This is the page for requesting promotion to Rollback, Adminship, or Bureaucracy for Robot Wars Wiki.

Glossary of vote titles

Not just the standard "Support" and "Oppose"s are used in RfPs. This subsection lists most vote types.

  • Support - A positive vote.
    • Strong Support - A very positive vote.
    • Weak Support - A positive vote, but the voter has not ruled out oppose.
  • Neutral - A vote saying that the voter is unsure about the nominee/between supporting and opposing.
    • Neutral leaning towards Support - A neutral vote, but closer to support than oppose.
    • Neutral leaning towards Oppose - A neutral vote, but closer to oppose than support.
  • Pending - Vote not yet decided; essentially the same as neutral.
  • Oppose - A negative vote.
    • Strong Oppose - A very negative vote.
    • Weak Oppose - A negative vote, but the voter has not ruled out support.
  • Not yet - A negative vote saying that the nominee has not been around long enough, but would be admin material if they had been around for a longer time.
  • Comment - A comment.
    • : - a comment made in response to another comment can simply be indented.
  • Question - A sort of comment that asks a question. (Ex. What would you do with your tools?)


Has the power to quickly revert all consecutive edits by a user. Mostly used for fighting vandalism.


Gains rollback powers, along with the power to block users, delete and protect pages. Rollback is not a pre-requisite.


Gains admin powers, in addition to the ability to promote and demote Admins and Rollback'rs. Adminship is a pre-requisite.

Past nominations

  • For a list of all previous requests for promotion, please see this category.
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