Below is a list of the quickest battles in the history of the UK series of Robot Wars, as of Series 10.

The table below lists all battles that were ended after thirty seconds. The battle times below are taken from the moment 'activate' is called to the time when a losing robot is deemed to be "officially" immobilised. The criteria of official immobilisation is only met when:

The most common means in which a battle can end quickly is if a robot is flipped out of the arena, with twelve of the battles listed below involving a robot being eliminated this way. Less frequently, a fight can end quickly if a robot drives, or is pushed into, the pit. These quick battles often involve robots equipped with a powerful weapon capable of out of the arena flips (e.g. a high pressure flipper), or which feature high pushing power, which enables them to gain sufficient speed, manoeuvrability and traction to push another competitor and swiftly dispatch it into the pit.

NOTE: There are some battles where one robot does not move from the start and is deemed immobilised almost immediately. Dreadnaut vs Rattus Rattus, Evil Weevil vs Panzer, and Spartacus 2 vs Flippa are examples of these, where one robot did not move at all during the battle. There is some debate about whether these bouts count as a conventional "battle", and therefore to aid clarification, these types of battles are not included in the list.

Shortest Battle Record[edit | edit source]

Dantomkia's eight second triumph over IG-88

This record was first set in Series 1. Across seven series of the original UK Robot Wars, as well as both series of Robot Wars Extreme and Series 8-10, there have been six holders of the record:

  1. Recyclopse (against Scrapper, 0:15)
  2. Cunning Plan (against The Demolisher, 0:14)
  3. Cerberus (against Griffon, 0:10)
  4. Dantomkia (against IG-88, 0:09.7)
  5. Gravity (against Dantomkia, 0:05.8)
  6. Rapid (against Track-tion, 0:05.6)

The Shortest Battles[edit | edit source]

Note: Few battles, even the very short ones, are shown on TV without any footage cut. Therefore it is impossible to know the true durations of all these battles. For consistency's sake, length is measured based on the TV-edited version of the battle.

