"Shunt is the workhorse of Robot Wars. A stoic, super-sized, super-powerful House Robot, always ready to rumble. He dominates the Robot Wars arena with his no-nonsense, brute-force approach, and remains the ultimate spinner killer."
Robot Wars: Build Your Own Robot[1]

Shunt was one of the four original House Robots from the UK TV show Robot Wars. Present for every series of Robot Wars, Robot Wars Extreme and all international versions, Shunt had a reputation as one of the most powerful and reliable House Robots, and was distinguished by his set of bulldozing scoops and ploughs, and a powerful overhead axe.

In addition to being a staple of robotic combat and the Gauntlet, Shunt also featured heavily in the Sumo trial, which later became an entire side event in Series 4.

Shunt drew inspiration from railway shunting engines and bulldozers, hence his name.

Like all the House Robots except Matilda, Shunt was usually referred to as a "he". Jonathan Pearce often commented on Shunt and Matilda's 'relationship', but this was never expanded on.


"A power-packed robot capable of pulling a Land Rover and cleaving all opponents in two with that sharpened steel axe"
— Jonathan Pearce in Heat A of Series 1, the introduction of Shunt

The Series 1 version of Shunt - note the flat-edged axe


A design sketch for Shunt, without an axe

In all versions, Shunt featured a front snow plough and rear scoop, used to ram and lift competitors out of CPZs or onto their sides or backs. He was described in the Robot Wars Technical Manual as a cross between a snowplough, a bulldozer and a steam-powered tank. Shunt's chassis and scoops were made of steel, while his superstructure was made out of moulded fibreglass. Shunt was the lightest of the original four House Robots, although he still remained over the weight limit for competitors.

Shunt proved to be a very reliable robot, more so than the other House Robots, and was often used to push immobilised robots to the edge of the arena at the end of a battle, as a quicker alternative to bringing out the official cleaner/sweeper Shove, which was believed to be an early prototype of Shunt.

"As producer I needed Shunt - it was totally reliable. We needed it to get the disabled robots off the stage."
— Tom Gutteridge
Shunt in series 1

Shunt in Series 2


Shunt on display alongside Matilda and Eubank the Mouse

Shunt's main weapon was an overhead axe, though the axe did not feature in early design sketches, and was added onto the back of Shunt during production at the suggestion of Chris Reynolds. In Series 1, this axe was a low-impact bladed axe, which was replaced for Series 2 with a spiked pickaxe which was capable of punching holes through competitors' armour, and was similar to those later found on Dominator 2 and Kat 3.

"The axe was put on afterwards, as a little after thought, and its been gradually modified and improved each year, so its now become its major weapon."
— Malcolm Tierney, who created and maintained Shunt
Shunt side view

A side view of Shunt from Series 4 onwards

Shunt official image face

Shunt plough from Series 4-7

In Series 3, the pickaxe was replaced with Shunt's signature pneumatically-powered "diamond-edged axe", which featured a distinctive head combining elements of bladed and spiked axes, and was capable of firing at over 500 kgf/cm² (7,000 psi). His scoop was also made able to lift through its own pneumatics system, and could also be used to free Shunt's axe in the event it became embedded in a competitor robot's armour. Shunt had a low ground clearance from the front and rear, although this sometimes resulted in him getting stuck on ramps during the Gauntlet in earlier series.

Shunt 2002

Shunt during Series 6

Shunt's power source was repeatedly described as a "cold fusion" engine, referring to the hypothetical but elusive method of creating nuclear energy at room temperature. This was inspired by his fictitious backstory in the Technical Manual, where he was perpetuated to be a Soviet drone that became sentient during a nuclear disaster[2].

"The arena bruiser, perfectly equipped for pushing people around. If that's not enough his titanium tipped axe lands with a tonne of force, right on top of your cherished shiny robot's head."
— The Robot Wars website on the reboot version of Shunt
  • Shunt in the arena in Series 3
  • Official shot of Shunt from Series 7
  • An official shot of Shunt
  • The rear plough of Shunt on show in Series 8
  • Stat card of the Series 8 Shunt, posted on social media by Robot Wars

For Series 8, the original Shunt was retired and a new model was built by Robo Challenge alongside newer versions of Matilda, Dead Metal and Sir Killalot. Although still the lightest House Robot, Shunt now weighed 327kg, has been significantly enlarged and has a top speed of 11mph, further improving his pushing power. His new axe is made from titanium, and strikes in a quarter of a second, often producing sparks on impact. Meanwhile, his 300psi HARDOX scoop can now lift up to 350kg, and has the power to pull a van. Shunt's design remains similar to his earlier incarnations, but with a taller body, revised wheel guards and exhausts, a new paint scheme and treaded tyres. In Series 9, Shunt's scoop was modified with smoother, wider edges in order to give extra protection to his sides, while his exhaust pipe has had a new decoration added.

