For the competition broadcast as part of German Robot Wars and UK Series 6, see UK vs Germany Special.
UK vs Germany was a one-off battle shown in Episode 15 of Robot Wars Extreme: Series 1. The battle was an international grudge match between representatives of the UK and Germany.

Competing RobotsEdit

Hypno-Disc S5
Weight 100kg
Dimensions 0.9m x 0.55m x 0.25m
Power 24-36v DC Motors
Weapons Large Rotating Disc
Strengths Destructive Weapon
Weaknesses Vulnerable Wheels
From: Middleton Cheney
Team Members: Dave Rose, Derek Rose, Ken Rose
Nasty Warrior
Nasty Warrior
Weight 95kg
Dimensions 1.10m x 0.70m x 0.45m
Power 36 v dc
Weapons Spinning Blade
Strengths Good Internal Construction
Weaknesses Weak Outer Shell
From: Germany
Team Members: Norman Theis, Marco Eberle

UK vs GermanyEdit

"It only takes the tiniest thing to go wrong and the war is lost."
— Julia Reed's prophetic pre-match words
Extreme1UKvsGermany 1

Nasty Warrior is shredded

The battle started slowly, with Hypno-Disc backing away from Nasty Warrior to get its disc up to speed. Eventually, the two made a front on collision, with Hypno-Disc chipping a small piece of carbon off of Nasty Warrior. Nasty Warrior attempted another frontal assault, but the force of the disc spun it around, allowing Hypno-Disc to attack its back, tearing off a panel and putting a large gash down the side.

"Carbon? It's made of carbon? Have a look underneath there. There's balsa wood, I'm sure. Carbon? A bit of plastic here, a bit of sellotape there"
— Jonathan Pearce as Nasty Warrior is torn apart

Nasty Warrior tried to keep up the pressure, but Hypno-Disc only spun it away again, with another gash forming on the front. Hypno-Disc then hit its side, breaking off an entire panel which ended up wrapping around the disc momentarily.

"It's mesmerising. It's hypnotic if you stare at it long enough"
— Jonathan Pearce

After driving over the steam vent, the British and German robots drove around for a bit, seemingly unwilling to attack each other further.

"And it will be the Union Jack hoisted high over this battle"
— Jonathan Pearce speaks too soon
Nasty Warrior vs Hypno-Disc

Nasty Warrior pushes Hypno-Disc back

Suddenly, Nasty Warrior pushed into the disc of Hypno-Disc, stopping it dead. It then began to push Hypno-Disc back towards the CPZ. Refbot separated the two and it became apparent that Hypno-Disc had suddenly broken down.

"Is this going to be a stunning surprise? Is this going to be a German victory after all? The Rose of England is fading from its early bloom!"
— Jonathan Pearce
UK vs Germany

Nasty Warrior willingly drives into the flywheel

Extreme1UKvsGermany 2

Hypno-Disc is counted out

Matilda reversed out of her CPZ and hit Hypno-Disc with her flywheel. After this, Hypno-Disc was able to get its flywheel up to speed, and it seemed like it could turn, but it was unable to move forwards or backwards. Despite this, Nasty Warrior continued to drive straight into Hypno-Disc's blade, causing itself more damage. At long last, it backed away, and Refbot counted Hypno-Disc out, leaving the battered German machine as the unlikely victor, prompting a less than enthusiastic response from the audience and Craig Charles had to persuade the audience not to jeer after congratulating the Germans.

"That's a stunner! And they haven't won it on penalties!"
— Jonathan Pearce

The reason why Hypno-Disc broke down was because some very small pieces of wood from Nasty Warrior had got into Hypno-Disc's drive gears and stopped them from moving.

Winner: Nasty Warrior

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