Scimitar is a fictional competitor robot in the game Robot Wars: Arenas of Destruction. It is a middleweight class robot with a bevelled wedge body. Its weapon is an axe and it is armoured in aluminium. It can only self-right if it lands on its axe.

Its name is a reference to the Scimitar, a type of curved sword originating from the Middle East.


Using ScimitarEdit

Scimitar can prove to have some good potential, as it can use its axe to deal some good damage to other opponents. Keep away from potentially damaging weapons, though, as Scimitar has weak armour with its aluminium. Avoid flippers as well as it can only self-right if it lands on its axe.

Against ScimitarEdit

Scimitar is slower than most other robots, making it good to go for the sides to use powerful weaponry to destroy the armor and the robot. You can fip it over as well, though it is hard to do so, due to the low ground clearance.

Scimitar Stats

Scimitar's stats

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