Though House Robot weaknesses were never mentioned in earlier series, Shunt's was consistently listed as being "unable to self-right" in later series, despite this weakness being shared by all House Robots. This was of particular relevance to Shunt, as he often became a target for flipping and lifting robots, such as UK Champions Chaos 2 and Apollo, usually when they celebrated victory.

Robot HistoryEdit

Series 1Edit

Shunt was the first House Robot to be introduced in Robot Wars, as he was the first featured in the House Robot introductions. He was also described by Jeremy Clarkson as being the most powerful House Robot in this series.

"If he were a car, he'd be a tank!"
— Jeremy Clarkson on Shunt

Shunt in the Sumo

Roadblock Shunt

Roadblock pushes Shunt off, but also falls

Having not been used in The Gauntlet in Heat A, Shunt made his first appearance in the Sumo, the event he had been designed for. However, he did not get off to the best of starts, only succeeding in pushing one competitor (Shogun) off the ring. Two competitors managed to defeat him, with Roadblock managing to get under the House Robot and push him off the platform, and whilst fighting Nemesis, Shunt started well, but then drove too close to the edge, allowing Nemesis to push him off.

"Oh, he’s not going to go again, surely? We thought Shunt was unbeatable and fearless! Go on Shunt, get out!"
— Jonathan Pearce as Nemesis defeats Shunt

Of the other two competitors, Killertron managed to survive the whole minute, and stock robot Grunt drove off the ring deliberately because stock robots were not allowed to progress past the Trial stage.

Nemesis shunt

Shunt is knocked off the Sumo platform by Nemesis

Throughout the series, a running joke was that Jeremy Clarkson would talk about the House Robots as if they were alive, and “interact” with them. For example, whilst describing Shunt’s pushing power before the Sumo trial, Shunt started rocking back and forth, as if excited, to which Clarkson told him “Yes, alright, we’re very impressed. Stop it! Sit still! Thank you!”. After Nemesis defeated Shunt, Jeremy Clarkson berated the team for defeating “his friend”.

"This is getting to be a habit, everybody’s killing my mate! I hate you, I hate you for winning that!"
— Jeremy Clarkson to Team Nemesis

Mortis is pinned by Sgt. Bash and Shunt's axe

Shunt’s axe was quite weak in this series, notably only denting the top of Plunderbird 1. However, it did prove effective in pinning robots down and allowing him to drag them, which it did to robots such as Mortis and Torque of the Devil. The axe had two heads, a bladed one and a spiked one, and the axe could be turned around.

Shunt uglybot

Shunt rams Uglybot against the railings

In Heat B, Shunt was used in the Gauntlet stage for the first time, and ended three of the competitors runs. During Scrapper’s run, Shunt chased it as it took the maze and pinned it against the wall, ending its run. During Mortis’ run, Shunt axed it, pulled it back, and held it for the rest of the run. Uglybot got stuck on the arena railings after driving off the turntable at the wrong moment, and Shunt pinned it up against the railings, preventing Uglybot from making any progress down the course, resulting in its elimination.

"Shunt is doing his job there, he's certainly earning his engine oil tonight!"
— Jonathan Pearce as Shunt pins Uglybot

Shunt pushes Detonator free

During Detonator’s run, Detonator got its spikes stuck on the turntable as it tried to get out, and Shunt came in to push it, which actually freed Detonator. Shunt rammed Detonator, which actually pushed it past Sergeant Bash. However, Detonator was stuck facing the top railings. Shunt gave it another push, turning it forwards, allowing it to move just a little further, thus surpassing Uglybot and progressing. Shunt appeared to stop as Detonator moved past.

Jeremy Clarkson: "...Most people hate the robots, the House ones, but you must love them, yeah?"
Clare Greenaway: "Yeah, I do now!"
— After Detonator’s Gauntlet run
Leighbot british bulldog

Leighbot is attacked by Shunt in British Bulldog

Shunt was used in the British Bulldog Trial in the same heat, along with the three other House Robots. It briefly blocked Scrapper, but Scrapper managed to reverse past it. It blocked Leighbot for a time, first pinning it against Dead Metal, then pushing it against one of the pyramids. However, after Shunt backed off for another attack, Leighbot was able to pass through.

Recyclopse vs mortis

Shunt traps Mortis on the side bars

In the Heat Final, Shunt was the one to immobilise Mortis. Mortis had Recyclopse on top of it and rammed it into the corner. However, this left it struggling to get off the side bars. Shunt came in and pushed Mortis so one of its tracks was hanging over the side bars, leaving it trapped. Shunt took advantage, axing it before time ran out.

Plunderbird shunt

Shunt attacks Plunderbird 1


WYSIWYG and Shunt get caught on the ramp

In Heat C, Shunt dominated the House Robot route of the Gauntlet. He ended the runs of Cruella, which he pushed it against the pyramid, and Plunderbird 1, which he forced onto a grille, causing it to be eliminated. However, during WYSIWYG’s run, WYSIWYG became stuck on the ramp, and whilst pushing it off, Shunt got itself stuck

Jeremy Clarkson: " actually managed to get a House Robot stuck, which is an all-time first!"
Michelle Wheeley: "Yeah, it felt pretty good, actually!"
— After WYSIWYG’s Gauntlet run

Dead Metal had to push Shunt off the ramp, also pushing WYSIWYG off the ramp as it did so. As Shunt approached it at the end of the run, WYSIWYG darted forwards, straight onto a grille.

