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Scutter's Revenge is a British heavyweight robot that competed in the third series of UK Robot Wars, reaching the series Semi-Finals on a technicality, after Pussycat was disqualified. The team also had great success with Spawn of Scutter and Spawn Again. Metal Mayhem featured the only appearance in video games for Team Scutterbots.

Appearance and Armament[]

Scutter's Revenge in combat

Robot Wars: Metal Mayhem was the first Robot Wars game and as such Scutter's Revenge was one of the first competitor robots to be playable. Due to the Game Boy Color's comparatively poor graphics, the arenas and robots could not be very detailed, and the same goes for Scutter's Revenge.

Scutter's Revenge is easily distinguishable in the game, due to its bevelled box shape and front bulldozing blade. Presumably due to graphics constraits, the main omission from Scutter's Revenge is the paintwork, where the stripes on the real robot have been replaced by a mostly red paint scheme, with a grey front, entirely black blade, a grey front and black rear panel.

Differences from Real Life[]

  • The bulldozing blade is larger than its real life counterpart and moves more noticably.
  • The blade is also dark brown, when it should be red and black.
  • The eyes painted on the front of the robot are omitted.