For the Series 7 competitor, see The Scrapper.
"Scrapper may not be the fastest robot in the field, but makes up for it in speed and maneuverability"
— Jonathan Pearce

Scrapper was a box-shaped robot entered by Team On-The-Edge (later known as Team Joint Effort) in Series 1. It was given its name because the robot was nearly completely built from scrap that the team captain had around his shop.

It lost to the future Grand Finalist Recyclopse in the Heat Semi-Final after being turned on its side by Recyclopse's pneumatic ram weapon, and after Series 1, its modified chassis was later rebuilt into its successor G.B.H., which was entered into Series 2 and had more success there. The team also fought in Series 3 with Facet.


"Scrapper was built from scrap materials lurking around our workshop! The chassis was built using speed frame. The unit was driven by two independent drive wheels centrally mounted. These were powered by two 60 Watt Motors with gear reductions of 22:1. The power source was two 12v 24amp hour dry fit cells. During the last robot wars event Scrapper did not have to be recharged once! The motors were controlled by logic controlled 12v, 20amp relays. Which resulted in a very reliable drive control. The main problem with Scrapper was the ground clearance, it was too high!!"
— On The Edge team website on Scrapper
Scrapper unpainted

Scrapper, armed with spikes, on a test run

Scrapper was a box-shape design, having a vaguely L-shaped, side view profile. It was armed with four vertically mounted spinning saw blades at the front of the machine and two horizontal saw blades at the rear, and had flashing LED eyes on the top part of its chassis. The robot had variable 12 volt or 24 volt motors, giving it a top speed of 10mph. It suffered from having a high ground clearance, and most of the components were stored in the top of Scrapper, giving it a high centre of gravity, which allowed Recyclopse to flip it over in the Arena stage. According to Oliver Steeples of the University of Reading team on his website, Scrapper had an adjustable ground clearance[1]. The team joked that the robot worked better in reverse, after Scrapper backed its way into the next round in the Trial.

Robot HistoryEdit

Series 1Edit

"We was gonna run on plutonium, but hey, we've had to go with the batteries."
— Mike Smith quips about Scrapper's power source

Scrapper is chased by the House Robots

In the Gauntlet, after leaving the turntable, Scrapper seemed uncertain which route to take, turning back and forth between the maze and the ramp. It drove towards the ramp, but on reaching the edge, reversed off it, repositioned itself, and tried again, only to reverse off again. Scrapper then reversed along the maze. However, Scrapper turned too early on the first fence, getting stuck against it. Scrapper managed to turn around and slowly past the first fence, then drove along the second, but Sgt. Bash blocked the end of the maze, and Shunt came in behind. Scrapper drove into the side railings, and could not get free as it was also stuck against the fence.

"He's into the sheep's pen. This could be lambs to the slaughter, because Bash and Shunt are closing in! And it could be roast lamb at that! If the torch comes out - and it does! Lamb kebab!"
— Jonathan Pearce

Shunt pinned it against the side railings, time ran out and cease was called. Scapper had covered 7.4 m, but this proved to be enough, as Scrapper finished 4th on the leader board.

"Scrapper; scorched, stunned, shunted, silenced."
— Jonathan Pearce reviews Scrapper's run

The Trial was a robot version of the game British Bulldog.

Scrapper british bulldog

Scrapper finishes the British Bulldog backwards

Scrapper was having control problems and could only go backwards. It started well, reversing down the course, but Leighbot blocked it and overook it. Leighbot was blocked by Dead Metal, and Scrapper tried driving between the middle pyramids. Shunt blocked its route, and Scrapper found itself pinned between two pyramids, with Leighbot driving into it. Scrapper managed to get free, and despite a push from Shunt and nearly driving into Matilda was able to keep away from the House Robots and finish the Trial in second place.

"...strangely, backwards! And it's through backwards! Well, strange, but through nonetheless!"
— Jonathan Pearce

In the Arena, it came up against Recyclopse.

Philippa Forrester: "I just want to ask you, who would you hate to be pitched against, for your final battle?"
Mike Rickard: "Er, Mortis."
Philippa Forrester: "Good news for you then."
Mike Rickard: "It is?"
Philippa Forrester: "Yeah, you're up against Recyclopse."
Mike Rickard: "Oh yes, we can trim him not problem. We'll have him!"
— Pre-battle interview
Scrapper vs recyclopse

Scrapper makes a move towards Recyclopse before dodging away from it

Scrapper recyclopse

Scrapper is flipped by Recyclopse

Scrapper appeared to have steering problems as it moved towards its opponent, turning on the spot as it drove towards Recyclopse, then swerving past it when it got close, and missed with its saws. Recylopse reversed, driving close to a CPZ. Dead Metal drove to the edge of the CPZ, ramming Recyclopse with his claws, then hitting it with his tail. Recyclopse was unaffected and rammed into Scrapper, flipping it onto its side and eliminating it.

"Don't go broadside! Oh no! You shouldn't have done that!"
— Jonathan Pearce yells at Scrapper


Series 1
The First Wars - UK Championship
Heat Semi-Finals
Heat B, Gauntlet 7.40m (Joint 3rd) Qualified
Heat B, Trial (British Bulldog) Completed (2nd) Qualified
Heat B, Semi-Final vs. Recyclopse Lost


  • Wins: 0
  • Losses: 1

NOTE: Scrapper's successful Gauntlet and Trial runs are not included

Series RecordEdit

  • Scrapper being constructed
  • Scrapper in the pits
  • Scrapper's chassis being used for G.B.H.
Series Scrapper Series Record
The First Wars Heat, Arena Semi-Final
The Second Wars Entered with G.B.H.
The Third Wars Entered with Facet
The Fourth Wars Did not enter
The Fifth Wars Did not enter
The Sixth Wars Entered with GBH 2
The Seventh Wars Did not enter
Series 8 Did not enter
Series 9 Did not enter
Series 10 Did not enter



Scrapper is attacked by the House Robots, a moment not shown on television

  • Scrapper had five team members, the largest amount of creditied team members in one team at one time.
  • During its Gauntlet run, Jonathan Pearce erroneously referred to Charles Lavery as Ken Toogood.
  • Scrapper's loss to Recyclopse was the first instance of the shortest battle record and quickest immobilisation record.
  • It was also the first competitor robot to be flipped over by a moving weapon.



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