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Snookums was a heavyweight robot which entered three competitions during the second season of Robot Wars: Extreme Warriors. It entered the US Championship, the Tag Team Terror with Bang as a team mate, and also entered the Robot Rebellion.

Snookums was designed to look like a swordfish, and was built from a propane tank and was armed with a pneumatic 600psi lifting sword as its weapon, which supposedly reached 3 inches forward when firing. However, the force of the weapon was so strong that it broke itself whenever it fired, which often forced Snookums to fight without it working throughout most of its battles. Despite this setback, the propane tank body was strong enough to withstand attacks from Propeller-Head and the House Robots throughout its appearances.

Snookums was entered into Robot Wars: Extreme Warriors by Team Tsunami, nowadays known as Team Blaze. The team represented two states, with different team members living in California and Nevada. The team captain Ed Robinson was the driver of Snookums, and was a sword swallower and fire-breather by trade. He was joined by teammates John Hoffman and Curtis Fiegel. The team dressed up as pirates in all of their appearances, carrying props and a toy parrot mascot called Cracker in their appearances, with Ed Robinson also impersonating a typical pirate accent in most of his interviews. The team would later be known for robots such as the BattleBots competitor Sharkoprion.


Did you know...

  • ...that in both series where Dantomkia reached the semi-finals, it lost in the first round of the semi-finals to the winner of Heat D, who then lost in the second round of the semi-finals to the robot who finished third in those series?
  • ...that MouseTrap was the only unseeded heat winner from Series 4-5 that did not defeat two seeds to win the episode?
  • ...that the four grand finalists of Series 4, 5 and 6 all appeared in at least one video game?

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Snookums - Season 2 All Fights - Robot Wars Extreme Warriors - 2002


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