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RuffStuff was a lightweight competitor robot which attempted to enter the Lightweight Championship of Extreme 2. However due to its opponent and the team's other robots pulling out, it resulted in RuffStuff's battle being cancelled. [2]


"In the first year we built RuffStuff from plywood, aluminum strip and two electric drill motors. It went like stink but didn't have much grunt, however it was large and flat so I never met another feather wight that could flip it, which would not have been a problem because it ran upside down too!"
— The Team's blog

RuffStuff was originally built to be a featherweight, however due to adding the circular saw, the weight increased making it a lightweight. The robot was invertible and wedged shape, but due to the weight the invertiblity was hindered slightly. The robot itself was built out of plywood with aluminium strips, it was painted grey with two red and yellow striped stickers on both sides. The robot's drive was powered by two electric drill motors.


The robot was originally built for the Featherweight Championship but due to the weight increasing, it was qualified to enter the Lightweight Championship instead. The robot was meant to fight one other robot but the team pulled out before hand. After miscommunication with Mentorn, the team were told they were not fighting that day but were allowed free VIP passes to the Pits.

"In 2002 I decided to add the circular saw which took it up to Lightweight class, which was handy because only one other person entered that category so we were automatically guaranteed a place on the TV, unfortunately the other guy pulled out as all of his other robots had been trashed the previous day so he decided to go home. Mentorn tried to contact us but we had already left and didn't get the call until we arrived at the studio. The production staff were extremely nice, we were given VIP access to the pits, had a chance to go and meet all the main roboteers and presenters. Even though it was a long day, it was still a great day out and we were pleased to have been a small part of it."
— The Team's Blog

Outside Robot Wars[]

RuffStuff was present for the Robots@War event in 2001.

After Extreme 2, the team created another featherweight called TuffStuff which was armed with front hinged flipper. Both TuffStuff and RuffStuff fought in the "Rex's Robot Challenge" live events.