After this Heat, Shunt would not be used in the Gauntlet again in the last three episodes.

Dreadnaut wedgehog shunt

Shunt drags Dreadnaut and Wedgehog away from the grille

During the battle between Dreadnaut and Wedgehog in the same heat, Dreadnaut got its fork stuck under Wedgehog as it tried to push it onto the grille. Shunt came in to try and separate the two, but failed to do so, and Matilda had to push the two competitors away from the grille. He also started pushing Robot the Bruce after it defeated Wedgehog in the Heat Final.

"All right Shunt, quieten down, quieten down, you did very well."
— Jeremy Clarkson after the battle

Shunt as the flag-bearer in the Stock Car Trial

Shunt was the flag holder during the Stock Car trial of Heat D, and his axe was replaced with a chequered flag, which he waved when Cunning Plan completed its third lap and won.


Shunt and Sergeant Bash block Bodyhammer in the Labyrinth (centre)

In Heat E, Shunt and the other House Robots were obstacles in the Labyrinth trial. Shunt was down towards the end of the course, and prevented Bodyhammer from reaching the end, blocking it with the help of Sergeant Bash.


Shunt drags back Torque of the Devil

In the Arena stage battle between Bodyhammer and Torque of the Devil, Torque of the Devil was pushed onto the side bars by Bodyhammer, leaving it stuck. Shunt used its axe to pull Torque of the Devil off the side bars, allowing it to continue fighting.

"Look at that! They’ve pulled it out of trouble, and put it back in the arena! You’re not supposed to do that House Robots!"
— Jonathan Pearce during Bodyhammer's battle with Torque of the Devil
Bodyhammer reali-t shunt

Shunt frees Bodyhammer from the grille as REALI-T rams into it

In the Heat Final, after Bodyhammer became immobilised on a grille (which had been previously deemed a legitimate knock out win for robots like Bugs and Wedgehog) Shunt pushed Bodyhammer free, despite REALI-T ramming into him in an attempt to stop him. Shunt accidentally immobilised himself, as he could not get off, and inn trying to prevent Bodyhammer's escape, REALI-T broke a wheel on the grilles and went on to lose the battle after getting stuck on the side bars. This event was notable in that even the House Robots were unable to drive on the grilles.

"No, you don't take on Shunt, you take on Bodyhammer! Bodyhammer's off that grille, given a little bit of a Shunt of assistance."
— Jonathan Pearce during the Heat Final between Bodyhammer and REALI-T

Series 2Edit


Shunt punctures Chaos

"Who could forget the ferocity of Shunt? Capable of cleaving all opponents in two with the deadliest of axes!"
— Jonathan Pearce introduces Shunt during the House Robot introduction

Shunt’s axe was much more powerful than the previous series, and could be fired at a faster rate than in any other series. It was able to puncture robots for the first time, Chaos being the first robot it punctured, during the Heat Final of Heat B.

Ron gauntlet

Ron is attacked by Shunt and Dead Metal

Forklift shunt

Shunt pepperpots Forklift

Amongst the most notable damage caused by Shunt’s axe in this series were the holes in Ron’s top during its Gauntlet run, the many holes in the top of Forklift during the Reserve Rumble, and the row of holes in Panic Attack’s top during its Gauntlet run.

"Since when have House Robots had machine guns?"
— Kevin Pritchard on the holes Shunt punched into Panic Attack
Panic Attack gauntlet

Panic Attack is punctured


Shunt punctures the base of Mortis

Shunt’s operator, Malcolm James, would describe this as Shunt’s proudest moment in an interview in the original Robot Wars Magazine[3], though this would later be overshadowed by the attack on Hypno-Disc in Series 4. This incident would also begin a long running grudge between Shunt and the competitor, which would last until Panic Attack's final appearance in the All Stars of Series 7

Shunt was even able to pierce the underbelly of Mortis, a robot known for its strong armour, after it was flipped over by Matilda during the Judgement Day grudge match against Napalm.


Shunt blocks Milly-Ann Bug


Killerhurtz is turned over by Shunt

Shunt’s bucket scoop, static in Series 1, was modified so it could lift robots. This helped it to push robots around, such as Milly-Ann Bug in the Gauntlet, and also turn robots over, including Havoc in the Heat Final of Heat L. Most notably, during the Internet Insurrection, Shunt used its scoop to lift the immobile Killerhurtz up, drag it to the top of the arena, then push it forward, flipping it over, then flip it onto the flame pit. However, during Oblivion’s Gauntlet run, Oblivion was able to take advantage of the scoop, as Shunt tried to lift it, Oblivion slipped off, and got under the scoop. This caused Shunt to lift itself up onto Oblivion.


