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"Robotica. Yeah, what an imaginative name. Let's see if its performance in the arena though, is as imaginative."
Jonathan Pearce's in game commentary

Robotica is a middleweight competitor robot in the games Robot Wars: Arenas of Destruction and Robot Wars: Extreme Destruction, undertaking similar guises in both appearances.

Arenas of DestructionEdit

In Arenas of Destruction, Robotica's weapons are a pick axe and a cutting disc and it is armoured in Kevlar. It can only self-right if it lands on its axe.


Using RoboticaEdit

Robotica can prove to be a good robot in this game due to its speed and push, so the best thing to do is to attempt to go for the sides of robots to hack away at the armour. Flippers might be a concern, though, as Robotica has a high ground clearance and can only self-right if it lands on its axe.

Against RoboticaEdit

Up against Robotica, the obvious thing is to flip it over. However, if no flipper is available, you can either use a disc to peel away the kevlar or push it into flame hazards to do the same effect.

Robotica Stats

Robotica's stats in Arenas of Destruction.

Extreme DestructionEdit

In Extreme Destruction, Robotica is very similar to its previous incarnation, but it now runs on 36 volt drives and has no extras.


Using RoboticaEdit

Robotica's drives are more powerful in this game as well as the armour being stronger, making it all the better to go for the unprotected sides by outmanoeuvring other robots to get the axe into play. Otherwise, you can utilise the blade to good effect, seeing as most armours have trouble taking the punishment.

Against RoboticaEdit

Robotica is more difficult to attack in this game, as it is far quicker and is very strong with the Kevlar armour. The best way to defeat Robotica is to catch it broadside and to push it around with very strong drive and power, seeing as it will shrug off most damage in this game.

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