Chaos 2
Weight 83kg
Dimensions 0.9m x 0.71m x 0.38m
Power 24v Electric Motor
Weapons Pneumatic Powered Flipper
Strengths Unbeaten In Competition
Weaknesses Limited CO2 Supply
From: Bramford, Ipswich
Team Members: George Francis (Ian Swann and Richard Swann not present)
Phillipper ex1 offical image
Weight 99.9kg
Dimensions 1.40m x 0.7m x 0.6m
Power 24V motor
Weapons 2 x Lifting Arms
Strengths Sturdy Construction
Weaknesses Easily Flipped
From: Belgium
Team Members: Philippe Poppe, Nancy Poppe, Sam Poppe
Alien destructor
Alien Destructor
Weight 99kg
Dimensions 3.12m 0.84m x 0.26m
Power 2 x 36v Electric Motors
Weapons Harpoon Tail
Strengths Quick & Aggressive
Weaknesses No Effective Weaponry
From: the Netherlands
Team Members: Kees Sicking, Frank Laan

The BattleEdit

Julia Reed: "You've quite cleverly decided to do this as a two-on-one, why?"
Kees Sicking: "Yeah. I think one against one, one against Chaos 2 is impossible"
— Team Captain of Alien Destructor Kees Sicking on why the fight was a two-on-one
Chaos 2 philipper

Chaos 2 flips Philipper into the air

Chaos 2 alien destructor philipper

Chaos 2 tosses Philipper onto Alien Destructor

Dead metal alien destructor

Dead Metal slices into Alien Destructor

Philipper alien destructor

Alien Destructor tries to right its fallen partner

Philipper and Chaos 2 collided first, and the two heaved forward, both trying to get their weapons underneath each other. Chaos 2 was successful, throwing Philipper up into the air, where it crashed to earth and landed on its wheels. Whilst Alien Destructor drove around the arena, Chaos 2 resumed its attack on Philipper, missing two flips. Philipper failed to return a blow. Catching Philipper broadside, Chaos 2 hurled it up and over, where it bounced and landed back on its wheels.

"Chaos 2, great frontal assault, look at that for power! And the silver fish goes swimming in the big pool of Robot Wars Extreme, against the big fish, Chaos 2, a shark amongst robots."
— Jonathan Pearce

As Chaos 2 pushed Philipper towards the arena wall, Alien Destructor finally entered the battle and shoved Chaos 2 away, allowing Philipper to escape. However, Chaos 2 quickly caught Philipper and flipped it on top of Alien Destructor. Chaos 2 then flipped Alien Destructor, righting Philipper in the process. Dead Metal then seized Alien Destructor and pushed it onto the flames. Chaos 2 flipped Alien Destructor up, still in Dead Metal's grip and on the flames.

"Maybe Dead Metal is saying 'hang on, two against one, I'll even up the score', but George Francis and Chaos 2 I don't think will need any help."
— Jonathan Pearce

Philipper pushed Chaos 2 back onto the flames, but Chaos 2, despite visibly losing power to its flipper, tossed Philipper onto its back. The weaker flip meant that Philipper did not tumble back onto its wheels, and was immobilised. Alien Destructor, having escaped Dead Metal, rammed into Chaos 2. After crashing into the side wall, Alien Destructor rammed Philipper, trying desperately to save its Belgian partner from the approaching Refbot. This was futile, and Refbot began to count Philipper out. Philipper tried in vain to right itself, but its lifter was not powerful enough to do so before Refbot's counter hit ten.

Refbot philipper

Refbot counts out Philipper

"Well that's what they wanted to show, the srimech...but the Refbot is counting out, here, the Belgian machine. They're out!"
— Jonathan Pearce

Dead Metal immediately seized Philipper and cut into it, sending a shower of sparks flying, whilst Alien Destructor sped around, trying to find a weak flank of Chaos 2. Shunt joined the attack on Philipper, and cutting a big welt in Philipper's baseplate. A judges' decision ruled easily in favour of Chaos 2.

Craig Charles: "Are they catching up with us?"
George Francis: "Definitely, yeah"
Craig Charles: "Oh god, it's like the World Cup, we'll be losing everything, I can tell!"
— Craig Charles and George Francis discuss the competitiveness of the international robots

Winner: Chaos 2


  • This battle is notable in that for unknown reasons, George Francis was not accompanied by Ian and Richard Swann in his control booth for the whole duration.
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