Killerhurtz suicide

YES: Killerhurtz "didn't see the pit", eliminating itself by driving into it.

A robot which eliminates itself either accidentally or deliberately (via several different ways) is considered to have achieved a self-inflicted immobilisation. This differs from hostile immobilisations (which are inflicted by opposing robots), malfunctions (in robot design or engineering) and hazard immobilisations (which are inflicted by House Robots or arena hazards, such as the Floor Flipper and spikes).

Self-inflicted immobilisations are often referred to on Robot Wars as a robot committing suicide.


The key term in deciding if an immobilisation has been self-inflicted or not is to determine whether there has been an avoidable error. An avoidable error cannot be in design or engineering, nor a broad error such as a Gauntlet route or choosing to take on a certain robot. They must be concise, specific events which directly cause an immobilisation. Examples are listed below.

Arena HamperEdit

Often, robots became immobilised due to contact with parts of the arena (not including hazards), usually by hitting a wall or getting stuck in the floor.

Demolisher took corner too tight

YES: Demolisher took the corner of its third lap too tight and flipped itself over, an avoidable error.


  • In the Stock Car Trial, Demolisher crashed into a wall at top speed, flipping itself over. With no other robot involved, and Demolisher's own avoidable action responsible for its immobilisation, this is considered a self-inflicted immobilisation.
  • Similarly, when both Kat 3 and The Steel Avenger got their axes stuck in the arena floor, this was an avoidable error and had it solely cost them their battles, it would have been designated here.
Vector of armageddon stuck

NO: Vector of Armageddon became stuck because of its design, not because it made an error.

Not Self-Inflicted

  • Contrarily, when Vector of Armageddon attempted the Gauntlet in Heat D of Series 1, it became stuck attempting the second ramp. The reason for the immobilisation was that Vector of Armageddon's ground clearance was too low. Therefore, the robot's design meant that it would never have been able to traverse that second ramp. Getting wedged was not an avoidable error, and this is therefore not a case of self-inflicted immobilisation. Although it can be argued that taking the ramp at all was an error, Vector of Armageddon succeeded in negotiating the first ramp, and nearly all robots had succeeded in taking the second one. Therefore, it is not reasonable to believe that taking the ramp would have ended in immobilisation.
  • When Psychosprout drove forward in the Labyrinth trial in Series 1, Heat E, it collided with REALI-T and rolled back to the start. This immobilisation was primarily caused by the collision between both robots,


Terror bull fire

YES: Terror-Bull chose to repeatedly drive onto the flames, an avoidable error costing its place.

When a robot breaks down after catching fire - usually through driving itself over or near a flame hazard - it is deemed to have become immobilised by fire.


  • Terror-Bull chose to light its tail on fire in its Series 4 battle with Raizer Blade. This turned out to be an erroneous decision as Terror-Bull's motors burnt out.
Techophobic vs pitbull

NO: Technophobic was pushed onto the flames by Pitbull.

Not Self-Inflicted

  • Most immobilisations by fire, although in the same method, are not self-inflicted. Technophobic burst into flames in Series 3, but only after it was pushed onto the Flame Pit by Pitbull during their second-round battle. Being pushed onto the Flame Pit was not Technophobic's choice, and was therefore not an avoidable error.


Although most thought to be classed as a malfunction, recoil occurs when a robot's weapon malfunctions or contains too much power/energy within an attack, causing the robot to immobilise itself through this.


Gemini beached

YES: Both halves of Gemini flipped themselves over without any influence from their opponent, Napalm 2.

  • In its Extreme 1 Mayhem battle against Napalm 2, one half of Gemini flipped itself onto its back, where its wheelie bar pinned it off the ground. If a robot puts itself into a position where it becomes immobilised, it is considered self-inflicted.
  • PP3D's attack on Cherub in their Series 9 Head-to-Head was not only powerful enough to send Cherub spinning into the wall and immobilise it, but also shear one of its own drive motors off its mounts, leaving it unable to drive in a straight line when the battle was restarted. If a robot damages itself during an attack and becomes immobilised as a result, the immobilisation is considered self-inflicted.

Not Self-Inflicted

Inverterbrat creature

NO: Inverterbrat was pinned off the ground by its own flipper, which malfunctioned and became stuck underneath the robot.

