The All-Stars Tournament of Robot Wars Extreme: Series 2 was the second of three All-Stars tournaments, which took place during Robot Wars Extreme: Series 2. As before, the tournament featured the "best of the best", this time featuring the 12 semi-finalists from the Sixth Wars. Chaos 2, which was included due to Wild Thing not competing in this series, was the sole exception.

The tournament consisted of two Heats and a Grand Final between each of the Heat winners, all of which were shown across two episodes.

Heat AEdit

Main article: Robot Wars Extreme: Series 2/All-Stars/Heat A
Firestorm 4

Firestorm 4, winner of Heat A

Round 1Edit

  • Terrorhurtz vs Dantomkia vs Tornado: Terrorhurtz eliminated
  • Firestorm 4 vs Bigger Brother vs S3: S3 eliminated

Round 2Edit

  • Dantomkia vs Firestorm 4: Firestorm 4 won
  • Tornado vs Bigger Brother: Bigger Brother won


  • Firestorm 4 vs Bigger Brother: Firestorm 4 won

Heat BEdit

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Razer EXT2

Razer, winner of Heat B

Round 1Edit

  • Razer vs Chaos 2 vs 13 Black: Chaos 2 eliminated
  • Hypno-Disc vs Spawn Again vs Dominator 2: Hypno-Disc eliminated

Round 2Edit

  • Razer vs Spawn Again: Razer won
  • 13 Black vs Dominator 2: 13 Black won


  • Razer vs 13 Black: Razer won

Grand FinalEdit

Main article: Robot Wars Extreme: Series 2/All-Stars/Grand Final

Firestorm 4 vs Razer: Razer won

All-Stars Champion: Razer

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