The Sergeant Bash Minibot was one of several minibots released as merchandise. This toy is based on the Series 4-7 edition of the house robot, known simply as Sgt. Bash, made obvious by the paint scheme and weaponry.

Features Edit


The Sgt. Bash minibot, left-hand side

Sgt Bash Minibot

Sgt. Bash minibot in the Robot Wars Magazine

Visually, this minibot toy is well-detailed when compared to Sgt. Bash in real life. The paint scheme includes the warning stripes across the wheel guards, the camouflage paint and the downward arrows resembling the rank of a sergeant. While the hydraulic pincers are completely static and just for show, the flamethrower is able to rotate 360 degrees. This weapon however was vulnerable to breaking off in play due to the way it was designed. This was especially the case when trying to move the flamethrower up or down, as the toy is not designed to replicate this motion as per the real machine.

Releases Edit


Sgt. Bash in its three-pack

Sgt Bash and X-Terminator 2

Sgt. Bash in its two-pack

As part of the first wave of minibot toys, the Sgt. Bash minibot was first released in a three-pack alongside Razer and Refbot. It would later be released in a two-pack alongside X-Terminator 2, and finally in a five-pack containing Shunt, Tornado, Firestorm and Gemini.

Due to the number of different releases containing Sgt. Bash, the minibot is among the most common toys in the range, like the majority of the House Robots.

Differences to the real robot Edit


Rear view of the Sgt. Bash minibot. Note the green wheel hubs


The real Sgt. Bash in Series 4

As is the case with House Robots Shunt and Matilda, this Sgt. Bash features wheels that are a matching colour to the robot's body, which is one of several inaccuracies. The camouflage effect also is noticeably less subtle than the real house robot. While the flamethrower can rotate a full 360 degrees, as mentioned, it is not designed to move up or down as Sgt. Bash often could during the show. The "Sgt. Bash" decal on the side of the toy is also misplaced and oversized compared to that of the real robot. This is an issue shared with Sgt. Bash's pullback toy.


Razer three-pack

Sgt. Bash in its three-pack, in updated packaging

  • The three-pack containing the Sgt. Bash, Refbot and Razer minibots would later be updated in 2002 to use more contemporary packaging.
  • The House Robot merchandise being named "Sgt. Bash" rather than "Sergeant Bash" was critical in establishing the official spelling of the robot's name, as it was spelled as Sergeant Bash during Series 1 and 2.
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