  • Inverterbrat's flipper became wedged beneath the robot and beached it off the ground when trying to flip The Creature. Although this would seem like a self-inflicted immobilisation, there was no avoidable error, as the flipper in fact malfunctioned to pin it in place. Therefore, this was a malfunction.
  • In trying to flip S.M.I.D.S.Y. out of the arena in the heat final, Chaos 2 flipped itself over, and was unable to right itself. Whilst this could be seen as a self-immobilisation, it was later revealed the reason Chaos 2 couldn't self-right was because S.M.I.D.S.Y. had damaged its flipper panel. It could be argued that, as S.M.I.D.S.Y. played a direct role in preventing Chaos 2 from recovering, it could not be seen as a self-inflicted immobilisation.


Whenever a robot falls into the Pit of Oblivion through any means, it is classified as having been pitted.


Pussycat vs cassius 2

YES: Cassius 2 ended up in the pit mainly due to a misjudged attack on Pussycat.

Wild thing in the pit

YES: Wild Thing drove over the descending pit after it had already been activated

  • Most infamously, when Killerhurtz drove across the arena and into the pit, there was no possible contact with Cerberus that could have caused the pitting, with Cerberus still on the other side of the arena as it happened. John Reid's actions were, therefore, an avoidable error and Killerhurtz's pitting is considered a self-immobilisation.
  • In a different take on things, when Cassius 2 attempted to pit Pussycat in Heat M of Series 3, Cassius 2 charged too quickly in its attempt to do so, overshooting the edge of the pit and falling in itself. Despite Pussycat being involved in the tussle, Cassius made an avoidable error by putting too much acceleration into its push. Therefore, where a robot pits itself whilst attempting to pit another, it is considered a self-inflicted immobilisation.
  • After the introduction of a designated pit-release, Shredder, Major Tom and Wild Thing 2 all lost fights after driving over the pit as it was descending. Whilst there was often a delay in the pit descending after it was pressed, it is still considered an avoidable mistake as the pit had already been activated by another robot.

Not Self-Inflicted

Eric king buxton

NO: Eric had already been stranded over the pit by King Buxton before driving itself in. Note that Eric's left wheel is hanging over the pit.

  • Any instance where a robot is pushed, flipped or dropped into the pit by another competitor or a House Robot. These are actions beyond the robot's control, and are considered hazard immobilisations.
  • When Eric drove into the pit whilst trying to push King Buxton in, this had come as a result of King Buxton pushing Eric towards the pit and getting both robots stranded with half of their wheels suspended over the pit. Whilst Eric did technically pit itself seconds later, it had only done so due to actions caused by its opponent which prevented it from being able to drive away from the pit in the first place. If Eric had been able to pull itself away from the pit and then fall in, it would have been classed as a self-inflicted error.
Stinger Mace pit

NO: Stinger was diverted into the pit by Mace 2

  • When Stinger rebounded into the pit in Series 3, Heat A, it may have been considered an avoidable error through Stinger having driven uncontrollably near the pit. However, when Stinger fell in, it did so by driving into a charging Mace 2 and being deflected away. Therefore, it is impossible to tell whether Stinger's trajectory change was due to Mace 2's attack (making it a hostile immobilisation), or due to Stinger's prominent control issues. With such doubt, Stinger's pitting in this battle cannot be considered a self-inflicted immobilisation.


To be stranded, a robot has to have entered a position where it cannot move. The most common cases of getting stranded are through driving onto grilles (Series 1), into the Pit of Oblivion (see Pitted), or off platforms in the Sumo trials or side competitions (Series 2, Series 4).


S3 vs Dantomkia

YES: Dantomkia wedged itself underneath the angle grinder during its Series 6 Semi-Final battle against S3, contributing to its eventual immobilisation.

  • During Dantomkia's battle with S3, Dantomkia became stuck underneath an angle grinder after driving into it. It is impossible to tell whether the impact, the angle grinder, S3's disc, or Refbot's attempt to push it free were responsible for the immobilisation. However, irrespective of the actual cause, Dantomkia's immobilisation was directly influenced by it driving into the angle grinder in the first place. Therefore, if a robot takes terminal damage whilst caught in a position it gets itself stuck in, it is considered a self-inflicted immobilisation.