Shunt flips Demolition Demon over

Shunt’s first appearance in the Series, having not been used in the Gauntlet or Trial of Heat A, and not playing a part in the first Heat Semi-Final, was during the battle between Demolition Demon and Victor. After Victor broke down, Shunt came out of the PPZ, started axing Demolition Demon, and flipped it over. Demolition Demon was through regardless.

Mortis gauntlet

Mortis is pitted by Shunt in the Gauntlet

Throughout the series, Shunt was used in the Gauntlet, and proved a formidable obstacle. It single-handedly ended the runs of Milly-Ann Bug, pushing it against the wall, then lifting and axing it, and Talos, pushing it into the pit after Dead Metal reversed in, axing the beaten competitor for good measure. When Mortis attacked Matilda after completing the Gauntlet, Shunt forced it into the pit.


Mortis lands on the fence

Shunt particularly shone in the Gauntlet stage during the Semi-Finals. During Mortis’ run, Shunt held up the see-saw, causing it to land onto the fence and fall over. It blocked Mace and pitted it, and pushed Plunderbird 2 all the way to the start, leading to its elimination. During Behemoth’s run, Shunt blocked the see-saw as Behemoth crossed it. After Behemoth crossed the see-saw, it tried lifting Shunt, but with help from Matilda, Shunt blocked it, then axed it and lifted it over.


Shunt takes on Killertron in the King of the Castle


Shunt (top), having fallen off the ramp

In Heat E, Shunt was used in the King of the Castle Trial, but had steering problems. On its first run, it struggled to get off the ramp, getting stuck on the sides after turning too early on the top. It took Shunt five attempts to straighten itself up and reach the platform to aid Dead Metal against Killertron, as it kept reversing into the other side wall. During ORAC’s run, Shunt made the same mistake again, turning too early as it went up the ramp and getting stuck on the side. It drove forwards, into the other wall, then reversed, falling off the ramp, leaving Matilda to fight ORAC alone.

"Dreadful driving!"
— Jonathan Pearce as Shunt reversed off the ramp in ORAC's Gauntlet run

It briefly became stuck on the wall during the runs of Schumey and Spin Doctor, but corrected itself and got onto the platform each time, but during Spin Doctor’s run, it drove too close to the edge, and when it turned around, it span itself off the platform. It did manage to push off Technophobic off with the help of Matilda, but when King of the Castle returned in Heat K, Shunt was not used.


Shunt falls off the sumo ring


Shunt knocks Whirling Dervish off

In Heat F, Shunt was used in the Sumo trial again, however it fared little better than it had done in Series 1. It nearly pushed off Panic Attack, but Panic Attack managed to turn and drive forwards before it could be pushed off, and as Shunt turned, it reversed off the platform.

"He gave us one in the eye last round, but this time he took it, big time!"
— Kevin Pritchard after Shunt's defeat in the Sumo trial against Panic Attack
Corporal Punishment trial

Shunt, having been defeated by Corporal Punishment

Corporal Punishment was also victorious against the House Robot, being able to get under Shunt and pushed it to the edge, where it span itself off the platform.

"One wonders how much punishment Shunt can take now, having been tipped off twice!"
— Jonathan Pearce after Shunt drove off the ring against Corporal Punishment

Disruptor was able to use its wedge shape to get under Shunt and hold it to survive. Shunt did defeat Whirling Dervish and Ron, knocking the latter off in less than five seconds, but when Sumo was used again in Heat L, Dead Metal was used instead.


Shunt axes Wheelosaurus

Shunt had a number of notable moments during battles throughout the series. In Heat B, during the battle between Chaos and Wheelosaurus, it rammed Wheelosaurus against the saws with the help of Matilda and pinned it there, axing it for most of the battle. This was suggested by Jonathan Pearce as being revenge for Wheelosaurus' attack on Sergeant Bash earlier in the Heat.

"This is carnage! They’re after blood and oil!"
— Jonathan Pearce as the House Robots attack Wheelosaurus

In Heat L, in the Heat Final between Haardvark and Havoc, Shunt flipped Havoc onto its side using its scoop after it was pushed into the PPZ, sending Haardvark through to the Semi-Finals.

Cassius vs roadblock

Shunt helps Cassius flip over Roadblock

Shunt helped Cassius defeat reigning champions Roadblock in the Grand Final. Shunt had Roadblock pinned against the wall and was lifting it up with the scoop, allowing Cassius to easily get under the champions, and as Cassius flipped Roadblock against the wall, Shunt helped by holding Roadblock up with its scoop.


Lateral Thought is pitted by Shunt

Perhaps Shunt’s most notable battle in the whole series was the Reserve Rumble, where it axed and pitted Lateral Thought, axed a number of holes in the top of Forklift, then axed Bumblebot as Dead Metal held it.


Razer pushes Shunt back

However, Shunt was the victim of some attacks by competitors across the series. In its Gauntlet run, Razer managed to push Shunt to the end zone and crush into its side.

