"Something that could be, in sort of 2,000 years time or something, patrolling a planet, and keeping the locals in order"
Chris Reynolds describes the inspiration for Sergeant Bash's design

Sergeant Bash, abbreviated to Sgt. Bash from Series 3 onwards, and often shortened to just Bash, was one of the original four House Robots from the UK game show Robot Wars. He appeared in all seven of the original UK series, as well as both series of Robot Wars Extreme and all international versions of the show. His design is perpetuated to be that of a futuristic military vehicle, and his weapons by the time of his most recent series appearance were a top-mounted flamethrower and a set of front hydraulic pincers.

Almost every time Sergeant Bash came up against a robot from Team Nemesis, his flamethrower provided entertainment for the audience and roboteers as it regularly set their robots' fur alight. Indeed, his popularity came from his ability to do so, and Sergeant Bash even took part in an exhibition battle in Series 2 which was held specifically for him to set his opponents on fire for the audience's entertainment.

Sgt. Bash did not appear in the rebooted series of Robot Wars, with James Cooper of Robo Challenge stating that they did not have the time to complete a new version of him for Series 8[1]. He was the only House Robot from the original set of four not to return for the revived series. When asked about Sgt. Bash's absence in June 2016, the Official Robot Wars Facebook page responded by suggesting the possibility of additional House Robots for a second series, hinting of him possibly returning in the near future, although ultimately, he did not appear. During the airing of Series 9, BBC Two wrote on Twitter that he was "enjoying his retirement", to which Noel Sharkey replied "military robots retire early". Later, Dutch competitor THE BASH would represent the retired House Robot during the Robot Wars: World Series, and footage of Sgt. Bash in the original run of Robot Wars was shown during its introduction.

"Sgt Bash isn't joining us for this series, as we only needed four for this series. However next time..."
— Official Robot Wars Facebook Page

Sgt. Bash was originally driven by Chris Reynolds before the driving role was taken over by Mike Tilley in Series 2.

Design[edit | edit source]

"There's more going on inside Sergeant Bash than in any of the other House Robots"
— Chris Reynolds in Series 1

Sergeant Bash as he appeared in Series 1

An early design sketch for Sergeant Bash, with a rear chainsaw in place of the saw

Sergeant Bash's design took on a predominantly military feel, with a roughly wedge-shaped design inspired by World War II fighter planes, a green paint scheme with chevron markings resembling a sergeant's stripes, treaded tyres and a propane-fuelled flamethrower mounted on a 360 degree rotating turret. He was one of only two robots in Robot Wars to feature a flamethrower - the other being fellow House Robot Growler - a weapon which was otherwise prohibited under the technical rules. In the Sir Killalot and the House Robots video/DVD, it was stated that the inspiration for Sergeant Bash's design came from the idea of a futuristic army patrol vehicle, which was further elaborated upon in his backstory from the Robot Wars Technical Manual.

"Keeping order, Sergeant Bash! Featuring a savage circular saw and a flamethrower, certain to leave all opponents...hot under the collar!"
Jonathan Pearce commenting on the weapons in Series 1

Sgt. Bash in Series 3

Sgt. Bash from Series 4 onwards

In Series 1 and 2, Sergeant Bash initially had steel armour and was armed with two secondary weapons - a front spiked battering ram and a rear-mounted circular saw/angle grinder. In Series 3, he underwent a comprehensive redesign which saw his steel armour replaced with fibreglass, and the ram replaced with a set of hydraulic pincers similar to those used by Sir Killalot. These pincers, in turn, were replaced by a set of custom-built ones from Series 4 onward, which allowed him to crush competitors' armour, wheels and/or weapons at a force of eight tonnes. Sergeant Bash's flamethrower was also modified to tilt downwards in later series, enabling him to reach low-bodied competitors.

Sergeant Bash's power source came from four batteries running in parallel, while he required numerous gas bottles, valves and CO2 reservoirs just to operate the flamethrower. These, combined with the flamethrower and pincers in later series, necessitated him having a long wheelbase to incorporate his complex internals. In Series 1-2, the gas bottles were positioned at the front, while the motors for Sergeant Bash's saw were located at the rear behind the flamethrower turret. The bottles were relocated to the rear for Series 3 onwards, leaving no room for the saw, so it was removed and replaced with an ornamental saw protruding from his rear panel.

According to Chris Reynolds, Sgt. Bash weighed roughly 330kg on Robot Wars, although his weight was listed as 120kg on the televised show to disguise the real weight.

Robot History[edit | edit source]

Series 1[edit | edit source]

The first incarnation of Sergeant Bash using his flamethrower

Sergeant Bash traps Barry on the grille

Sergeant Bash was the third House Robot to be introduced in Robot Wars history, and for this series featured the flamethrower, ramming spike and rear-mounted circular saw. At the time, his flamethrower was the only fire hazard in the arena, as the flame pits and arena-mounted flamethrowers would not be introduced until later.

He made his first appearance in The Gauntlet in Heat A, where he was the first robot on the House Robot route. Road Block ran the Gauntlet first, and Sergeant Bash fired his flamethrower at it, but this did not slow down or deter Road Block. Barry was next to run, and after it accidentally nearly drove onto the grille on its first charge, Sergeant Bash rushed in and held it still as it tried to get away, and holding it on the grille when it drove on, though he would reverse and allow Barry to get out.

The other robots did not take the House Robot route, apart from Grunt, who proved much too fast for Sergeant Bash to stop, easily rushing past him. Sergeant Bash also fired his flamethrower at Killertron when it fell off the side of the ramp and got stuck.

Sergeant Bash sets fire to Nemesis

Nemesis burns, having been set alight by Sergeant Bash

Sergeant Bash made a big impact in the first battle in Robot Wars history, the Arena Semi-Final between Road Block and Nemesis. Whilst the two competitors were battling inside Matilda's CPZ, Sergeant Bash came over, and as Road Block got under Nemesis, he fired his flamethrower, causing the fur of Nemesis to catch fire.

"The Nemesis boys all want to go to space and they're in the air! They're in the air! And they're on fire! Get the fire brigade!"
— Jonathan Pearce's excitement as the fur of Nemesis ignites for the very first time

The battle had to be stopped in order to put Nemesis out, with the battle going to the Judges. This started the rivalry between Sergeant Bash and the robots of Team Nemesis, which would last for the next five series. However, other than this notable moment, Sergeant Bash's flamethrower made very little impact throughout the series, as there were few flammable robots.

