"I wonder what a Scutter is?"
— Craig Charles

Scutter's Revenge was Team Scutterbots' original entry for Robot Wars, exclusively competing in Series 3. It was a red, white and black box-shaped robot with an aluminium shell that had a bullbozer blade on the front. It was powered by two 2HP car starter motors from V6 engines, described by the team as the "most extreme" motors on Robot Wars. The robot was built with power and strength in mind, with the team claiming that it was powerful enough to pull a four ton truck. The robot was not the quickest but it possessed good pushing power, which the team used to quickly pit its first two opponents on the way to the heat final. However, it was prone to breakdowns, losing its heat final against Pussycat in this way. However, due to a disqualification, Scutter's Revenge was put back through to the semi-finals, before breaking down again against 101.

Scutter's Revenge was named after the robotic Skutters from the television show Red Dwarf, which starred Craig Charles. Images of the Skutters were painted on the side of the robot. However, in the show, Skutters were spelt with a k rather than the c used by the team.

Robot History

Series 3

Scutter's Revenge was said to have the most powerful motors in Robot Wars and it showed a large amount of potential against Zeus in the first round battle. It bulldozed it into an angle grinder, damaging the axe slightly. Turning towards the pit, Scutter's Revenge pushed Zeus onto a grill where the axe tip snapped off. Seconds later, Zeus was pitted and out. This encounter was followed by a match with Thermador. Thermador escaped the initial shove, but Scutter's Revenge caught the lobster and pitted it.

"Everyone knows the last thing you do every day is you put the cat out, and that's exactly what we're going to do."
— Graham Warner in the pits before the heat final.

In the Heat Final, Scutter's Revenge pushed Pussycat into the wall, but Pussycat drove over it and escaped. As Scutter's Revenge closed in, Pussycat swung around and shattered its blade on the arena wall. Although Scutter's Revenge had caught fire and was technically immobilised, Pussycat was disqualified for using a weapon that was against the rules.

In the semi-finals, 101 drove up Scutter's Revenge twice, before driving into Shunt's CPZ. The competitors pushed each other around, until 101 drove over the top of its opponent, breaking Scutter's Revenge's aerial, and Scutter's Revenge slowed before stopping. 101 pushed it into Shunt, and the other house robots attacked, eliminating Scutter's Revenge.


Series 3
The Third Wars - UK Championship
Semi-Final, Round 1
Heat M, Round 1 vs. Zeus Won
Heat M, Round 2 vs. Thermador Won
Heat M, Round 3 vs. Pussycat Won
NOTE: Pussycat won the final round, but it was disqualified for using a hardened steel blade which shattered during the battle. Scutter's Revenge was awarded victory by default.
Semi-Final 2, Round 1 vs. 101 Lost


  • Wins: 3
  • Losses: 1

Series Record

Appearances in Merchandise


  • Scutter's Revenge was the only one of the three Scutter machines that did not fight Razer at some point.
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