"It was great to see the BBC roboteers come scurrying out afterwards to see what this new competitor had done to their beloved machine!"
— The Razer website[4]

Shunt would get back at Razer later in the Heat though; axing its base after it broke down and was flipped over by Matilda.

Killertron gauntlet run

Killertron axes Shunt

During Killertron’s Gauntlet run, after Shunt blocked Killertron, Killertron swung its axe into the House Robot, puncturing the top and dislodging it as it pulled the axe out. The two continued swapping axe blows for the rest of the run.

"Pickaxe to pickaxe, and look at the damage created here by Killertron."
— Jonathan Pearce as Killertron punctures Shunt

Berserk lifts up Shunt

During the Super Heavyweight Championship, Shunt was lifted up by the forklift of Berserk, then pushed into the wall by the competitor. Sir Killalot had to come in to intervene, separating the two and dragging Berserk away.


Shunt pushes Verminator onto the flame pit

This series also saw the first of a number of amusing attacks by Shunt on decorations from the competitors, as it pushed Hard Cheese’s rat mascot Verminator onto the flame pit during the Middleweight Championship.

Series 3Edit

House robots series 3

Shunt, Matilda, Sgt Bash and Dead Metal at the beginning of Heat A of Series 3

"Shunt: a power-packed robot capable of dragging a fully-laden Land Rover, with its hydraulic lift at the front and the ability to cleave all opponents in two with a pneumatically-driven axe, which strikes with over 500 kilograms of pressure per square centimetre!"
— Jonathan Pearce introduces Shunt during the House Robot introduction
Shunt Series 3 intro

Shunt during his House Robot introduction

Shunt Bulldog Breed

Shunt penetrates Bulldog Breed's top

Bulldog Breed Shunt Series3

Bulldog Breed at the mercy of Shunt

As this series dropped the Gauntlet and Trials from the main competition, the House Robots, Shunt included, were given a redesign. Although still largely focused on its strength and pushing abilities, Shunt's axe was enlarged significantly and tipped with a diamond-edged blade, allowing him to puncture all but the hardest of armours.

Shunt brimhur

Brimhur becomes the first robot to fall foul of Shunt's new axe


Shunt breaks X-Terminator's drive chain

All Torque axed

Shunt and Sgt. Bash trap All Torque

Mace 2 Suicidal Tendencies Shunt

Shunt axes Suicidal Tendencies

Shark attack shunt

Shunt axes the baseplate of Shark Attack

Shunt’s axe was much more powerful in Series 3, piercing almost every robot it was fired at. The first robot in this series Shunt used its axe on was Brimhur in Heat A. Notable damage done by the axe in this series included; puncturing the baseplate of Shark Attack in a moment later used in the show's intro sequence, the seven punctures in Flipper after it broke down, causing more than ten punctures in Bulldog Breed, after it was pushed into the CPZ by Robopig, breaking one of the drive chains on the bottom of X-Terminator after Panic Attack flipped it over, axing the controller of All Torque during its battle with Thing 2, causing it to become immobilised, and destroying Anarachnid during the walker battles.

Aggrobot Blade Shunt axe

Blade fends off Shunt's axe attack

Flipper vs houserobots

Shunt causes punishment for Flipper

Only four competitors were able to survive blows from Shunt’s axe in this series; Sir Chromalot (Shunt tried unsuccessfully to axe its baseplate), Blade, Berserk 2 and Panzer.

"Ooh and in comes Shunt there with the great axe going down to create damage. Let’s see if it did cause any damage, NO! That's very rare. Three millimetre thick steel with shatter-proof aluminium polycarbonate on the top of Blade, and it’s paid off, the design. No damage whatsoever!"
— Jonathan Pearce as Blade survives an axe blow from Shunt
Aggrobot Razer House Robots

Aggrobot is axed by Shunt while Razer also sustains damage from Dead Metal

Twn Trwn vs house robots

Shunt's axe stuck in Twn Trwn

Sometimes the axe became stuck in competitors. On some occasions where this happened, it was able to use his scoop to lift the axe free, such as when he axed Suicidal Tendencies in the Heat Final of Heat A. In Heat P, Shunt axed Twn Trwn, and couldn’t free it. In the same Heat, when he axed Psychokiller, the axe became stuck, and Sir Killalot had to lift Psychokiller to separate the two.

Shunt vs Atlas

Shunt takes the head off Atlas' mascot

Shunt vs General Carnage

Shunt punches straight through General Carnage

Shunt was able to use his scoop and axe together to lift robots up and carry them, with he did to General Carnage and Bulldog Breed. Shunt’s attacks on decorations on the competitors continued, with Shunt axing the toy on top of Atlas, first knocking the head off, and then ripping it off.

"Well, they've lost their head! That was splendid!"
— Jonathan Pearce after Shunt decapitated the mascot of Atlas

Shunt pits Sonic


Shunt pits Depoppesaurus Rex

The Pit was only open in the first two rounds, and usually Sir Killalot was the House Robot that pitted beaten competitors, but Shunt did push Sonic and Depoppesaurus Rex into the pit after they were beaten.