Sgt. Bash's saw blade shatters on Killertron

He also had a notable moment in the second Arena Semi-Final, between Killertron and Shogun. After Shogun drove onto the grille, immobilising it, Sergeant Bash came out of his CPZ, but instead of attacking the immobile Shogun, he tried to use his saw on Killertron. However, the saw blade merely flew off and shattered.

Mortis is pinned between the House Robots

Sergeant Bash was used in the Gauntlet again in Heat B, this time second in the House Robot route, behind Shunt. When Mortis ran the Gauntlet, it charged into Sergeant Bash, but couldn't push past, and Sergeant Bash blocked it, until Shunt came over to hold Mortis down with his axe and drag it back. Sergeant Bash pinned Mortis and gave it a lick of flame.

"The House Robots doing a magnificent job there!"
— Jonathan Pearce as Shunt and Sergeant Bash hold Mortis still

Sergeant Bash holds up the see-saw

He also left the House Robot route on a couple of occasions to impede the competitors progress. As Leighbot tried to cross the see-saw, Sergeant Bash fired his flamethrower at it, and wedged under the see-saw, preventing Leighbot from getting off. He reversed to use his flamethrower some more, then tried to block Leighbot as it got off.

"In comes Bash, with the flamethrower, ... Oh, blocking tactics by Bash! He's stopped the ramp from descending!"
— Jonathan Pearce as Sergeant Bash holds up the see-saw

Scrapper is trapped by the House Robots

When Scrapper tried to go through the maze, Sergeant Bash blocked the exit. Shunt came in from the other end, cutting off Scrapper's retreat and pinning it against the wall as Sergeant Bash fired his flamethrower.

"He's into the sheep's pen. This could be lambs to the slaughter, because Bash and Shunt are closing in! And it could be roast lamb at that! If the torch comes out - and it does! Lamb kebab!"
— Jonathan Pearce as Sergeant Bash and Shunt trapped Scrapper

Bash pushes Detonator against the top rails

Matilda is flipped by Recyclopse, despite Sergeant attempts to help Matilda

Heat B also saw Sergeant Bash's first use in a Trial, as he and the other three House Robots were used in British Bulldog. After an unsuccessful attempt to block the charge of Mortis, where he drove too far forwards, so instead of blocking Mortis, Mortis just drove straight past, Sergeant Bash drove up the arena to attack Detonator, which had barely moved because of an uncharged battery. He pushed the Dartford Girls Grammar robot against the top fence, kept it pinned and pushed it about, before driving back down the arena to try and help Matilda, which was stuck on Recyclopse, but he was unable to prevent the competitor flipping over his fellow House Robot.

Heat C was relatively quiet for Sergeant Bash, as he was absent from the Gauntlet for the first time, the only time in this series, and he was not used in the Football Trial.

Dreadnaut pushes Wedgehog into Sergeant Bash

Sergeant Bash's saw slips off whilst attacking Wedgehog

He did have a couple of notable moments during the Arena stage battles. First, during the battle between Wedgehog and Dreadnaut, Dreadnaut pushed Wedgehog into his CPZ. Sergeant Bash turned around to try and use his saw, but on contact with Wedgehog, the blade slipped off onto the top of Wedgehog.

"Oh, the saw's gone again! Poor old Sergeant Bash has lost his saw blade! That looks like a halo."
— Jonathan Pearce as Sergeant Bash's saw slips off

Matilda and Sgt Bash slice into Wedgehog

He would attack Wedgehog with the saw again in the Heat final, after Robot The Bruce pushed it onto a grille, immobilising it. Matilda and Sergeant Bash attacked it together with their chainsaw and saw respectively.

Sergeant Bash was used in the Gauntlet again in Heat D, being first on the House Robot route again. However, he was unable to stop either of the three featherweights that took the House Robot route (SAT'arn, The Demolisher and Bugs), as they proved too fast and small for him to catch.

Sgt. Bash in the Stock Car Trial

Apart from using his saw on SAT'arn in the Heat Semi-Final, Sergeant Bash was mostly in the background for Heat D. He did appear in the Stock Car Trial, on one of the raised platforms, but did not use his flamethrower.

Bash drives onto a grille in the Gauntlet

In contrast to Heat D, Heat E proved to be Sergeant Bash's most eventful episode of the series. As usual, he was first on the House Robot route in the Gauntlet. During Torque of the Devil's run, he tried to push pushed it onto the grille, but as he pushed forwards, he accidentally pushed past Torque of the Devil and drove onto the grille himself. He was still able to use his flamethrower on the competitor, and as "Stop, and deactivate robots" was called, he was able to reverse off.

Sergeant Bash tries and fails to pin Psychosprout

He pushed Psychosprout off the pyramids after it got stuck, but when he tried to pin it against the side, he accidentally pushed it down the course due to Psychosprout's spherical shape.

"A rolling stone gathers no moss. A rolling sprout gathers a Sergeant Bash! ... and I think Sergeant Bash is helping him along here, and I think he's helped him far enough"
— Jonathan Pearce

Sergeant Bash blocks Bodyhammer

Sergeant Bash was one of the obstacles in the Labyrinth trial, along with Matilda and Shunt. The first House Robot on the course, he blocked Torque of the Devil and Full Metal Anorak, but Full Metal Anorak reversed into him. Sergeant Bash reversed, allowing Full Metal Anorak to pass. Sergeant Bash went down the course to help Shunt prevent Bodyhammer finishing, with Sergeant Bash blocking the exit, and chasing Bodyhammer back up the course..

Sergeant Bash out of his CPZ

During the battles in the Arena Stage, Bash twice left his CPZ whilst both competitors. In the Heat Semi-Final between Full Metal Anorak and REALI-T, Full Metal Anorak drove through his CPZ, and Sergeant Bash reversed after it, leaving the CPZ as Full Metal Anorak got away. REALI-T was close by, so Sergeant Bash tried to attack it with his saw. REALI-T quickly got away, and Sergeant Bash drove into the centre of the arena. REALI-T pushed Full Metal Anorak into him, and Sergeant Bash returned to his CPZ.

Sergeant Bash blocks Torque of the Devil and Full Metal Anorak

Sergeant Bash torches REALI-T when it is stuck on the rails

Then, in the Heat Final, Sergeant Bash drove down the arena when Bodyhammer pushed REALI-T into Matilda's CPZ, and blocked Bodyhammer. Bodyhammer tried to drive away, but drove too close to a grille and got one wheel stuck. REALI-T charged at Sergeant Bash, then pushed Bodyhammer fully onto the grille. Sergeant Bash fired a flick of flame at REALI-T before returning to his CPZ. Later, when Full Metal Anorak drove onto the arena side railings and got stuck, Sergeant Bash came over to torch it.

