Scraptosaur was a series of heavyweight robots which competed in both series of Dutch Robot Wars, alongside the seventh series of the UK Robot Wars. After falling in the heat semi-final of Dutch Series 1, the second version of the machine Scrap-2-Saur competed in Dutch Series 2. Scrap-2-Saur won its heat over the likes of Tough as Nails and Gravity to reach the Grand Final, where it also defeated Meshuggah and finished third after being eliminated by PulverizeR.

In its UK series debut, Scraptosaur advanced over the fifteenth seed Ming Dienasty before falling in the second round to St. Agro in a long-fought battle. Scraptosaur also fought for the right to represent the Netherlands in The Third World Championship, but it was avenged by Tough as Nails in its qualifier.

Versions of ScraptosaurEdit

Scraptosaur (Dutch Series 1)Edit


The original Scraptosaur

The first version was a green robot with a face painted on the front. Its weapon included a sharp blade at the front, and a narrow rear flipper, powered pneumatically. This version of Scraptosaur was diamond-shaped, but had no self-righting mechanism, and was relatively slow.

Scrap-II-Saur (Dutch Series 2)Edit


Scrap-2-Saur in the heats

The second version of the robot, which was seen in Dutch Series 2, was known as Scrap-2-Saur. It featured a full-pressure flipper which fired directly upwards, the only robot in the Dutch Wars to do so. Its paint-job was somewhat psychedelic (also swapping for a different design entirely deeper into the competition), and the flipper was now powerful enough to allow the robot to self-right, positioned at the front, featuring a face. The robot was quick and well-controlled for good performances, although its armour was quite thin.

Scraptosaur 03 (UK Series 7)Edit


Scraptosaur in its first round battle in its Series 7 Heat

The version of Scraptosaur seen in the UK series was known as Scraptosaur 03 by the team, but simply 'Scraptosaur' on-screen. It was similar in shape and weaponry to Scrap-2-Saur, but had a stronger coat of armour in direct response to the level of damage Scrap-2-Saur sustained in battle with vertical spinners during the Dutch series. However, the robot's length was extended, which reduced its self-righting ability. Like Tsunami, a red mouth was painted underneath the flipper.

"It was OK but not as good as Scrap-II-saur, the year before."
— Marien van der Meer, referring to Scraptosaur 03


The name Scraptosaur is largely derived from the original Scraptosaur's dinosaur-like design.

The TeamEdit


The team with Scraptosaur in Series 7

Scraptosaur was entered into Robot Wars by a Dutch team known as FFR, which stands for "Fierce Fighting Robots". Scraptosaur's team captain and builder was Marien van der Meer, who also drove the robot in battle. For both of the Dutch series, he was joined by teammates Edwin Koene and Michel Brabander. In the seventh UK series, Marien van der Meer was joined by an unidentified younger teammate, and also Mario "Maddox" de Jongh, who had competed in Dutch Series 1 with Project One, and co-formed Team KODOX to enter Dutch Series 2 with Tough as Nails.

Robot HistoryEdit

Dutch Series 1Edit

Alien Destructor vs Scraptosaur

Scraptosaur pushes Alien Destructor

Scraptosaur had a tentative start against Alien Destructor, staying out of the way as it drove into the CPZ and was attacked by the house robots. When it was released, Alien Destructor slammed Scraptosaur into the wall, wedging it on an angle grinder. Refbot freed it, and the House Robots attacked Alien Destructor again. Time ran out and the jury was called on for a decision, which went to Alien Destructor.

Scraptosaur vs Pyramid of Chaos

Scraptosaur drives into a beaten Pyramid of Chaos

In the losers' melee, Scraptosaur faced only Pyramid of Chaos, as RCC had broken down. It bumped Pyramid of Chaos, loosening its shell before going for the pit release button. It then got underneath Pyramid of Chaos and attempted to use its flipper, but since Pyramid of Chaos had no baseplate, it could not be flipped. Nevertheless, Pyramid of Chaos had broken down beside an angle grinder and was counted out, putting Scraptosaur back in the running.


Pullverizer throws Scraptosaur over

Scraptosaur vs Pullverizer

Scraptosaur is damaged by the House Robots

However, its next match ended quickly, as Pullverizer simply flipped it with its flywheel, and Scraptosaur could not self-right. After Refbot counted Scraptosaur out, Matilda came in and flipped it repeatedly with her flywheel. This eliminated Scraptosaur from its first attempt at a Robot Wars title.

Dutch Series 2Edit

Scrap2saur flips tough as nails

Scrap-2-Saur flips Tough As Nails

Scrap-2-Saur returned to the Dutch Wars with a new design and a more powerful flipper. In its first battle, Tough as Nails grabbed hold of it, but it threw Tough as Nails through the air. Due to a thermal cut-off from the speed controllers, Tough as Nails's motors shut down, giving Scrap-2-Saur an easy victory.


