"Sergeant Bash is waiting to cook - who's the main course?"
— In-game quote from Jonathan Pearce

Sergeant Bash was one of the four original House Robots from the robot combat game show Robot Wars. He was modelled on a futuristic military vehicle, and armed with a flamethrower, rear cutting disc and front ramming blade as his original weapons. The ramming blade was replaced by a set of hydraulic pincers in Series 3, while the saw became static and was left as a buckled ornament. Sergeant Bash's flamethrower became particularly noteworthy, setting light to competitors with flammable armour, components and fuels at various points during his appearances.

Sergeant Bash features in the game Robot Wars: Arenas of Destruction along with the other four combative House Robots featured in Series 2-4. His name is spelt as Sgt Bash throughout his appearances in-game.

Appearance and ArmamentEdit


Sergeant Bash in action

Sergeant Bash is found in the top right CPZ, closest to the Floor Flipper on the arena. His appearance is based on that of his real-life Series 4 form, with the custom front pincers, flamethrower and camouflage green paint scheme. However, he is slightly faster in-game, while his rear saw is also made functional in contrast to that of his real Series 4 incarnation.

Like the many other flame jets and fire hazards, Sergeant Bash's flamethrower does mostly superficial damage to robots, however it can cause great damage to robots with wood or kevlar armour. Sergeant Bash will most likely attack with his flamethrower and pincer, grappling robots that come too near. Like the other four House Robots, he rarely strays far from his CPZ, apart from when a robot is immobilised, where he will automatically go out and attack the defeated robot.

Differences from Real LifeEdit

  • Sergeant Bash's saw spins and can cause damage, when by Series 3, the series the game is based on, the saw had been deactivated and left as an ornament.
  • Due to graphical limitations, Sergeant Bash's flamethrower cannot set fire to robots with wooden or fur armour in either version of Arenas of Destruction; however, it can easily damage these kinds of armour along with Kevlar.
  • Sergeant Bash is slightly faster in the game than in real-life.
  • When flipped, Sergeant Bash can roll back onto his wheels, just like the other House Robots.


  • Sergeant Bash is the only robot in the game that uses three active weapons, due to the rules dictating that players cannot add more than two to their robots, and none of the other House Robots, TV Series robots or fictional robots having three active weapons.
Sgt Bash Stats AOD

Sergeant Bash's stats in Arenas of Destruction

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