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The Main Page of Robot Wars Wiki features various content which is updated on a regular basis. This content consists of a Featured Article, a Featured Video and a Poll. Previous content can be viewed at Robot Wars Wiki - Main Page/Previous Featured Content.


This page can be used to suggest which content will be featured on the Main Page in future updates. To suggest new content simply create a new subheading in the relevant section with the article/video/poll you think should be featured and the reasons why it should be deemed as a suitable feature for the page. You may also comment on submissions made by other users. Please remember to sign all contributions made to the page.

For the forseeable future, lists of Future featured content, and a place to discuss them can all be found here. Please add any comments or suggestions in the comments section of the blog.

Featured ArticleEdit

Featured Articles must be notable subjects with all necessary information included on the page, including links, quotes and proper formatting.

Featured VideoEdit

Featured Videos should be notable and entertaining, and hosted on a public video site such as YouTube.


Polls should be interesting and include a decent number of options to choose from.

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