Shunt axes Ripper's Revenge, whilst it is bounced by an arena spike

Shunt vs tentomushi

Shunt pushes Tentoumushi


Shunt is immobilised by Tentoumushi

Easily Shunt’s most notable battle in this series was the Middleweight Melee. First, he axed a couple of holes in Grinder after A-Kill pushed it into his CPZ. Then, after Ripper's Revenge was flipped over by an arena spike, Shunt axed the robot's baseplate, and dragged it onto an arena spike. It then rammed Tentoumushi against the arena wall, but Tentoumushi covered Shunt, blocking the radio signal so that Shunt could no longer move.

Shunt axes Challenger 2

Challenger 2 is axed by Shunt

Another notable moment for Shunt in this series was the Round 2 battle between Panzer and Challenger 2. Panzer pitted Challenger 2, but became stuck underneath its opponent, so Sir Killalot and Shunt came out to separate them. Shunt axed Panzer, but did not puncture the top, so instead he axed the pitted Challenger 2.

"Teehee, it’s House Robot glee! They were bored you see! Had to do something!"
— Jonathan Pearce during the battle between Panzer and Challenger 2
Trident attacked

Trident takes damage from Shunt and Dead Metal

Shunt and the other House Robots caused controversy in the Heat Final of Heat P. After Dreadnaut broke down, Shunt and the other House Robots started attacking the mobile Trident, with Shunt puncturing and crumpling the armour.

"House Robots come from dark and dingy places. They do not like sleek and shiny machines, Stephen Benn!"
— Jonathan Pearce as the House Robots attack Trident

Across the series, Shunt was used to help free robots that were stuck. Examples of this include when he helped Abaddon from the flame pit during its battle with Technophobic. It had to free Henry twice during its battle with Steg-O-Saw-Us, firstly when the competitor's spike became stuck in the floor, then again when the spike became stuck in the wall, though Shunt also axed Henry before it freed it from the wall. Shunt broke down in the centre of the arena after it pushed Death Warmed Up off the flame pit during its battle with Stealth.

Steg-O-Saw-Us Napalm

Shunt comes in to separate Napalm and Steg-O-Saw-Us

Similarly, Shunt helped separate competitors when they became stuck together. Steg-O-Saw-Us became stuck on top of Napalm in the Heat Final of Heat G, so Shunt came in to separate them. King Buxton’s front spikes became stuck in Weld-Dor's wheel hubs in their Round 2 battle, and Shunt separated the two. In the Semi-Final, Shunt uncoupled Gravedigger and Steg-O-Saw-Us when Steg-O-Saw-Us’ tail became stuck in Gravedigger.

Incidents such as these were the main reason for the introduction of Refbot in the following series.

"It had been highlighted, there was a need for a robot that was seen as being unbiased, so when robots were tied together, or go stuck together … in the past the House Robots had gone in to free these robots. Now that was seen by viewers at home as being a bit confusing "Well, why is that robot being nice?", so we built Refbot."
Chris Reynolds on the creation of Refbot, a direct response to Shunt's actions

Shunt and Sgt. Bash trap Chaos 2

On a number of occasions, when competitor robots tried attacking Shunt or the other House Robots, Shunt was able to fight back and bring them under control. In Heat E, after defeating Crocodilotron, Chaos 2 flipped Matilda, so Shunt pinned it against the wall with the help of Sgt. Bash.

Mortis House Robots

Mortis is axed by Shunt as it tussles with the House Robots

Mortis vs shunt vs dead metal

Mortis is shoved into the pit by Shunt

In Heat F, having disposed of Ming, Mortis started attacking Matilda. With the help of Dead Metal, Shunt trapped Mortis and axed it, causing dents in its top, and flipped it over with the scoop. Mortis self-righted and attacked Dead Metal, but Shunt was able to push Mortis into the pit.

"Take on the House Robots? Ha! We’ll get you Mortis boys! Look at that damage from Shunt!"
— Jonathan Pearce whilst Mortis attacked the House Robots

In the same heat, Gravedigger took on Matilda after defeating Mortis, but Matilda pushed back, and Shunt came to help, axing a couple of holes in Gravedigger.

"...and Shunt’s coming in to help out a lady in distress. Some lady!"
— Jonathan Pearce during Gravedigger's battle with Mortis
Shunt king buxton

Shunt lifts King Buxton with his scoop


Shunt helps out Matilda in Heat O

King Buxton tried attacking Shunt after it had defeated Weld-Dor, but Shunt pinned it against the wall and axed it. Evil Weevil had no more success when it tried ramming Shunt after tipping over Triterobot, with Shunt retaliating by lifting and axing it. Rex Garrod made another attack on the House Robots after Cassius 2 had beaten Dundee, targeting Matilda, but Shunt pinned Cassius 2 against the wall and axed through the flipper. Facet managed to flip Matilda, but Shunt used its scoop to flip Matilda back, and pinned Facet against the wall with help from Sgt. Bash.

