"This is Robot Wars Revealed, where we put on the camouflage, go deep undercover and delve behind the trenches of Robot Wars. We discover what life is like in the pits, we dig the dirt with the contenders' own video diaries, and come up for air in the arena, to witness revving chainsaws and clashing steel."
— Philippa Forrester's introduction

Robot Wars Revealed was a spin-off series of the British television game show Robot Wars. It was originally broadcast from 1998 to 1999 on BBC Choice, around the same time as The Second Wars. The series was presented by Philippa Forrester, and featured behind-the-scenes footage of the making of the robots featured in the Series 2 heats, as well as setting up trials, like Joust. It also featured highlights of each battle in each respective heat, although whilst the battle music can be heard, Jonathan Pearce's commentary is notably absent.

Most of the series is considered to be lost media, as only two recordings of the spin-off show have resurfaced online, with the episodes based upon the behind-the-scenes of Heat I[1] and Heat G[2] surviving as of 2020. This is out of a total of 14 episodes[3], or fifteen if the listed programme "Chill on Choice" on the Genome backlog is counted.

"They went out on (the then new) BBC digital TV service [BBC Choice] to entice people into getting digital set top boxes. Thing is- hardly anyone had bought them at that time."
Simon Harrison on the disappearance of Robot Wars Revealed

Episode GuideEdit

Episodes of Robot Wars Revealed were originally broadcast on BBC Choice, and aired after the respective Series 2 heat had finished on BBC 2.

Broadcast date
1 November 6th 1998
2 November 13th 1998
3 November 20th 1998
4 November 27th 1998
5 December 4th 1998
6 December 11th 1998
7 December 18th 1998
8 January 8th 1999
9 January 15th 1999
10 January 22nd 1999
11 February 5th 1999
12 February 12th 1999
13 January 22nd 2000
14 September 2nd 2000


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