Scrap-2-Saur flips Cyclone onto its side

In the next round, Scrap-2-Saur faced Cyclone. It flipped Cyclone repeatedly, but Cyclone was invertible, and was hardly affected. However, Scrap-2-Saur managed to get the upper hand after it flipped Cyclone gently enough to just to get it onto its side. It finished off the round robot by pushing it into the pit.


Scrap-2-Saur's one-hit KO

In the Heat Final, Scrap-2-Saur faced a future success story, Gravity. Scrap-2-Saur was pushed in the opening moments, but had the clear advantage, because its first flip proved that Gravity could not self-right. Scrap-2-Saur kept its distance, and advanced to the Grand Final while the House Robots destroyed Gravity.

Scrap-2-saur vs meshuggah

Scrap-2-Saur flicks Meshuggah up

Meshuggah vs Scrap-2-Saur

Meshuggah is caught by the descending Pit

In the Grand Final, Scrap-2-Saur's first battle was against Meshuggah. Right at the start, Scrap-2-Saur was flipped by Meshuggah's flywheel. It righted, and came on the attack, but its flipper had no effect on Meshuggah, who continued to inflict damage, tearing away one of Scrap-2-Saur's panels and stripping bits of its armour off. Scrap-2-Saur went for the pit release, and the pit descended just as Meshuggah drove over the pit square. Meshuggah was unable to get out of the way, and descended into the pit, making the heavily-damaged Scrap-2-Saur the unlikely winner.


Scrap-2-Saur forces PulverizeR to take a hammer blow from Mr. Psycho

PulverizeR vs. Scrap-2-Saur motionless

A motionless Scrap-2-Saur sits on the Flame Jet

The team fixed up Scrap-2-Saur as best they could for their next battle, against PulverizeR. Scrap-2-Saur had trouble getting its flipper to work at the start, and when it finally did, the force sent Scrap-2-Saur onto its back. It tried to flip PulverizeR, but couldn't due to PulverizeR's invertibility, so it hit the pit release before pushing PulverizeR into Mr. Psycho. PulverizeR escaped, and Scrap-2-Saur stopped moving, so it was counted out by Refbot. After being dragged by Growler, Scrap-2-Saur sprung back to life, but since it had already been counted out, Growler pushed it into the pit.

UK Series 7Edit

"Once a semi-finalist in the Dutch Robot Wars."
— Jonathan Pearce

Scraptosaur made its first appearance in the UK championships in Heat H of the Seventh Wars, and faced newcomers Ceros, veterans Metalis from the experienced Team Death, and the number fifteen seeds Ming Dienasty in the first round.

Scraptosaur Ming Dienasty 1

Scraptosaur flicks Ming Dienasty up

Ceros Ming

Scraptosaur involved in the action as Ceros flips Ming Dienasty

Scraptosaur hunted down the seed straight away, but Ming Dienasty evaded Scraptosaur's first drive. Scraptosaur then came in with a ram on Ming Dienasty, which set it up to be flipped by Ceros. Scraptosaur then went after Metalis but mistimed its first flip, although its consistent nagging once again allowed Ceros to flip the robot Scraptosaur was tussling with, and Metalis was sent over. Meanwhile, Ming Dienasty had finally managed to right itself, so Scraptosaur targeted it once more, balancing it on its rear end with a flip before throwing it over completely and driving it against the arena wall.

"Scraptosaur, the Dutch entry, flying the flag for Holland, and the skull and crossbones - and a piratical gleam in the eye of Marien van der Meer, the captain, as they toss and torment Ming Dienasty."
— Jonathan Pearce
Ming dienasty and scraptosaur

Scraptosaur tussles with Ming Dienasty

Ceros vs Scraptosaur

Ceros and Scraptosaur conspire against Ming Dienasty

Ming Dienasty found itself back on its wheels after a strong flip from Ceros, but wasn't allowed to breathe for long, as both Scraptosaur and Ceros chased it down and flicked it, with Ming Dienasty then deciding to activate the pit release tyre. Ming Dienasty found its feet as it fought back late on but failed to cause any damage of note to Scraptosaur, before Metalis was put out of its misery as it was pitted by Refbot. Cease was called, with the judges called upon to decide which two machines were to go through out of Ming Dienasty, Ceros and Scraptosaur, with the latter two given the green light to progress to the second round.

In the second round of the Heat, Scraptosaur was drawn up against St. Agro, which made its way past The Scrapper and Mega Hurts LT in its first round melee.

Scraptosaur St Agro 1

Scraptosaur flicks St. Agro over

St agro vs scraptosaur

St. Agro and Scraptosaur push each other

Although it missed with the first use of its flipper, Scraptosaur started strong as it exploited the ground clearance at the side of St. Agro to throw it over twice in quick succession. After this, both machines tussled side-by-side next to the arena wall, before Scraptosaur missed with its next flip. Scraptosaur then darted across the arena and activated the pit release button. It then tried to flip St. Agro - which had only flipped once up to this point - in four successive attacks, connecting with three. Suddenly, St. Agro slipped underneath Scraptosaur and threw it onto its back, and with Scraptosaur using a significant amount of CO2 throughout the battle, it was unable to right itself.