Not Self-Inflicted


NO: Mute was flipped out of the arena through a combination of its own flip and Firestorm 5's

  • Any instance where a robot is pushed into the aforementioned hazards and gets stuck, or pushed off the platform in Sumo competitions. The former circumstances are considered to be hazard immobilisations, such as Tornado impaling one half of Gemini onto a wall spike in Series 4.
  • During Mute's semi-final battle with Firestorm 5, as Firestorm 5 went to flip an inverted Mute out of the arena, both robots fired their flippers at the same time, resulting in Mute being flipped out of the arena. Whilst it is entirely possible that Mute could have thrown itself out of the arena on its own, in this scenario it was directly aided by its opponent, preventing it from being self-inflicted.

Floor FlipperEdit

Especially since Series 8, it is possible for a robot to become immobilised by driving onto and being flipped by the Floor Flipper. This is especially possible if the affected robot is unable to run inverted or has no self-righting mechanism.


Floor flipper flips chompalot

YES: Chompalot drove itself onto the Floor Flipper without any interference from Gabriel, resulting in its defeat as it was unable to self-right afterwards.

  • Chompalot's defeat to Gabriel in Series 8 was solely attributed to Chompalot driving itself onto the Floor Flipper, being thrown across the arena, and left unable to self-right upon landing on its side near the arena wall.
  • Similarly, Foxic backed onto the Floor Flipper during its Series 9 Group Battle, and was effectively immobilised after its lifting arm failed to work at all.

Not Self-Inflicted

Dantomkia Floor Flipper

NO: Dantomkia was directly pushed onto the Floor Flipper by TR2.

  • Any instance where a robot is pushed onto the Floor Flipper by another and is flipped. A notable example is TR2 pushing Dantomkia onto it during their Series 8 Heat Final, an action which was beyond Dantomkia's control. Such actions are considered to be hazard immobilisations.
  • In the original series, the Floor Flipper was only generally used to throw immobilised competitors across the arena, after they had been placed there by a House Robot or their opponent(s). As competitors had already been eliminated before being flipped, these instances do not count as self-inflicted immobilisations.


Series 1Edit


Wharthog jammed in place


Cruella drives onto the grille

Demolisher took corner too tight

Demolisher overturns itself

Robot Definition Battle Notes
Grunt Stranded Heat A, Trial (Sumo) Drove straight off the platform, clocking only 4.15 seconds.
Uglybot Arena Hamper Heat B, Gauntlet Turned prematurely in the turntable, and upon exiting the turntable, promptly pinned itself in place.
Cruella Stranded Heat C, Semi-Final Cruella drove onto the grille in its battle with Robot The Bruce.
Demolisher Arena Hamper Heat D, Trial (Stock Car) Demolisher crashed into a wall at full speed and flipped over. However, the 2 laps it had completed were enough to ensure it survived the trial.
Bugs Stranded Heat D, Semi-Final Was having severe oversteering problems, and after being pushed near the grille, eventually spun its way onto the surface.
Wharthog Arena Hamper Heat E, Gauntlet Wharthog crashed into a railing, crumpling the corner of its wedge and getting it stuck.

Series 2Edit


Schumey drives off of the Sumo ring

Mortis napalm jd2

Napalm reverses into oblivion

Robot Definition Battle Notes
Schumey Stranded Heat E, Trial Swerved off the platform whilst trying to dodge the house robots in King of the Castle.
Plunderbird 2 Pitted Heat K, Gauntlet Chose to dive into the pit rather than confront Matilda for further distance gains. Other teams mockingly clucked at them in the pits afterwards.
Cassius Pitted Grudge Matches, Judgement Day Rex Garrod accidentally drove into the pit while trying to shove Mortis in.
Napalm Pitted Grudge Matches, Judgement Day 2 Drove onto the lip of the pit while escaping from Mortis. Its weight eventually shifted, causing it to fall in.

