"The introduction of the first interactive Radio Controlled Battlers sees Sgt. Bash joined by Tornado. Both the Champion competitor robot Tornado and favourite house robot Sgt Bash are very capable toys independently. and can be used as normal radio controlled vehicles but when battled together they become awesome interactive fighting machines. Both robots have a section, which can be knocked off by their opponent revealing a "hotspot". Once this "hotspot" has been exposed and struck 3 times a light appears and the robot becomes immobilized meaning victory for the other! As with all the Robot Wars toy range these toys are replicas of the real robots with the usual added features that fans have come to expect. Sgt Bash RC Battler has awesome moving jaws and Tornado has a sinister spinning blade. Both require 3xAA batteries (for the robot) and 1x9V battery (for handset). Age range 5+"
— Official description from the Robot Wars Online Shop[1]

The Sgt. Bash radio controlled toy was a battling robot released at the same time as Tornado. Sgt. Bash could be bought on its own or purchased with the Tornado toy. Like the Tornado toy, Sgt. Bash came with an immobilising hot spot, hidden under the rear armour. A crucial bump would send the panel off, and if the hot spot was hit three times, the robot would be immobilised.

  • The toy in its box
  • The toy with its box
  • The toy with the panel removed, exposing the button
  • Promotional image, featuring Tornado

The remote control has two sticks, and pushing both forward will drive the robot forwards and pushing the sticks back will send the robot into reverse. If one stick is forward and one stick is behind, the robot will spin. Pushing the right stick forward only will turn the robot left, and vice versa for making the robot turn right.

The claw weapon is powered by running its own wheel along the ground. The claw can't be controlled, the rear saw weapon doesn't work, but the flamethrower turret does turn around 360 degrees (but only kinetically).

Sgt. Bash was built for battling the other toys, and so is strongly built. The weapon is also designed to prevent injury.


  • Sgt. Bash is the only House Robot to have an immobilisation hot spot; the rest of the House Robots RC toys do not have this.


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