St Agro Scraptosaur 2

Scraptosaur is thrown onto its back and is out of the competition

Scraptosaur Cassius Chrome

Cassius Chrome pits Scraptosaur, ending its UK Championship run after only two rounds

"Can't self-right, because the CO2 ran out. We envisaged those problems right from the start of this heat."
— Jonathan Pearce

After being counted out by Refbot, Scraptosaur was placed on The Drop Zone, where it had an ocean buoy dropped onto it, before Cassius Chrome pitted it, eliminating Scraptosaur from the tournament.

Scraptosaur also competed in a World Championship qualifier against fellow Dutch machines Tough as Nails and Gravity as broadcast as the special event of Heat O as well as being the final qualifier for the World Championship.

Tough as Nails Scraptosaur pit

Scraptosaur is pitted by Tough as Nails

However, Scraptosaur found itself in danger immediately after activate was sounded. Tough as Nails quickly grasped hold of Scraptosaur, activated the pit release button and dispatched of Scraptosaur into the pit of oblivion, ending its hopes of competing in The Third World Championship inside fifteen seconds.

"Now there is a form line here. Scraptosaur actually beat Gravity in the Dutch Robot Wars, but goes out of the World Championship eliminator straight away!"
— Jonathan Pearce

Tough as Nails ended up pitting Gravity as well, which sent it through to represent the Netherlands in the tournament alongside Dutch champions PulverizeR.


Dutch Series
Series 1
Dutch Championship
Heat, Semi-Final
Heat B, Round 1 vs. Alien Destructor Lost
Heat B, Losers Melee vs. Pyramid of Chaos, RCC Won
NOTE: Before the battle had started, technical problems forced RCC out of the competition, leaving Pyramid of Chaos and Scraptosaur to fight alone.
Heat B, Semi-Final vs. Pullverizer Lost
Dutch Series
Series 2
Dutch Championship
Grand Final, Semi-Final, Third Place
Heat D, Round 1 vs. Tough as Nails Won
Heat D, Semi-Final vs. Cyclone Won
Heat D, Final vs. Gravity Won
Grand Final, Round 1 vs. Meshuggah Won
Grand Final, Semi-Final vs. PulverizeR Lost
UK Series
Series 7
The Seventh Wars - UK Championship
Heat, Round 2
Heat H, Round 1 vs. Ceros, Metalis, Ming Dienasty (15) Qualified
Heat H, Round 2 vs. St. Agro Lost
The Third World Championship
Representing the Netherlands, Eliminated in Qualifiers
Qualifier vs. Gravity (NED), Tough as Nails (NED) Eliminated


  • UK Wins: 1
  • UK Losses: 2
  • Dutch Wins: 5
  • Dutch Losses: 3

Series RecordEdit

Dutch SeriesEdit

  • The original Scraptosaur in the pits
  • Scrap-2-Saur in the Grand Final
  • Scraptosaur in its World Championship Qualifier
  • Scraptosaur being worked on in the pits during Series 7
Dutch Series Scraptosaur Series Record
Series 1 Heat, Round 2
Series 2 Grand Final, Round 2

UK SeriesEdit

Series Scraptosaur Series Record
The First Wars Did not enter
The Second Wars Did not enter
The Third Wars Did not enter
The Fourth Wars Did not enter
The Fifth Wars Did not enter
The Sixth Wars Did not enter
The Seventh Wars Heat, Round 2
Series 8 Not selected with TMHWK
Series 9 Did not enter
Series 10 Did not enter

NOTE: TMHWK competed in the main competition of Series 9 and Series 10's World Series under ownership of Team Dutch Robot Girls, which includes Marien van der Meer's wife, Annita van der Meer.

Outside Robot WarsEdit

Between Dutch Series 1 and 2, Scraptosaur competed at the Dutch Robot Games in 2001. Although it was eliminated in the first round of the Dutch bracket by Arena Killer, it did win grudge matches against Lizzard and a weaponless Pullverizer.

DRG Scraptosaur

Scraptosaur at the Dutch Robot Games in 2003

DRG Scraptosaur vs Hard

Scraptosaur flips Hard

Scraptosaur also returned for the 2003 Dutch Robot Games event prior to the Seventh Wars. Its competition fight was a rumble against PulverizeR and Kan-Opener, where Scraptosaur was eliminated in the first round after being pitted by Kan-Opener. Scraptosaur also entered a six-way Flipper Frenzy, which was won by Hard[1], despite Scraptosaur managing to flip Hard along the way.


Scraptosaur S7

Official Series 7 photo

  • Scraptosaur is one of only four robots, along with Bamm Bamm, Hammerhead and NEAT Machine, to have competed in both Dutch Championships and the Seventh UK Championship.
  • Marien van der Meer's wife, Annita van der Meer, was heavily involved with the build project of the original Scraptosaur, but could not attend the TV filming[2]. She has built various antweight and 6kg robots in her own right, and entered Series 9 and 10 with TMHWK.
  • In its battle against St. Agro and its Third World Championship Qualifier, Scraptosaur had slightly bigger eyes on it.


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