  • Battles coloured in gold have held the record for shortest battle at any one time.
  • Battles listed with a dagger (†) are the fastest battle of that particular series.
Rank Battle Winner(s) Series Round Time (in minutes) Method Notes
#1 Rapid vs Track-tion Rapid Series 10 Heat 3, Semi-Final 00:05.6 Out of the arena Shortest battle in Robot Wars history.
#2 Gravity vs Dantomkia Gravity The Seventh Wars Semi Final 1, Round 1 00:05.8 Out of the arena Shortest ever battle in the original run.
#3 Eruption vs Cherub Eruption Series 9 Heat 2, Final 00:06.5 Out of the arena
#4 Dantomkia vs IG-88 Dantomkia The Seventh Wars Heat C, Final 00:09.7 Out of the arena Shortest battle in the original series to take place in the Heats.
#5 Griffon vs Cerberus Cerberus The Third Wars Heat N, Round 2 00:10 Pit Shortest battle not to involve an out of the arena flip, and shortest battle where one robot pitted the other.
#6= Fire Storm vs Crasha Gnasha Firestorm The Third Wars Heat O, Round 1 00:12 Flipped Fastest battle of the original series where one robot was officially immobilised and counted out, rather than pitted or flipped out of the arena.
#6= Wheely Big Cheese vs Axe-Awe Wheely Big Cheese The Fifth Wars Heat H, Semi Final 00:12 Out of the arena
#8= Kadeena Machina vs Dee Kadeena Machina Series 9 Battle of the Stars, Episode 2 00:14 Knockout Fastest battle of the reboot where one robot was officially immobilised and counted out.
#8= Cunning Plan vs The Demolisher Cunning Plan The First Wars Heat D, Final 00:14 Flipped Set the Shortest Battle Record until The Third Wars.
#10= Recyclopse vs Scrapper Recyclopse The First Wars Heat B, Semi Final 00:15 Flipped The first battle which was notably short.
#10= Carbide vs Apollo Carbide Series 8 Grand Final, Head to Heads 00:15 Knockout Shortest battle of Series 8.
#12 Dominator 2 vs The Executioner Dominator 2 Extreme Series 1 Wild Card Warriors 00:17 Pit Shortest battle of either series of Robot Wars Extreme. Shortest battle to involve a Self-inflicted immobilisation.
#13= Chaos 2 vs Trident Chaos 2 The Third Wars Semi-Final, Round 1 00:19 Flipped
#13= Tornado vs Terrorhurtz Tornado Extreme Series 2 Challenge Belt, Challenge 00:19 Pit Fastest battle of Extreme 2.
#15 Razer vs Backstabber Razer The Third Wars Heat C, Round 1 00:20 Pit
#16= Spawn Again vs Evolution Spawn Again The Fifth Wars Heat G, Semi Final 00:21 Out of the arena Mistakenly identified as the Shortest Battle of the first five series by Robot Wars: The Ultimate Guide.
#16= Firestorm 4 vs Bigger Brother vs S3 Bigger Brother, Firestorm 4 Extreme Series 2 All-Stars, Heat A, Round 1 00:21 Out of the arena The second of Bigger Brother's defeats of S3 to be less than thirty seconds long.
#18= G.B.H. vs Talos G.B.H. The Second Wars Heat J, Arena Semi-Final 00:22 Flipped Both of G.B.H's combat battles took 22 seconds to win by flipping. Joint shortest battle of Series 2.
#18= G.B.H. vs Ivanhoe G.B.H. The Second Wars Heat J, Heat Final 00:22 Flipped Both of G.B.H's combat battles took 22 seconds to win by flipping. Joint shortest battle of Series 2.
#20= Chaos 2 vs Firestorm Chaos 2 The Third Wars Grand Final, Round 1 00:23 Out of the arena First ever out of the arena flip.
#20= Behemoth vs Techno-Lease Behemoth The Third Wars The First World Championship, Eliminator 00:23 Flipped
#20= Arena Cleaner vs JAR Arena Cleaner Battle of the Stars Episode 1, Head-to-Heads 00:23 Knockout
#23= Bigger Brother vs Tip-Top Bigger Brother The Fifth Wars Heat I, Eliminator 00:24 Out of the arena
#23= Napalm vs Panda Monium Napalm The Second Wars Heat A, Arena Semi Final 00:24 Flipped Fastest battle to be decided by a House Robot.
#25 Atomic vs Hellbent Atomic The Seventh Wars Heat G, Semi Final 00:26 Out of the arena The second in a record run of four consecutive out of the arena flips for Atomic.
#26= Bigger Brother vs Lambsy Bigger Brother Extreme Series 2 Minor Meltdown, Final 00:27 Pit
#26= Robot The Bruce vs Wedgehog Robot The Bruce The First Wars Heat C, Final 00:27 Grille
#28 Iron-Awe 2.1 vs Bigger Brother Iron-Awe The Seventh Wars Heat O, Semi Final 00:28 Out of the arena
#29= Bigger Brother vs S3 Bigger Brother The Fifth Wars Semi Final 1, Round 1 00:29 Pit Both of S3's losses to Bigger Brother were less than thirty seconds in length.
#29= Pitbull vs Sumpthing Pitbull The Third Wars Heat B, Round 1 00:29 Breakdown
#29= All Torque vs Crippler All Torque The Third Wars Heat N, Round 1 00:29 Pit
#32= Chaos 2 vs Tornado Chaos 2 The Fourth Wars Semi Final 1, Round 2 00:30 Out of the arena The third of three attempts to film this battle, the previous battles being cancelled when both robots broke down. Shortest battle of Series 4.
#32= Ripper vs Daisy-Cutter Ripper The Seventh Wars Heat P, Round 2 00:30 Flipped One of the quickest immobilisations in Robot Wars, at less than three seconds.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • No fight from Robot Wars: The Sixth Wars took less than thirty seconds.
  • The fight between Chaos 2 and Tornado is the only fight from Series 4 to be under 30 seconds, and is the longest of the "shortest battle of the series" excluding Series 6.
  • Cerberus took the Shortest Battle Record from the University of Reading by beating one of their machines. Similarly, Gravity set its record by defeating then-current record holder Dantomkia.
  • When Robot Wars: The Ultimate Guide was published, it incorrectly identified the bout between Spawn Again and Evolution as holding the Shortest Battle Record at that time. In reality, that battle was the ninth quickest, with Cerberus vs Griffon holding the record at that time. The battle between Wheely Big Cheese and Axe-Awe from Series 5 was also described later on in the guide, and while it was not the shortest battle, its battle duration was declared to be shorter than that of Spawn Again vs Evolution.
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