Sgt. Bash uses his saw Elvis

The final Heat saw Sergeant Bash used as the first robot on the House Robot route of the Gauntlet for the fourth time in six Heats. When Elvis got stuck trying to get onto the see-saw, Sergeant Bash used his saw on the side armour, which created lots of sparks, but only left large scratches in the side. His saw also broke as he turned for another attack.

"You need some Blue Suede Shoes to get out of there! Oh, you Hound Dog, Sergeant! Leave him alone!"
— Jonathan Pearce as Sergeant Bash attacked Elvis

In The Blob's run, Dead Metal blocked it, and Sergeant Bash rammed it, puncturing the front with his front cutting spike, a rare piece of damage it inflicted, then rammed The Blob against a pyramid.

T.R.A.C.I.E. assails Sergeant Bash

In the Heat Final, T.R.A.C.I.E. accidentally drove into Sergeant Bash's CPZ after charging away from Skarab, getting its front spears stuck in the side of the House Robot. Shunt came over from his CPZ to try and help separate the two robots.

"Surely not mental enough to take on the Sergeant, I don't know though! Look at the damage caused! And certainly, Shunt seems to think twice before coming in!"
— Jonathan Pearce as T.R.A.C.I.E. gets stuck in the side of Sergeant Bash, and Shunt comes out to help

According to the Bodmin Community College team, Road Block flipped Sergeant Bash over during Series 1, though this was not shown on television.

"Our triumphant moment had to be when we flipped Sergeant Bash right over. We put the power to good use. He was not pleased, but that didn't matter."
— The Bodmin Community College team, interviewed in a Robot Wars Club Newsleter[2]

Series 2[edit | edit source]

Series 2 saw a number of changes for Sergeant Bash. Firstly, the flame pit was introduced, so Sergeant Bash’s flamethrower was no longer the only fire hazard in the arena. His disc was replaced with a smaller, stronger disc, to prevent it shattering or slipping off like in Series 1.

Most significantly, Sir Killalot was introduced. With 5 House Robots instead of 4, Sergeant Bash was not used in every battle like he was in Series 1, as one House Robot had to be left out in each fight. He was not used in any of the battles in Heat C or Heat I

Sergeant Bash torches the underbelly of Razer

Sergeant Bash’s flamethrower caused a lot of notable damage in Series 2. In Heat D, during the Arena Semi-Final between Razer and Inquisitor, Razer broke down and was flipped over by Matilda. Sergeant Bash torched the underbelly, causing the insides to catch fire.

All Torque is held back by the House Robots

During All Torque’s Gauntlet run in Heat I, Sir Killalot held up All Torque with his lance, and Sergeant Bash torched the underbelly, causing the wood inside to catch fire. Despite this, All Torque kept going until cease was called.

Craig Charles: "Well lads, a bit of a problem there, you were on fire!"
Robin Iddon: "We laugh at fire!"
Craig Charles: ""We laugh at fire?!""
Robin Iddon: "It's only wood!"
— Post-Gauntlet interview

Sergeant Bash torches Ramrombit and Nemesis

Sergeant Bash even had a special event dedicated to his flamethrower, the Inferno Insurrection, shown as part of the Grudge Match Special. Sergeant Bash fought Nemesis and Ramrombit, a "sacrificial robot" driven by George Francis. Nemesis was decorated with a chef's hat, had a kebab on top to be roasted and its spikes were covered in fabric. Both competitor robots were doused in flammable liquid and set alight for the entertainment of the audience.

"Look at Nemesis! Oh, it's a Catherine wheel Ramrombit - ah, fireworks. That's brilliant, that was absolutely brilli-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha, look at that - oh terrific stuff."
— Jonathan Pearce bursts into hysterics during the Inferno Insurrection

Robo Doc is lifted by Sir Killalot, who has caught fire

However, Sergeant Bash accidentally caused damage to one of his fellow House Robots with his flamethrower. During Robo Doc’s Gauntlet run, Sergeant Bash blocked it with the help of Sir Killalot. Sergeant Bash was roasting Robo Doc with his flamethrower, but as Sir Killalot picked up Robo Doc, he got in the way of the flames, and he caught light.

"Hoisting them in the air, oh but look, Killalot's on fire! Killalot's aflame! Robo Doc's in the air, I wonder if they've done enough, what punishment to Killalot?"
— Jonathan Pearce as Sir Killalot catches fire

Sergeant Bash torches Nemesis in the Gauntlet

Nemesis hopes for the kebab to be roasted

Sergeant Bash continued his grudge against Team Nemesis, blasting Nemesis during its Gauntlet run in Heat G, causing a small fire, though Nemesis got past and finished regardless. Sergeant Bash also set fire to Nemesis during the Skittles Trial. Before their Arena Semi-Final battle with Onslaught, Team Nemesis attached a kebab to Nemesis, hoping Sergeant Bash would set the robot alight again and the kebab would be cooked. However, despite Sergeant Bash firing a flick of flame at Nemesis, Onslaught pitted it before the whole robot could go up in flames, with only a small fire on top of one of the wheel hubs, which was quickly put out.

Craig Charles: "What was that kebab doing on the front?"
Peter Redmond: "We were expecting a bit more from Bash, you know – a bit more flames."
— Peter Redmond laments the team's missed opportunity to set Nemesis' kebab on fire

Across the series, Sergeant Bash was used in the Gauntlet, apart from Heats E, F and G, and the second Semi-Final. In the first few Heats, he was used in the left-hand route or middle route, but after The Sentinel was introduced in Heat G, he was no longer used in the left-hand route, instead being in the right-hand or middle routes.

Sergeant Bash fires his flamethrower at Victor

Sergeant Bash had an unusual advantage in the Gauntlet that the other House Robots didn’t have, in that he could use his flamethrower to attack robots as they went down the route next to him. He fired his flamethrower at Victor and Rameses II, as they went down the middle route, from the left route, and during Semi-Final 1 he fired the flamethrower at Behemoth and Killertron as they went down the middle route, from the right route.

Sergeant Bash's flames fail to stop Demolition Demon

Sergeant Bash was often placed last in the course. In Heat A, when Demoliton Demon ran the Gauntlet, Sergeant Bash blasted it with his flame thrower instead of ramming it, but Demolition Demon was unaffected and reached the finish line.

