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Razer was a British robot that was one of the most famous robots in the history of robotic combat. Two-time World Champion Razer remains the most successful robot in the show's history, with forty battle victories and seven robot combat championships to its name. Razer was the second-longest appearing competitor in the show's history, competing in Series 2-6 of the original series, both series of Robot Wars Extreme and later Series 8, as well as appearing in foreign versions of the show.

Razer's early career was defined by its ability to excel in every area except the main competition; despite winning back-to-back Best Design Awards and a number of side tournaments (including The First World Championship), it was only able to achieve three combat victories in as many UK Championships, breaking down in the second round of Series 2 and 3 and losing in the Heat Final of Series 4 to Pussycat.

Razer had far greater success post-2000, finally escaping the Heats in Series 5 and defeating Firestorm 3 and Bigger Brother to win the UK Championship trophy. Returning to defend its title in Series 6, Razer once again won its heat and reached the Grand Final, but placed second after losing a close-fought and famous judges' decision with its main rival, Tornado. It continued to excel in side competitions, winning The Second World Championship and two All-Stars tournaments.


Did you know...

  • ...that despite being claimed as 280kg on the show, the original Sir Killalot actually weighed around 520kg?
  • ...that in the Series 9 Celebrity Special, the Celebrities drew a concept for a robot which was then built for them to fight?

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