The Antweight Championship of Robot Wars Extreme: Series 2 was an event which took place during the Robot Rampage episode of Robot Wars Extreme: Series 2. This small tournament featured robots weighing no more than 150g, fighting in their own especially designed arena. The popularity of antweights had increased since the previous tournament so there were two heats (of which only highlights were shown) to decide the finalists. In recognition for creating the first antweight robot, the series was judged by Adam Clark.

Competing Robots

Round 1

Pants vs Buzzant vs Millitant vs Lower vs The Serpent vs Minimalistic


Pants axes The Serpent

Pants first attacked Millitant, whilst Lower attacked Buzzant. Buzzant then escaped, and Lower turned to attack The Serpent. Pants appeared to get its axe stuck into Millitant, causing it to drag itself over when the axe fired. Meanwhile, Lower had been busying itself attacking Minimalistic. Buzzant broke down, while Pants attacked The Serpent. Adam Clark was called on to make a decision, and of the three remaining, Lower and Pants got it, as they had been the far more active.

Qualified: Pants & Lower

Anty B vs Hades vs Combat Ant vs Chroma vs Mesmer 2 vs Anty Geddon


Combat Ant escapes the pit

Seconds into the fight, Anty B toppled over Hades, who was left on the pit, which descended. Meanwhile, Chroma was under attack from reigning champion Combat Ant, one charge throwing both robots into the air. At some point in the battle, Mesmer 2 got itself stuck on its side similar to Hades. Combat Ant was then pitted by Anty Geddon, whilst Chroma and Anty B flipped one another over. However, Hades, having righted itself, flipped Combat Ant out of the pit, and it was allowed to continue. Combat Ant them proceeded to throw itself around the arena, and cause massive damage with face spinner weapon, particularly to Anty Geddon, who was demolished.

"Anty Geddon in trouble, really no recovery, absolutely shredded by the four ants of the apocylpse"
— Jonathan Pearce

At one point, Combat Ant scored a blow to the innards of Anty B, but this did not seem to damage it too greatly. Meanwhile, Chroma had gotten stuck on its side, leaving Anty B and Combat Ant to qualify as the only two machines remaining, although Combat Ant ended up in the pit, for the second time.

Qualified: Anty B & Combat Ant


Anty B vs Lower vs Combat Ant vs Pants

Extreme 2 Antweight Final

Anty B tries to flip Lower

Anty B lifted up Combat Ant and a collision with Lower sent it flying across the arena. Lower got a grip on Combat Ant's tyres and a collision with Pants this time sent Combat Ant spinning wildly again. Combat Ant's weapon sent Pants into the air and seemed to lock up one of Pants's wheels. A third collision for Combat Ant, this time against Anty B, immobilised the reigning champion and it was out of the match.


Pants, after being thrown by the flipper

Anty B and Lower moved the fight across the arena leaving Pants unable to join the battle because of the damage it had taken to one of its wheels from Combat Ant. Anty B tried several times to flip Lower out of the arena but to no avail. Lower escaped and Pants was finally completely immobilised and placed on the arena flipper. Anty B pushed Lower into a CPZ where it was deemed immobile.

"Bit scared there when I was flying across the arena"
— Anthony Pritchard talks about his run in with Combat Ant

Antweight Champion: Anty B

Anty B 2

Anty B, Extreme 2 Antweight Champion

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