Mace pushes Sergeant Bash down the Gauntlet

In Heat B, Sergeant Bash tried to block Mace after it crossed the see-saw, and attacked with his saw, but Mace was able to push Sergeant Bash down the course. Dead Metal came over to try and stop Mace, but Mace pushed past and reached the end.

"...trying to ram Bash, which is always a mistake, with that grinding disc at the back, but they're trying to power their way through!"
— Jonathan Pearce as Mace pushes Sergeant Bash

Sergeant Bash uses his saw on Rottweiler

Occasionally, Sergeant Bash would come over from one route to another to help his fellow House Robots. In Heat I, when Rottweiler got stuck, Sergeant Bash came from the right route to the middle, attacking Rottweiler with his saw and scratching the side. He did the same thing in the next Heat, coming from the right route to the middle route to try and prevent Ivanhoe from finishing, but Ivanhoe got past and finished. During Phoenix’s Gauntlet run in Heat K, Bash left the right route to go to the middle.

Panic Attack is blocked by Shunt and Sergeant Bash

During the Semi-Finals, Sergeant Bash pushed the sphere into Panic Attack as it tried to get through the tank trap, causing it to get stuck. Then, during the Race-Off with Mace, he helped Shunt trap Panic Attack after it crossed the ramp, though it still won because Mace was pushed into the pit by the Sentinel.

Sergeant Bash fires flame at Victor in the Skittles Trial

Sergeant Bash was used in various Trials across the series, the first being the Skittles Trial in Heat A, along with Matilda and Sir Killalot. Although the House Robots weren’t allowed to enter the triangle, Sergeant Bash could still use his flamethrower on competitors when they entered the triangle, which he did to Victor.

Demolition Demon is lifted over

There were a couple of notable moments for Sergeant Bash during this Trial. First, during Panda Monium's run, Sergeant Bash broke the rules by driving into the triangle, prodding the barrels. However, he reversed without knocking any barrels over.

"What on Earth's the Sergeant doing in there?"
— Jonathan Pearce notices Bash breaking the rules

Later, at the end of Demolition Demon's run, Matilda lifted the competitor up with her tusks, despite cease being called, and Sergeant Bash helped Matilda flip Demolition Demon onto its side. Sir Killalot pushed Demolition Demon, but this caused it to fall onto Sergeant Bash, where it got stuck until Sir Killlalot pulled it off.

"Demolition Demon, certainly ruffling the feathers of the House Robots, and they seem to have gone berserk! They're angry! They want revenge! And Demolition Demon is bearing the brunt of their anger!"
— Jonathan Pearce as Matilda and Sergeant Bash topple Demolition Demon

Onslaught attacks Sergeant Bash in the Skittles Trial

Sergeant Bash watches Nemeis in the triangle

Sergeant Bash appeared in the Skittles Trial again when it was used in Heat G. He tried to block Onslaught, but Onslaught got at his side and drove around him. During Nemesis’ run, he fired his flamethrower at it when it was inside the triangle, and actually reversed into the triangle, knocking over some barrels.

Elvis is burnt during the Football trial

Milly-Ann Bug goes up in flames while Elvis scores

In Heat D, Sergeant Bash was used as the defender in the Football Trial, with Dead Metal being the goalkeeper. In the first round, he blocked Elvis, blasting it with his flamethrower and settting it on fire as Razer rushed in to score the first goal.

"Oh, hot stuff for Elvis from the Sergeant, Razer will go through, Elvis is on fire!"
— Jonathan Pearce as Elvis burns

For the second round onwards, the Milly-Ann Bug team added marshmallows to the robot’s hair, hoping for them to get toasted. Sergeant Bash obliged, blasting it with his flamethrower as it pinned the robot in the corner. However, this left Behemoth free to get the second goal. Fire extinguishers were claled to put out Milly-Ann Bug's flaming hari between rounds. In the final round, Sergeant Bash blocked Elvis, blasting it with his flamethrower, but Elvis got away, smoking but not burning. Milly-Ann Bug was stuck on the side, and Sergeant Bash torched her hair again. However, this left Elvis free to get to the ball. Sergeant Bash went back to try and stop it, but after a struggle, Elvis scored.

The football burns, having been set on fire by Sergeant Bash

Sergeant Bash was used in the Football again when it returned in Heat H. This time, he was used as the goal keeper, with Matilda in defence. Loco scored first and Cassius scored the second goal, knocking the bal towards the goal, then driving under Sergeant Bash to stop him as he tried to stop the ball going in. In the third round, he came off his line whilst Sting was immobile and GroundHog was spinning in circles, and set the ball on fire.

"Oh magnificent! Great Balls of Fire! What on Earth's happened? Bash has torched the ball This is chaos! This is wonderful stuff!"
— Jonathan Pearce as Sergeant BAsh sets the ball on fire

Sergeant Bash takes Demon down with it

In Heat K, Sergeant Bash was used alongside Dead Metal in the King of the Castle Trial, but he went off the edge three times. First, during Demon's run, Dead Metal had Demon in his grip but was struggling to push him off, so Sergeant Bash got behind Dead Metal and pushed the two together. Sergeant Bash then drove to the side of Demon, and together, he and Dead Metal pushed Demon off, but as they did so, Sergeant Bash drove off the edge. As he fell, the front armour came loose. After he and Dead Metal failed to push Enzyme or The Mule off, they seemingly had an easy victory when Mega-Hurts accidentally drove to the edge and got stuck, but as they rushed in to knock it off, they both fell off the edge with Mega-Hurts.

Plunderbird 2 watches the fallen Dead Metal

Most notably, Plunderbird 2 was able to defeat both House Robots, the only time this happened. First, Plunderbird 2 pushed Dead Metal off the edge, and as Sergeant Bash got behind it and tried to push it, Plunderbird 2 drove forwards and steered away, causing Sergeant Bash to drive off the edge.

Of the Trials he was not used in, the most notable was Pinball, where he was the only House Robot not to be used.

Wheelosaurus hits Sergeant Bash's flamethrower

Sergeant Bash suffered a number of attacks from competitors across the series. The most notable came during the Gauntlet in Heat B. Sergeant Bash and Dead Metal were blocking Wheelosaurus as it ran the Gauntlet, and Dead Metal pushed Wheelosaurus against Sergeant Bash, but Wheelosaurus swung its spike arm over, puncturing the flamethrower and ripping it off.

