The Lightweight Championship of Robot Wars Extreme: Series 2 was an event which took place during the Robot Rampage episode of Robot Wars Extreme: Series 2. This event consisted of a single one-on-one battle between two robots weighing no more than 27kg.

Robots CompetingEdit

Typhoon thunder
Typhoon Thunder
Weight 24kg
Dimensions 0.34m x 0.73m x 0.64m
Power 4 x 18V Drill Motors
Weapons Spinning Shell
Strengths No weak sides
Weaknesses Flippable
From: Edinburgh in Scotland
Team Members: Martin Armistead, Keri Scott, Amy Drinkwater
Ellie's Little Pink-Bot
Weight 14kg
Dimensions 0.15m x 0.55m x 0.39m
Power 24V Motor
Weapons Circular saw
Strengths Steel armour
Weaknesses Untested
From: Merseyside
Team Members: Hrolf Douglasson, Doug Weight

Typhoon Thunder vs Ellie's Little Pink-BotEdit

"I'm looking forward to the pink robot causing as much damage as a baby robot can"
— Philippa Forrester pre-battle, and in for a disappointment
Typhoon Thunder vs Ellie's Little Pink-Bot

Typhoon Thunder dances around its foe


Ellie's Little Pink-Bot is roasted by the elusive flamethrower on the back of Growler

Ellie's Little Pink-Bot never moved off the start, Typhoon Thunder collided with it a couple of times, after which the pink robot moved, either in a brief spasm of life, or under the recoil from a hit from Typhoon Thunder. Refbot then counted out Ellie's Little Pink-Bot, Growler attacking it with a jet from its rarely-seen flamethrower. Shunt then pushed Ellie's Little Pink-Bot onto the flipper, and it was thrown across the arena and into the pit release tyre.


Growler crushes Ellie's Little Pink-Bot and the pit release tyre

Growler then knocked the tyre off the wall, and crushed it, along with Ellie's Little Pink-Bot. After dragging the tyre and the pink robot across the arena, Growler briefly roasted both object on the flame pit, before putting them on the flipper for the second time- this time the tyre landed out of the arena. After cease was called, Growler gave one last almighty charge to rip panels off Ellie's Little Pink-Bot, and Shunt finally pitted it, leaving Typhoon Thunder the Lightweight Champions, despite doing almost nothing.

"We didn't get going because the motors will drive it providing the drive wheels are off the ground, as soon as we put it on the ground, it weighs too much for it and it wouldn't move!"
— Hrolf Douglasson explains the design flaw

Lightweight Champion: Typhoon Thunder

Typhoon thunder

Typhoon Thunder, Extreme 2 Lightweight Champion


  • This was the only Lightweight competition held beside the inaugural competition in Series 2. Therefore Typhoon's victory brought to an end the longest reigning champion in Robot Wars, Slippery Strana, with the exception of Kick Robut, who never had its title contested.
  • This also marked the second championship victory for Team Typhoon, who would clinch their third title later on in the same episode.
  • Typhoon Thunder's victory in this battle makes it the only Robot Wars robot to have won in two weight classes, due to it also being one half of the Middleweight clusterbot Typhoon Twins. This feat has been matched by La Machine in the original American Robot Wars.
  • Mammoth, being a lightweight class robot competing in Extreme Series 2, should've taken part in this event, however, the team accidentally listed Mammoth as being a middleweight, and hadn't realised their mistake until too late.
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