"This one's got a bit of a nasty bite, best avoid the Shark Bite!"
Jonathan Pearce's in-game commentary

Shark Bite is a fictional competitor robot which is featured in the video game Robot Wars: Extreme Destruction. It is a low cuboid shaped robot equipped with two rear spikes, and a set of pincers, positioned below two car spotlight extras, to make it resemble a shark, giving Shark Bite its name. It also looks a bit like Scarab (series 3). It cannot self-right.

Shark Bite is unlocked after the player reaches the final stage (Stage 8) of the Competition mode, and is available to buy for just 3850 credits.


Using Shark BiteEdit

The most effective tactic with Shark Bite is to grab robots using the biting pincers, and then drag them towards the various arena hazards, such as CPZs or the pit. Alternatively, due to Shark Bite's agility, it is possible to cause damage by very quickly spinning on the spot to draw other robots on. Avoid flippers however, as Shark Bite cannot self-right.

Against Shark BiteEdit

The front pincers make Shark Bite very susceptible to flipping, and it does not have a self-righting mechanism. Also, a very large flip could cause Shark Bite to lose drive down one side. However, without the use of a flipper, Shark Bite is very vulnerable when pushed from the side, which could be used to shove it into arena hazards. It is advisable to keep clear of the pincers for as long as possible, as Shark Bite has a tendency of latching onto your robot throughout the battle if it gets your robot with the pincers.

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