"... and that looks like the gas canister's been ripped off Sergeant Bash! Sergeant Bash is in real trouble here! It's been immobilised by Wheelosaurus! Who'd have thought that Victorian pram wheels could disable Sergeant Bash?!"
— Jonathan Pearce after Wheelosaurus rips off the flamethrower

This led to an evacuation of the building[3], and Peter Gibson wrote Sgt. Bash's name on the side, crossed out.

Sergeant Bash sets Wheelosaurus alight with its flamethrower

The House Robots would later take revenge during the Arena Semi-Final. During Wheelosaurus’ battle with Chaos, a flick of flame from Sergeant Bash immobilised Wheelosaurus, and Matilda tried to cut into the pram wheels with her chainsaw, before Shunt rammed it against the saws and axed the body repeatedly.

"One blow - two blows. They're after Wheelosaurus, aren't they? There's the Shunt Cam. They're trying to get to the very brains of the beast. I think they're after revenge! Don't forget, Wheelosaurus caused major damage to Sergeant Bash! This is carnage! They're after blood and oil!"
— Jonathan Pearce as Shunt axes Wheelosaurus

Sergeant Bash is damaged by Panic Attack

Eventual champion Panic Attack staged two attacks on Sergeant Bash across the series. First, after defeating Whirling Dervish in its Arena Semi-Final in Heat F, Panic Attack rammed Sergeant Bash against the arena fence. Panic Attack repeatedly slammed him, dislodging his saw.

"Oh look at that damage caused to Sergeant Bash! His fan club do not look amused!"
— Jonathan Pearce as Panic Attack rams Sergeant Bash, and the camera shows a group of young boys holding a Sergeant Bash banner in the audience

The message written on Panic Attack for the Heat Final

Matilda took "revenge on behalf of the House Robots", driving between Panic Attack and Sergeant Bash, chasing Panic Attack up the arena and pushing it against the wall. Having defeated Shunt in the Sumo, for the Heat Final, the Panic Attack team wrote a hit list of House Robots, saying “Who’s next?”.

Sergeant Bash and Panic Attack in the pit

Later, in the Grand Final eliminator against Killertron, Panic Attack took on the House Robots, ramming Shunt against the wall. Shunt chased after it, but Panic Attack pushed back. Sergeant Bash came in to help Shunt as Panic Attack pushed it towards the pit, but then drove close to the pit, allowing Panic Attack to push him in.

Rex Garrod, who always loved to take on the House Robots, charged at Sgt. Bash as it attacked Wizard in its Heat Semi-Final. Sergeant Bash would get back at Cassius in the Heat Final, helping Shunt to pit it after it flipped Matilda over.

Berserk lifts Sgt. Bash up

During the Super Heavyweight qualifiers, Berserk used its forklift to lift Sergeant Bash up and push him, but could not lift him over. This was only briefly shown before the Super Heavyweight final as part of a recap of how the finalists reached the final.

Griffon flips over Sergeant Bash

Griffon turned Sergeant Bash over during the Internet Insurrection, part of the Grudge Match special.

"...and look at this! Bash is going and going... and all the teams love that! Griffon it was, who turned the Sergeant over!"
— Jonathan Pearce as Griffon turns Sergeant Bash onto his side

The immobilised Sergeant Bash did, however, play a key role in the elimination of Corporal Punishment in the same battle. Corporal Punishment rammed Matilda as she tried to right her fellow House Robot. After a fight with Matilda, Corporal Punishment became stuck with the overturned Sergeant Bash on top of it, rendering the former unable to move

Series 3[edit | edit source]

Sgt. Bash during his Series 3 introduction

Sgt. Bash crumples Sumpthing

Sgt Bash and Dead Metal bite Crasha Gnasha

Sgt. Bash's redesign took place in preparation for Series 3, and his new hydraulic pincer was the way he caused most of the damage he dealt out in The Third Wars. In Heat B, he crumpled into Sumpthing and buckled part of Robocow's armour. Heat C saw Sgt. Bash cut into Spike's armour when it was pushed into the CPZ by Blade, and Henry was the next robot to be damaged by Sgt. Bash's claw, as its armour was sliced into after it was immobilised against Steg-O-Saw-Us in Heat G. Sgt. Bash also caused damage to the back of Hypno-Disc at the end of its Heat H final against Berserk 2, bit into Crasha Gnasha in Heat O and damaged Beast of Bodmin's as its campaign ended at the Semi-Final stage.

Sgt. Bash cuts into Spike's armour

Diotoir is completely set ablaze by Sgt. Bash

Sgt. Bash's flamethrower still saw use in The Third Wars, however. In Heat E, Miss Ile had both of its eyes burnt off, while Mammoth's hair was set alight during its Walker Battle against Anarachnid. Sgt. Bash also torched Diotoir, the new robot from Team Nemesis, in its second round battle in Heat O, as well as in the International League Championship and three times in The First World Championship - a competition where Sgt. Bash also set light to Hamish, the mascot on top of All Torque

"Diotoir's on fire - oh, great! I'd pay my admission fee just to see this!"
— Jonathan Pearce as Diotoir is set alight by Sgt. Bash in Heat O

Sgt. Bash remains parked on the lip of the pit as Sir Killalot looks to pit General Carnage

Sgt. Bash's driving came under the spotlight in Heat B, as he managed to get himself stuck on the lip of the pit during Behemoth's win against General Carnage.

Sgt. Bash is lifted by The Big Cheese

Sgt. Bash crumples part of Facet

Sgt. Bash shoots flames at Panzer

Sgt. Bash was also involved in a lot of scuffles with competitor robots throughout The Third Wars. In Heat B, Behemoth attempted in vain to topple Sgt. Bash after it defeated Shark Attack, while The Big Cheese attacked Sgt. Bash in Heat E by spearing him in the wheelguards with its lifting arm and lifting him up high into the air, causing part of his shell to fall away and his propane gas bottle to fall out. Heat J saw Excalibur axe Sgt. Bash in its first round loss to Centurion, while Panic Attack also continued its rivalry with Sgt. Bash from The Second Wars, but the House Robot came out on top this time, as it buckled Panic Attack's lifting forks on two occasions, during its second-round battle against Toe Cutter in Heat K and in its Semi-Final battle against Fire Storm. Griffon tried in vain to repeat its topple on Sgt. Bash from The Second Wars during its Heat N battle against Daisy Chopper, and Facet was dealt damage from Sgt. Bash after it decided to attack Matilda in Heat O.

