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Scarab was a heavyweight shufflebot which competed in the second series of Dutch Robot Wars. In its only competition appearance, it reached the second round of Heat E, before falling to the eventual champion PulverizeR.


Scarab, without its top, being worked on in The Pits

Scarab was a narrow box-shaped robot which featured two sets of three shuffling banks as its means of locomotion. These banks spanned the robot's entire length, and were powered by two 750W electric motors. Scarab's weapon was a set of large hydraulic front pincers, which were painted red and had holes drilled into them to save weight. The pincers themselves were powered by a drive motor inherited from Dutch Series 1 competitor Project One, coupled to a gear pump.


Scarab is named after the scarab beetle, which also inspired the robot's weaponry.

Robot History[]

Dutch Series 2[]

Both machines struggle for movement

Scarab's first fight was against Vortex Inducer. A new robot created by the team who competed in Dutch Series 1 with Pathetica. Both Scarab and Vortex Inducer started the bout very slowly. Sir Killalot and Refbot shoved the two barely mobile machines towards each other in the hope that they could launch attacks on each other, but to no avail. Sir Killalot pushed Scarab's pincer into part of Vortex Inducer's weak frame, and the shufflebot briefly came back to life. Refbot counted Vortex Inducer down and Scarab was the winner since it had been more mobile than its opponent. Sir Killalot snapped Vortex Inducer's axle frame in half before dumping it out of the arena.

Scarab is placed onto the descending pit

Scarab's next battle against PulverizeR didn't last very long. The very first broadside attack by PulverizeR appeared to knock the shufflebot out. The occasional fits and bursts of life from Scarab didn't save it from the Refbot's countdown this time. Growler seized the machine and had placed it on the Arena Floor Flipper, where it was thrown, then dumped it in the pit.


Series 2
Dutch Championship
Heat Semi-Final
Heat E, Round 1 vs. Vortex Inducer Won
Heat E, Semi-Final vs. PulverizeR Lost


  • Wins: 1
  • Losses: 1

Series Record[]

Scarab being worked on in The Pits

Dutch Series Scarab Series Record
Series 1 Did not enter
Series 2 Heat, Round 2


  • Scarab was one of three shufflebots to appear in domestic Robot Wars competitions, the others being Ansgar's Revenge and Drillzilla.
  • Scarab was also the only heavyweight shufflebot to be built and entered under the revised 100kg weight limit, introduced for Dutch Series 2 and the concurrently-filmed UK Series 6.[1]