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Mr Psycho

Mr. Psycho was a House Robot who made his debut in the Sixth Wars, and was present in all subsequent series' of the Classic era. Mr. Psycho was the biggest and heaviest of all the House Robots of the classic era at 750kg. He was based on Bill Sykes, a character from the Charles Dickens novel Oliver Twist. Mr. Psycho was introduced along with fellow House Robot Growler, which was surmised to be Mr. Psycho's pet dog.

His design was very similar to that of Sir Killalot, featuring caterpillar tracks and a powerful claw weapon. The design differed from Sir Killalot in that Mr. Psycho had a swinging hammer weapon instead of the lance that Sir Killalot wielded; the head of the hammer alone weighed 30kg and had a hydraulic accumulator and was powered by a 9 ton shoulder and elbow ram.

At 750kg, Mr. Psycho was the heaviest robot in the original series of Robot Wars, though this would be equalled when Sir Killalot was upgraded for the reboot. Despite this, he was not invulnerable to being toppled over, having been flipped by Firestorm 4 in Extreme Series 2 and toppling over while carrying Junkyard Queen in the German Series.


Did you know...

All these facts are about the House Robots, like Mr. Psycho, as mentioned above.

  • ...that the only House Robot to have its name written on it was Sergeant Bash?

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Extreme 2 Commonwealth Carnage - Battle 3

Extreme 2 Commonwealth Carnage - Battle 3


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