R.O.C.S. 2 clashes with Sgt. Bash in the Pinball

Sgt. Bash sets Sir Killalot on fire

"And Sgt. Bash is in bits and pieces!"
— Jonathan Pearce comments on the result of The Big Cheese's attack on Sgt. Bash

Sgt. Bash appeared in the Pinball side event throughout the series and primarily guarded the 50 point target. He managed to deflect away pressure Dominator, Six Pac, R.O.C.S. 2 and Killerhurtz, but failed to prevent Crusader, Eye of Newt, Oblivion 2, Inquisitor 2 and Razer hitting the button. Sgt. Bash also accidentally set fellow House Robot Sir Killalot alight during Oblivion 2's run.

Series 4[edit | edit source]

Sgt. Bash crumples one of Medusa 2000's wheels with his pincers

Sgt Bash crumbles part of Hammer and Tong

"Don Weir drove it backwards onto the pincer of Sgt. Bash, and there's nowhere to go now."
— Jonathan Pearce as Medusa 2000 is damaged by Sgt. Bash

Throughout Series 4, Sgt. Bash’s flamethrower and upgraded pincers proved extremely effective. His flamethrower served in setting Attila the Drum, Reptirron, Scorpion and Diotoir alight, while the pincers also continued to be Sgt. Bash's go-to choice of weapon for bodywork damage. Medusa 2000 saw its wheel crumpled in Heat A, with the back of Mazakari and part of Hammer & Tong getting damaged in Heat D and Heat J respectively. Evil Weevil 2's shell was crumpled in Heat K, and Scorpion’s lost a section of its tail in Heat M, while beaten robots in Judge Shred 2 and Aggrobot 2 were damaged further in Heat N and Heat O. Sgt. Bash's claw also helped drag defeated competitors to the Floor Flipper and the pit, such as Oblivion 2, Cerberus, Bigger Brother, Spawn of Scutter, Humphrey and Steg 2.

Sgt. Bash puts Cerberus in the pit

Sgt. Bash disposes of Oblivion 2 with help from Sir Killalot

Killertron's glove burns

Sgt. Bash closes in on Scorpion

"Scorpion, designed on that dining room table to withstand any sort of charcoal grill, is being flame-torched at the top now!"
— Jonathan Pearce as Sgt. Bash roasts Scorpion

Sgt. Bash also played prominent appearances throughout the Christmas specials. In the Celebrity Special, he maintained his rivalry with Diotoir by setting fire to its fur once again in its battle against Gemini, as well as destroying Killertron's boxing glove and torching the stuffed animals mounted on Wild Thing’s lance. Sgt. Bash also burned Scorpion's fibreglass shell again during the Tag Team Terror tournament, and helped Dead Metal dispose of Onslaught in the Southern Annihilator final while Razer destroyed Matilda.

Killerhurtz connects with a blow to Sgt. Bash's flamethrower

Rambot slides underneath Sgt Bash as he shoots fire from his flamethrower

Sgt Bash and Sir Killalot dispose of Bigger Brother

Compared to previous and subsequent series, Sgt. Bash did not suffer as much misfortune in Series 4. However, one notable incident occurred in Heat J, when he beached himself on the edge of the pit while trying to push Bigger Brother down. This forced Sir Killalot to snatch Bigger Brother out of Sgt. Bash’s pincers, allowing Shunt to come in and pit it instead. Killerhurtz also attacked the flamethrower of the House Robot in Heat I after it lost to Splinter and additionally pinned its axe onto his flamethrower in the second round of the Northern Annihilator as well. During the battle between Behemoth, Rambot and Arnold, Arnold Terminegger in Heat N, Rambot slid underneath Sgt. Bash as he shot fire from his flamethrower.

Sgt. Bash blocks off Attila the Drum in pinball

Sgt. Bash returned for some more action in the Pinball, guarding the 50 point target again, but with limited success, as he prevented 101, Spikasaurus, Attila the Drum, Firestorm 2 and Inverterbrat from adding to their overall scores, but couldn't stop Hypno-Disc, Stinger, Spawn of Scutter, Bigger Brother, King B3, Banshee, Diotoir, Gemini and Killerhurtz hitting the target.

Extreme 1[edit | edit source]

"They want to put Bash out of business for all time, I think!"
— Jonathan Pearce as Sgt. Bash is attacked during the Flipper Frenzy

Sgt. Bash is flipped into the air by Thermidor 2

Sgt. Bash is flipped over by Chaos 2

Chaos 2 flips Sgt Bash which results in his flamethrower becoming disconnected

Sgt. Bash's most notable moment in Extreme Series 1 came in the Flipper Frenzy, when Bigger Brother, Chaos 2 and Thermidor 2 ganged up on the House Robot and flipped him repeatedly, which buckled his flamethrower and caused his back armour to come loose at one point. The competitor robots also attempted to flip Sgt. Bash out of the arena, but he was proved too big and heavy to flip out, even with three machines involved in the attack.

Sgt. Bash is thrown over by Bigger Brother

Bigger Brother had a second run-in with Sgt. Bash during its Vengeance with Comengetorix, as it charged into the House Robot's CPZ and flicked it over.

Sgt Bash pressures Hypno-Disc

Behemoth presses Hypno-Disc against Sgt Bash

Sgt. Bash damages Hypno-Disc's flywheel

X-Terminator axes Hypno-Disc beside Sgt Bash

Sgt. Bash's claws caused problems for Hypno-Disc on more than one occasion in Extreme, as he damaged its flywheel in its All-Stars battle against Behemoth and in Round 2 of the first Annihilator.

Mega Morg's Ninja Sheep is deflated

"And I think Bash is bored, oh! Baa, baa, burnt sheep!"
— Jonathan Pearce as Sgt. Bash torches Mega Morg's mascot

Sgt. Bash made use of his flamethrower in certain situations as well. Diotoir was set on fire on more than one occasion, as it was torched in the Tag Team Terror and in its Vengeance against Firestorm 3, while the Ninja Sheep mascot attached to Mega Morg was deflated in its Vengeance against Plunderbird 5.

Sumpthing attacks Sgt. Bash

Sgt. Bash catches King B Powerworks in the CPZ

Sgt. Bash (near Velocirippa)

Sgt. Bash was also involved in a couple of curious incidents involving competitor robots in Extreme. In the Mayhem in Episode 1, Sumpthing attacked Sgt. Bash and temporarily impaled itself onto the side of the House Robot with its spike. Sgt. Bash was also called upon to calm down King B Powerworks in its Vengeance with 101 when it went out of control. Sgt. Bash grabbed hold of King B Powerworks and pitted it, but ended up driving into the pit himself soon after.