Series 3Edit

Milly-ann bug vs bumblebot

Milly-Ann Bug pushes too far


Mortis is stuck on the pit's edge

Razer Chaos 2 3

Chaos 2 reverses into the pit in The First World Championship

Robot Definition Battle Notes
Raizer Blade Pitted Heat A, Round 2 Drove into the pit attempting to push Suicidal Tendencies in. Although it was subsequently freed by Sir Killalot, Raizer Blade still lost the judges' decision.
Milly-Ann Bug Pitted Heat D, Round 1 Milly-Ann Bug overshot a charge to push Bumblebot into the pit, and fell in itself.
Cassius 2 Pitted Heat M, Round 2 Cassius 2 accidentally reversed into the pit while trying to knock Pussycat into it. Considered one of the most Major shocks of the Third Wars.
Killerhurtz Pitted Heat N, Round 1 Drove into the pit. The team claimed it was accidental, stating that they mistook the pit for a black floor panel. One of the most infamous of all self-inflicted immobilisations.
Crusader Pitted Pinball Warrior Tournament Ended its pinball run by accidentally reversing into one of the shallow pits, which it was unable to escape from.
Mortis Stranded Pinball Warrior Tournament One of its tracks became stuck in the pit at the end of the run.
Chaos 2 Pitted The First World Championship, Round 2 George Francis deliberately drove Chaos 2 into the pit to avoid taking further damage from Razer and Dead Metal.

Series 4Edit

Destruct-A-Bubble sumo shunt

Destruct-A-Bubble off the edge

X-terminator pit

X-Terminator careers off, into the Pit of Oblivion

Robot Definition Battle Notes
Destruct-A-Bubble Stranded Sumo Basho Despite good early resistance, it drove itself off the ring.
Terror-Bull Fire Heat P, Round 2 Drove over the flame pit to set its tail on fire, but this caused its motors to burn out.
X-Terminator 2 Pitted Tag Team Terror, Playoff X-Terminator drove away to build up another attack, and just before cease was called, straight into the pit: the team had failed to noticed that it had opened beforehand.

Extreme Series 1Edit

The Spider burms

The Spider fries over the Flame Pit

Chaos 2 pits itself

Chaos 2 misses Mastiff

Robot Definition Battle Notes
The Executioner Pitted Wild Card Warriors Pressed the pit release almost immediately, only to drive in seconds later. The quickest battle of either series of Robot Wars Extreme
The Spider Fire Mayhem After starting well by pushing Napalm around, The Spider drove over the flame pit where its electronics instantly burned out.
Gemini Recoil Mayhem One half of Gemini fired its flipper and threw itself onto its back, perched on top of its wheelie bar. The other half became stuck in the same position while attempting to re-right its twin.
Chaos 2 Pitted The Second World Championship, Round 1 While trying to flip Mastiff into the pit, Chaos 2 missed, threw itself forward and fell in itself.
Shockwave Pitted Forces Special, Round 1 After Sub-Version pressed the pit release, Shockwave swerved, and drove straight into the opening pit.

Series 5Edit


Major Tom descends into the pit

Robot Definition Battle Notes
Shredder Pitted Heat C, Round 1 Accidentally backed into the pit despite an aggressive start against the seeded MouseTrap.
Major Tom Pitted Heat J, Round 2 After a strong start against Kat 3, reversed squarely onto the pit as it activated. Designated funniest battle in Robot Wars in Robot Wars: The Ultimate Guide.

Series 6Edit

Crushtacean Series 6 Pit

Crushtacean accidentally reverses into the pit

Thermidor 2 Series 6 pit

Thermidor 2 hidden in the pit, driving itself into the safety of immobilisation

Spam Again

Spam charges down into oblivion

Discoinferno pit

Disc-O-Inferno takes a dive

Dominator 2 vs Tornado

Dominator 2 swerves into the Pit

Robot Definition Battle Notes
Crushtacean Pitted Heat C, Round 2 Backed into the pit despite appearing to lead this battle against former double UK champion Chaos 2.
Infinity Pitted Heat E, Round 1 Severely damaged by 259, spun into the descending pit. Infernal Contraption later spun itself onto the pit edge following similar attacks from 259, where it was counted out by Refbot.
Thermidor 2 Pitted Heat F, Round 1 Lost drive to one wheel, counted out, and deliberately drove into the pit after taking punishment from the House Robots.
Spam Pitted Heat H, Round 2 A mistimed charge at Spawn Again left Spam careening straight into the pit. Second time in the heat that Spam fell into the pit.
Riptilion Pitted Heat L, Round 1 Drove into the pit after spending the entire match trying to dodge Mr. Psycho.
Disc-O-Inferno Pitted Heat L, Final Lost drive to disc and had slim chances of winning. Drove down the pit after taking punishment from the House Robots, seemingly an intentional drive.
Dantomkia Stranded Semi-Final 1, Round 1 Pinned underneath an angle grinder long enough for S3 to cause terminal damage and immobilise it.
Wild Thing 2 Pitted Semi-Final 1, Losers Melee Drove over the pit as it was descending, eliminating it.
Dominator 2 Pitted Semi-Final 2, Round 2 Veered into the pit after Tornado was almost thrown in by Matilda's flywheel.