Shunt flipped

Chaos 2 celebrates becoming champion by flipping Shunt


Shunt, stuck on his side after being flipped

However, one competitor was able to take on Shunt and win. Having flipped Hypno-Disc to win the Grand Final, Chaos 2 celebrated by flipping Matilda over. Shunt rushed in, axing Chaos 2 and dragging it back, but Chaos 2 got free and flipped Shunt over.

"...Shunt, trying to get away from Chaos 2, and why not? The champions want to beat everyone! Taking on Shunt and flipping Shunt over! So two of the House Robots done!"
— Jonathan Pearce as Chaos 2 flips Shunt over

Shunt tried to right himself using his axe, but this merely left him stuck on his side, and also knocked off his exhaust stack. The top was also hanging loose, and as Chaos 2 rammed into him, the top fell off.


Dominator is punished by the House Robots


Shunt lifts up Killerhurtz

Shunt was used in the Pinball side event in this series, where it guarded one of the 50 Point targets on the sides of the arena. Notably, it ended the runs of Killerhurtz, lifting it up and axing it, and Dominator, pinning it against the wall and axing it.

There was also intended to be a Sumo side event, where Shunt would have fought robots which had not been selected to compete in the main competition, such as Medusa and Xenomorph. However, the event was cancelled due to a delay in filming caused by a behind-the-scenes accident.


Razer crushes Shunt's bucket


Shunt holds Razer up against the fence

In the International League Championship, filmed as part of Series 3 but broadcast at the start of Series 4, Shunt had one of his most memorable battles. First, Razer reversed into Shunt whilst fighting Techno-Lease, and Shunt lifted it up and flipped it over in the centre of the arena. Later in the same battle, Razer tried attacking Matilda, but Shunt pinned it against the wall. However, Razer managed to crumple Shunt’s bucket with the crusher, then crush a hole in it. Razer went back after Matilda, but Shunt lifted it against the wall.

Ian Lewis: "We ate his shovel!"
Phillipa Forrester: "You didn’t just eat it, you sculpted it like it was molten metal!"
— Ian Lewis and Philippa Forrester on Razer's damage to Shunt in the post-battle interview

Shunt had a number of notable moments in The First World Championship.

"A lean, mean killing machine, Shunt takes to the international stage with his pneumatic lifting ram, hydraulic diamond-edged axe, and more speed and power than ever before!"
— Jonathan Pearce introduces Shunt in The First World Championship video
Prometheus Weld-Dor 1

Prometheus breaks down while suspended on Shunt

Chaos 2 vs Killerhurtz

A combined attack from both Shunt and Killerhurtz results in Chaos 2's gas canister being punctured

Firstly, in the battle between Weld-Dor and Prometheus, it came out the separate the two competitor robots when Prometheus was stuck on Weld-Dor’s forks, but Prometheus became stuck on top of Weld-Dor. Shunt axed Prometheus in an attempt to knock it off, but this knocked his top loose. Prometheus fell onto the axe, and Shunt had to shake it loose.

In the battle between Razer and All Torque, Shunt broke down in his CPZ, not even moving when both robots went into his CPZ.

Razer Behemoth 2

Shunt pins Behemoth between himself and Razer

Shunt managed to pierce the gas canister of recently-crowned champion Chaos 2 when it axed the rear compartment during its battle with Killerhurtz. The flipper still worked however, which helped Shunt after its axe became stuck in Killerhurtz after axing it. A flip from Chaos 2 freed Killerhurtz from the axe.

In the Final, Razer pushed Behemoth against Shunt, and Shunt lifted its scoop, but lowered it on one of Behemoth’s srimech arms, raising himself up.

Series 4Edit

"A lightweight at 105 kilos, but heavyweight when it comes to havoc, and no opponent can get off lightly at the end of a deadly diamond-edged axe blow with a force of over 500 kilos per square centimetre. A brawny bulldozer who’s never caught napping!"
— Jonathan Pearce introduces Shunt during the House Robot introduction

Shunt returned for Series 4 with a few improvements. This included new subtly redesigned fibreglass amour, to incorporate new drive motors and pneumatic valves, which would serve Shunt for the remainder of his original run, and a new front scoop, after the damage it took in the previous series.

Mortis Mazakari locked

Shunt axes Mazakari who is locked onto Mortis' lifting arm

Mortis vs crusader 2

Crusader 2 is caught between a rock and a hard place in the form of Mortis and Shunt

"Look at the power of the Shunt blade there! Absolutely lethal!"
— Jonathan Pearce as Shunt axes Ming 2

As in Series 3, Shunt’s axe punctured almost every competitor that came up against it, including Crusader 2, Iron-Awe, Weld-Dor 2, and Maverick

"Shunt with the axe, penetrating, look at that! Slicing through, oh! And again! So very, very easy, like taking the top off a boiled egg!"
— Jonathan Pearce as Shunt axes two large holes in the base of Maverick

Only two robots managed to survive axe blows from Shunt; firstly Darke Destroyer 2, and also V-Max, which withstood two blows from Shunt’s axe.