"They lost control, King B. So, 101 has won the Vengeance battle. There's the siren. That's the pit release button going. Down go[es] the pit. Oh, Sergeant. You were close. You're in control. They [King B Powerworks] weren't. They're in [the pit]. They're out! And you're in as well, Sergeant! What a messy end to it all really."
— Jonathan Pearce as Sgt. Bash pits King B Powerworks and then himself

Series 5[edit | edit source]

"Not actually allowed to do that, Refbot, because Evolution was in no sort of trouble. Get in there and pull out a card for the Sergeant. There it is - fully deserved."
— Jonathan Pearce as Sgt. Bash illegally damages Evolution

Sgt Bash holds Barber-Ous in his grip

Sgt. Bash attacks Evolution

In Series 5, Sgt. Bash had a rather subdued war compared to previous series in terms of damage. The most notable use of his pincers came when he and Sir Killalot were involved in a very curious incident in a Heat G first round battle, as both robots attacked Evolution during its fight against Sabretooth. Considerable damage was caused to the fibreboard robot, and both House Robots were given a yellow card by Refbot. Also in one of the first round battles of Heat J, he crumpled one of the guiding bars of a disabled Barber-Ous in its battle against Panic Attack after the Series 2 champion had pushed it towards his CPZ before finishing it off in the pit.

Sgt. Bash about to drop Thermidor 2 into the pit

Sgt. Bash gets rid of Tetanus

Sgt. Bash finishes off Spawn Again

Sgt. Bash's pincers still proved useful for disposing of robots, as he finished off Thermidor 2 in Heat E and Tetanus in Heat I by pitting them. He also used his back-end to reverse Sir Chromalot and Spawn Again into the pit in Heat D and the Losers' Melee of Semi-Final 1 respectively.

Granny's Revenge is set on fire

"In comes the flamethrower. Granny's on-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha! Granny's on fire - oh dear, oh dear."
— Jonathan Pearce goes into hysterics as Sgt. Bash sets Granny's Revenge on fire

Obsidian axes Sgt. Bash

Sgt. Bash sets Diotoir on fire

Sgt. Bash ended Heat G with his habitual torching of Diotoir, setting it on fire after it was immobilised against Spawn Again. Sgt. Bash's flamethrower also caused Granny's Revenge to catch fire during its fight against Axe-Awe in Heat H.

Sgt. Bash was once again involved in a scuffle with a competitor robot in The Fifth Wars, as Obsidian used its axe on Sgt. Bash twice during its battle against S.M.I.D.S.Y. in Heat A.

Series 6[edit | edit source]

"And now they're stuck in the beak, jaws, of Sgt. Bash. Crumpling its way through."
— Jonathan Pearce as Sgt. Bash immobilises Delldog

Sgt Bash starts to sick his claw into Delldog

Sgt. Bash holds Delldog aloft

Mr. Psycho smashes Delldog off Sgt. Bash's pincer

Sgt. Bash's most decisive moment in The Sixth Wars came in the UK vs Germany Special when the House Robot immobilised Delldog with his jaw. His claw not only immobilised the German robot, but also sunk so far into the shell that it became stuck, with multiple hammer blows from Mr. Psycho being needed to separate the two. Sgt. Bash's pincers also suspended Inshredable above the arena floor in Heat G, and inflicted notable damage to the underside of an immobile Spin Doctor in Heat K, causing it to smoke.

"Granny's Revenge 2 is about to be counted out - she's smoking already! Granny, don't smoke, it's bad for your health."
— Jonathan Pearce as the torched Granny's Revenge 2 is counted out by Refbot

Tornado slams into Thor who is gripped by Sgt Bash

A beaten Granny's Revenge 2, torched by Sgt. Bash

Sgt. Bash's flamethrower made little impact overall, with a lack of flammable robots, although he managed to set Granny's Revenge 2 on fire for a second war in succession in Heat K.

Sgt. Bash finishes off Hot Pants

Sgt. Bash's back armour comes loose after an attack from Terrorhurtz

Sgt Bash still proved useful for putting the finishing touches on robots that were counted out, as he pushed Hot Pants and Short Circuit into the pit in Heat H and dragged Bigger Brother to the floor flipper after it was immobilised in its Semi-Final battle against Terrorhurtz. Sgt. Bash also pitted 259 after it had already beaten Judge Shred 2½ in the UK vs Germany Special - something that was broadcast in the German edit of the episode only.

Sgt. Bash suffered damage in Heat I, as Terrorhurtz rammed into the House Robot and caused his back armour to come loose during its Round 2 battle against Kronic 2.

Extreme 2[edit | edit source]

"Mute dominant, the Sergeant dominant, the ref's in trouble! He's trying to put out the fire! He's put out the Sergeant's fire!"
— Jonathan Pearce comments on the tussle between Sgt. Bash and Refbot

Sgt. Bash and Refbot clash in Heat A of the New Blood Championship

Most of Sgt. Bash's notable moments in Extreme 2 came in the New Blood Championship. In Heat A, during the battle between Mute and Mr Nasty, Sgt. Bash started to attack Refbot for unknown reasons, chasing him around the arena and shooting flames at him. While Refbot gave Sgt. Bash a yellow card and then a red card, this did not stop him from chasing Refbot around the arena and nearly pushing him into the pit. Eventually, Refbot extinguished Sgt. Bash's pilot light as he used his flamethrower again, rendering the flamethrower useless for the rest of the battle.

Sgt. Bash takes damage from Edge Hog

Heat B saw Edge Hog attack and damage Sgt. Bash after defeating Hell's Teeth, buckling his flamethrower and knocking loose the rear armour of the House Robot.

Sgt. Bash places Revolution 2 on the floor flipper

In Heat C, Sgt. Bash finished off a beaten Revolution 2, by placing it onto the floor flipper where it was thrown, before he then pushed it down into the pit.

Infinity pushes Infernal Contraption into Sgt Bash

Sgt. Bash's removable link is pulled out by Infernal Contraption

In the University Challenge battle between Infinity and Infernal Contraption, Infinity drove Infernal Contraption into Sgt. Bash. The House Robot responded by attacking both opponents and proceeded to follow them into another CPZ. However, a slam by Infernal Contraption's drum managed to pull out Sgt. Bash's removable link, causing him to remain immobile for the rest of the battle.