Extreme Series 2Edit

Direct action pit

Direct Action takes the plunge

Robot Definition Battle Notes
Direct Action Pitted New Blood Championship Heat C, Round 1 Lost drive to one wheel, and drove into the pit.
Bash Gordon Pitted New Blood Championship Heat D, Round 1 Stranded itself over the pit after hitting the pit-release button.
Eddy Evolution Pitted Featherweight Championship, Round 1 After floundering near the edge of the pit, Eddy Evolution eventually drove itself in.
PulverizeR Pitted European Championship, Round 1 Drove itself into the pit due to a damaged speed controller.

Series 7Edit

Disconstructor pits itself

DisConstructor slides to its doom

Typhoon 2 Atomic 1

Atomic crucially mistimes a flip

End of eliminator

Bigger Brother swerves into the pit, to join Firestorm 5

Robot Definition Battle Notes
The Stag Pitted Heat C, Round 1 Reversed into the pit while evading IG-88.
Pinser Fire Heat J, Round 1 Burnt itself out on a fire vent.
Staglet Pitted Robot Wars: The Seventh Wars/Featherweight Championship Drove down the pit just as The Stag had.
DisConstructor Pitted Heat O, Round 1 Hit the pit release button and drove into the pit.
Rip Pitted Robot Wars: The Seventh Wars/Featherweight Championship After a dominant showing, drove down the pit to avoid the House Robots, after starting to lose drive to one wheel.
Atomic Recoil Semi-Final 2, Round 2 Atomic tried to flip Typhoon 2 over, but clipped an angle grinder instead and flipped itself onto its back. Atomic's flipper jammed open, leaving it unable to self-right as Typhoon 2 battered it.
Bigger Brother & Firestorm 5 Pitted All-Stars, Round 1 Both robots drove into the pit after spending the majority of the match attacking the house robots alongside Panic Attack and Kat 3.

Series 8Edit


Behemoth reverses into the pit

Mr speed squared vs thor pit

M.R. Speed Squared topples into the pit

Pulsar and ironside 3 in the pit

Ironside3 and Pulsar end up in the pit together

Robot Definition Battle Notes
Behemoth Pitted Heat 1, Heat Final Backed itself into the pit after suffering intermittent drive problems in its second encounter with Carbide.
M.R. Speed Squared Pitted Heat 2, Head-to-Heads Drove into the pit while evading Thor.
Supernova Pitted Heat 3, Group Battle After being angled onto its side by TR2, the gyroscopic forces of Supernova's disc (which had lost both its teeth earlier on in the battle) pulled it towards the pit.
Infernal Contraption Pitted Heat 5, Group Battle Spun itself into the pit after being pushed by Beast.
Chompalot Floor Flipper Heat 5, Head to Heads Was thrown across the arena by the Floor Flipper after driving onto it, landing on its side near the wall and unable to self-right.
Ironside3 Pitted Heat 5, Head to Heads Drove itself into the pit while pushing Pulsar in. Ironside3 still lost the battle regardless, as the judges deemed that it had been immobilised for more then ten seconds after getting flipped by Pulsar earlier on in the battle.

Series 9Edit

Rapid immobilised

Rapid lies on its back after its flipper jams open

Foxic is flipped

Foxic backs onto the Floor Flipper, which immobilises it

Wyrm vs Itself

Wyrm bumps itself into immobility

Rusty flipped

Rusty throws itself over

Robot Definition Battle Notes
Rapid Recoil Heat 1, Head-to-Heads After getting flipped over by Aftershock, Rapid tried to self-right, but it somersaulted over Aftershock and hit the arena floor with its flipper. This jammed the flipper open as Rapid landed on its back, leaving it unable to right itself.
PP3D Recoil Heat 2, Head-to-Heads PP3D's impact on Cherub sent the latter hurtling into the wall and immobilised it; however in doing so, one of PP3D's drive motors sheared off its mount, leaving it spinning in circles and technically immobile when the battle was restarted.
Foxic Floor Flipper Heat 3, Group Battle After performing strongly in its Group Battle, Foxic reversed over the Floor Flipper and was thrown onto its back. As its lifting arm was missing a retaining bolt, it was inoperable, leaving Foxic unable to self-right after being flipped.
Wyrm Arena Hamper Heat 4, Group Battle Wyrm drove straight into the wall, causing both of its drive chains to break loose on contact. This initially eliminated Wyrm from Series 9, although it was later reinstated when Frostbite was too badly damaged to continue the Head-to-Head round.
Rusty Recoil Heat 5, Group Battle Rusty missed with its flip, and threw itself onto its back, where it remained immobile for over ten seconds.

