This is a list of current jobs on Robot Wars Wiki. Updated by administrators, it details what the community is trying to achieve at the present time. If you are a new user, or a current user who is looking for something to do, look here.

Ongoing projects

Project Article Quotes

Adding in a quote describing each robot to the top of its article. See Anty B, Razer, Kan Opener and others for examples.

Project Terminology

The following terminology pages need to be finished.

Project Video Games

The addition of Jonathan Pearce's in-game introductions for robots from Robot Wars: Arenas of Destruction and Robot Wars: Extreme Destruction (PC/Xbox).

Image Categorisation by Robot

See Community Portal Announcement; every image of a robot should have "Images of <COMPETITOR NAME>" in it. Each category "Images of <COMPETITOR NAME>" should then sit within "Images of Series X Competitor".

Important Tasks

Extreme/Nickelodeon Infoboxes

Competitions in Robot Wars Extreme: Series 1 and Nickelodeon Robot Wars have no infoboxes, which should be created, or the existing episode infoboxes should be implemented. Trivia must also be moved to the bottom of the pages.

Extreme Warriors Robot Histories

US competitor summaries need to be expanded for many competitors, including images.

Unused Images

See Special:UnusedFiles and find relevant homes for all images. Should they be duplicates or unuseable, mark with {{Delete}}.

Uncategorised images

Please check Special:UncategorizedFiles on a regular basis and add the images into the appropriate categories.

Robots requiring images

Some robots are missing screenshots from some of their battles. Check this category for articles in need.

Wanted Pages

See Special:WantedPages. The intention is to clear up as many red links as possible so the wiki is tidier. Some links simply need to be redirected due to page moves, some are pages that will be made in the future so should be left, some should be made into redirects, and some should be removed.

Articles required:

  • Mentorn
  • Nickelodeon
  • Bei Tremender
  • Pegasus
  • Rogue House Robot (In progress - Adster)
  • Robot Wars Revealed/ Heat G
  • Robot Wars Revealed/ Heat I
  • List of Known Auditions
  • Team Panic Attack.
  • Series 8 US Commentator
  • TV4
  • Andrea Lucchetta
  • La7
  • Australian Presenters

Suggested new articles:

  • Team LOGICOM (The Revolutionist/Spin Doctor)
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