Jonathan Pearce's in-game commentary

Robovore is a fictional competitor robot in the game Robot Wars: Arenas of Destruction. It is a middleweight class robot with a domed disc-shaped body. Its weapons are a pair of jaws and a circular saw and it is armoured in aluminium. It cannot self-right. It costs 8870 credits to buy.


Using RobovoreEdit

An effective tactic is to use the pincer to grip opponents, push them around, and attempt to control their movements. You can also use the circular saw to cause damage. Avoid robots with flippers or good pushing power however, as Robovore can be easily flipped and cannot self-right.

Against RobovoreEdit

Robovore has a powerful weapon in the claw, but the AI will usually choose the saw. As its armour is fairly weak and is slow to turn, attacking it side on is a good tactic. It also has quite a high ground clearance and is easy to topple, so flip it for a simple victory. If all else fails, ramming it side on may cause it to roll over anyway.

Robovore Stats

Robovore's stats

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