Series 10Edit

Skye pit

Skye drives into the pit

Apocalypse flame pit

Apocalypse catches fire after getting itself immobilised over the Flame Pit

Androne 4000 vs nuts 2 floor flipper

Androne 4000 is thrown by the Floor Flipper in its Semi-Final

Sabretooth self-pitting

Sabretooth (centre) becomes one of three robots to pit themselves during the 10 Robot Rumble

10 Robot Rumble Pit

Thor becomes another victim of the pit in the 10 Robot Rumble

Iron-Awe 6 flipped

Iron-Awe 6 is thrown by the Floor Flipper

TMHWK self-pitting

A faulty TMHWK reverses into the pit

Robot Definition Battle Notes
The Swarm Floor Flipper, Pitted Heat 1, Group Battle Two parts of the clusterbot immobilised themselves during the battle. Pinza drove over the Floor Flipper and was thrown onto its back, unable to self-right. Skye later drove straight into the open pit.
Apocalypse Fire Heat 1, Group Battle After getting thrown into Sir Killalot by Apollo, Apocalypse got stuck over the Flame Pit while trying to drive away from the House Robot, having already suffered chassis damage which caused one of its drive chains to become dislodged.[1] These factors resulted in Apocalypse immobilising itself, before being promptly attacked by Sir Killalot and left to catch fire.
Crackers 'n' Smash Fire Heat 2, Robot Redemption Knockout In an attempt to retreat from Sir Killalot, Crackers ended up on the Flame Pit, immobilising itself completely. Because Smash was already thrown out of the arena by Big Nipper, it meant that Crackers 'n' Smash were officially deemed immobile.
Androne 4000 Floor Flipper Heat 4, Group Battle Androne 4000 drove over the floor flipper while gripping Concussion, and became immobile upon landing, also taking Concussion out of the battle with it.
Androne 4000 Floor Flipper Heat 4, Semi-Final After having the hydraulics system for its crusher ruptured by Nuts 2, Androne 4000 swerved over the Floor Flipper, resulting in it being thrown over and left unable to self-right, resulting in its second loss to the floor flipper.
Expulsion, Sabretooth, Thor Pitted 10 Robot Rumble All three robots drove themselves into the pit at some point during the battle.
Iron-Awe 6 Floor Flipper 10 Robot Rumble Iron-Awe 6 drove onto the floor flipper during the Fog of War it had activated itself, and could not self-right when turned over.
TMHWK Pitted World Series, Episode 1, Tag Team Reversed into the pit after experiencing technical issues, with only seconds remaining in the battle.

Occurrences in International SeriesEdit

US Season 2Edit


Spin Doctor gets caught after hitting the pit release

Propeller-Head pit

Propeller-Head takes itself out of the Grand Final


Trilobyte trundles into the Pit

Robot Definition Battle Notes
Spin Doctor Pitted Heat A, Round 2 Drove into the descending pit after pressing the pit release button.
Brute Pitted Heat C, Round 2 Drove into the pit despite dominating this battle against Unibite 2.0.
The Gap Pitted Heat D, Round 2 One of its wheels became disabled during this battle against Propeller-Head, so it swerved into the pit to avoid further damage.
Rosie the Riveter 2 Pitted Grand Final, Round 1 Drove into the pit while trying to ram Panzer Mk 4.
Propeller-Head Pitted Grand Final, Round 1 Drove itself into the pit despite causing considerable damage to The Falcon Mark 2.
Trilobyte Pitted Tag Team Terror, Round 1 Drove itself into the pit.



Basenji (right) drives itself into the pit during the Nickelodeon Annihilator

Robot Definition Battle Notes
Basenji Pitted Annihilator, Round 2 Mistakenly drove towards the pit and swerved itself in.

Dutch Series 1Edit

Philipper pit

Philipper pits itself

Robot Definition Battle Notes
Philipper Pitted Heat A, Round 2 Drove into the pit immediately after Bamm Bamm fell off its lifter.


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