Sgt Bash remains immobile

Sgt Bash catches Firestorm 4 who flips Dead Metal

Sgt. Bash crumples into the back of Firestorm 4

In the Commonwealth Carnage battle between Firestorm 4 and Panic Attack, Firestorm 4 went for Sgt. Bash after beating Panic Attack, flipping the House Robot and soon after flipping Mr. Psycho as well. However, Sgt. Bash got his revenge in the final by crumpling the back of Firestorm 4's shell.

"What a crumpling climax to the Commonwealth Carnage this is!"
— Jonathan Pearce as Sgt. Bash damages Firestorm 4

Series 7[edit | edit source]

The Seventh Wars saw Sgt. Bash make good use of his pincers on multiple occasions.

Sgt. Bash crushes King B Powerworks' armour

"Listen to that - a crumpling and rending sound. A buckling and bending sound. A ripping and tearing sound. The only silence, is in the emptiness of the hopes of King B Powerworks."
— Jonathan Pearce as Sgt. Bash exacts his punishment on King B Powerworks

Sgt. Bash crumples into Mean Streak

In Heat C, an immobile King B Powerworks was punished further as Sgt. Bash's claw crumpled a section of the side armour, while in Heat G, Sgt. Bash put on another exhibition of the damage his pincers could cause, as the House Robot's weapon easily pierced through the armour of Mean Streak, before it dropped the beaten robot into the pit of oblivion.

Sgt. Bash grabs hold of The Grim Reaper

The Grim Reaper also faced the wrath of Sgt. Bash, as he made an impression on a panel of its armour during its battle against Storm 2 in Semi Final 2.

"The Sergeant, I mean, brute strength, but to be honest ladies and gentleman, the Sergeant doesn't have a lot up top. The flamethrower is flickering, but there's no one at home. Take away one of his stripes, get him down to a corporal, a private."
— Jonathan Pearce expresses his disappointment at Sgt. Bash's inability to finish off Ceros

Sgt. Bash and Ceros hang perilously over the pit

Sgt. Bash's intervention was needed during a Heat H second round battle involving Ceros and Revolution 3. With Revolution 3 immobilised early on, Ceros decided to attack the House Robots and engaged in a one-on-one battle with Shunt, while Sgt. Bash decided to focus its attention on Revolution 3. Finally, Shunt was toppled, so Sgt. Bash decided to attack Ceros itself and quickly nullified the threat of Ceros with its claw before dragging it towards the pit. It couldn't finish it off, and Sgt. Bash found itself and Ceros beached over the pit for a long period and was unable to pit Ceros.

Sgt. Bash grabs Panic Attack

In Heat M, Sgt. Bash was featured in both the round 2 battles. In the first between Tough as Nails and Panic Attack, the latter had found itself in his CPZ where Sgt. Bash managed to grab a hold of the Series 2 champion momentarily for Mr Psycho to come in and try and hammer it before it escaped.

Sgt. Bash pits Mega Morg along with a washing machine

In the second battle, he was involved in a humorous incident as he pushed a washing machine that came down from the Drop Zone into the pit with a beaten Mega Morg after it was immobilised by Robochicken.

Sgt. Bash prevents M2 from self-righting

Sgt. Bash's final noteworthy attack in Robot Wars came during the battle between Atomic and M2 in Semi-Final 2, where Sgt. Bash attempted to grip the inverted M2 using his pincer, and prevented M2 from self-righting on its first attempt. Sgt. Bash had attempted to trap Atomic in his CPZ earlier in the battle.

Other[edit | edit source]

Sgt. Bash crushes through The Brute

Sgt. Bash crumples the weapon of Paul Bunyan

Sgt. Bash bites Snookums' tail

Sgt. Bash's pincers also proved highly effective in the international series, especially in both seasons of Robot Wars: Extreme Warriors. He bit through the side of The Brute in the US Championship of Season 1, and crumpled Paul Bunyan's spinning cross in its Season 2 Robot Rebellion battle against Snake Bite, but ended up being accidentally lifted over by Sir Killalot as the two House Robots attacked Paul Bunyan. Sgt. Bash also bit into Snookums' tail and dragged it around the arena in its battle against Ninjitsu later on in the same tournament, while in Heat H of the US Championship, he crushed and completely destroyed Tyranabot's entire crushing arm with his pincers.

Sgt. Bash appeared in only five battles in the Nickelodeon Robot Wars series. Due to the show being aimed towards a child-friendly audience, his flamethrower as well as all of the other arena fire hazards were disabled, leaving his pincers as his primary weapon.

Appearances in Merchandise[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Sergeant Bash was originally silver, but was painted green at the filming of Series 1 to give him a more military-style appearance.
"On the morning of the filming of the First Wars, I decided that he didn't look warlike enough. A couple of cans of spray-paint and some military stripes later, Sgt Bash was transformed into the tough green House Robot loathed by robots far and wide..."
— Chris Reynolds, interviewed in Robot Wars: The Ultimate Guide
  • According to Robot Wars: The Ultimate Guide, Sgt. Bash was Chris Reynold's favourite House Robot, due to being the first one he designed.
  • Sgt. Bash is one of only two robots in the whole of Robot Wars to feature a flamethrower, the other being fellow house robot Growler.
  • Sgt. Bash was the only house robot to have his name written on him.
  • Due to Matilda being deemed less of an easy target for competitors with flippers, after having her new flywheel weapon installed, Sgt. Bash was flipped by competitors in the first series of Extreme more than any other House Robot.
  • Sergeant Bash was the only main House Robot never to participate in a House Robot Rebellion.
  • Official Robot Wars tweets and TV listings alluded to the return of Sgt. Bash in the lead-up to the World Series, although these descriptions were actually teasing the Dutch competitor THE BASH. Regardless, Sgt. Bash was still referenced directly and shown in footage during THE BASH's introduction.
  • On the 28th of March 2017, Gabriel Stroud began a campaign known as "#BringBackBash" and asked for likes and shares on social media to try and get the BBC and Mentorn to bring back Sgt. Bash as a house robot. Designs were drawn up on a whiteboard to show a Bash that more closely resembled a tank, with his pincer and flamethrower still present, though at the back instead featuring a spinning drum to replace the visual saw.
  • On December 24th 2018, Behemoth's Facebook page shared a picture of Sgt. Bash attending team member Ant Pritchard's wedding in a static display alongside Behemoth itself.
  • In Heats E, F, G and H of Series 4, Sgt Bash did not appear in any of the battles, but still appeared in the Pinball, meaning that he still appeared in those heats.
  • Sgt. Bash was absent from sixteen episodes.
  • One of Sergeant Bash's original side plates from Series 1-2 is now owned by the International Wreck Crew.

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