Shunt vs maverick

Shunt's axe goes straight through Maverick


Shunt pierces Hypno-Disc's flywheel

This series saw Shunt’s proudest moment, during the battle between Pussycat and Hypno-Disc in the Grand Final. After being pushed into Shunt's CPZ, brought its axe slamming down onto Hypno-Disc's spinning flywheel, halting the flywheel of Hypno-Disc in one blow, with the pent up kinetic energy causing Hypno-Disc and Shunt to jump off the ground. This not only caused Hypno-Disc to lose the battle, but prevented it from participating in the playoff for third.

"…His axe went into the disc about here, and the speed of the disc actually brought his axe into the robot and damaged the gearbox and the rest of the drivetrain back to the machine"
— Dave Rose explains the damage to Julia Reed

Shunt’s operator Malcolm James cited this Shunt’s finest moment on the Sir Killalot and the House Robots DVD.

101 shunt henry

101 and Shunt push Henry 2 into oblivion

Knightmare vs shunt

Shunt axes Knightmare


Shunt puts Detonator on the floor flipper

As usual, Shunt and the other House Robots were used to commit “mercy killings” on immobilised robots, though in this series, more use was made of the floor flipper and pit. When Knightmare broke down after being rammed into Shunt by Spawn of Scutter, Shunt axed three holes in it, pushed it onto the Floor Flipper, and then pitted it. He pushed immobile robots such as Henry 2 and Diotoir into the pit, and in other battles placed beaten robots such as Detonator on the Floor Flipper.

Despite the introduction of Refbot, Shunt was still occasionally used to help competitors when they were stuck. In the Heat Final of Heat B, when Razer became stuck in forward drive, Shunt pushed it off the wall. He separated Killerhurtz and Eric when Killerhurtz got its axe stuck in Eric, and also pushed Tiberius and Little Fly apart when Little Fly was stuck on top of Tiberius. In Semi-Final 2, Shunt used his axe to drag Spawn of Scutter off the wall after Panic Attack stuck it there.

Shunt vs tiberius

Shunt axes Tiberius

Death of major tom

Major Tom is decapitated

Razer milly-ann bug (1)

Shunt rips Milly-Ann Bug's hair off

Shunt continued to use his axe to attack various decorations on the competitors. Most memorably, he smashed the head of Major Tom after it broke down.

"When all around you are losing their head, can you keep yours? No! No no no! Out of the arena!"
— Jonathan Pearce as Major Tom’s head is shattered

After Milly-Ann Bug was defeated by Razer, Shunt axed its hair and pulled it off.

Banshee head axed

Shunt axes Banshee's head

Bannshee Shunt FlamePit

Shunt roasts the head of Banshee

FBT Axed

Shunt rips a hole in the face of Fat Boy Tin

In Heat L, Shunt used its axe to puncture the head of Banshee, ripped it off, then dragged it to the flame pit and burnt it.

"Headache? I don't think any pills are gonna...make that one feel better!"
— Jonathan Pearce bursts into laughter as Shunt decapitates Banshee

When Shunt lifted his axe, the head was still stuck, so he span on the spot, throwing the head across the arena. Ironically, before the battle, Team Banshee captain Alan Marchington claimed they were going to thrash Shunt with Banshee’s spinning body. In the same Heat, he axed the face of Fat Boy Tin.


Dead Metal helps separate Shunt and Major Tom

One of Shunt’s most memorable battles in this Series was the Round 2 battle between 101 and Major Tom in Heat E. After Major Tom broke down, Shunt smashed its head with one axe blow. He then punctured the top with the axe and pushed Major Tom to the floor flipper, but found himself unable to get the axe out. Dead Metal had to push Major Tom off. Major Tom was thrown by the flipper, straight into Shunt, who failed to get away in time.


Shunt axes 101 outside of a CPZ

In the Heat Final, Shunt came out of the CPZ and attacked 101, even though 101 and Dominator 2 were fighting on the other side of the arena to his CPZ. He axed 101, puncturing it and lifting it up before quickly reversing away.

"…That is not on! Ref, Ref! Give Shunt a yellow card! Give him a red card and get him out of there! Poor old 101 should not have been the victim of an attack by Shunt! I'll have a word with - no, I won’t, I'm terrified of Shunt!"
— Jonathan Pearce
Wheelosaurus vs shunt vs prizephita

Shunt drags Prizephita Mk2 around


Shunt pits Prizephita Mk2


Shunt pits Wheelosaurus

In a first round melee in Heat H, Wheely Big Cheese started trying to get under Sir Killalot and flip him. As Wheely Big Cheese failed to lift the giant House Robot, Shunt came in, and Wheely Big Cheese fled. Later in the same battle, Prizephita Mk2 was only moving in circles, so Shunt came in, punctured the top with the axe, and dragged it to the pit. Sir Killalot pitted Wheely Big Cheese, but then Shunt pitted Prizephita Mk2 and Wheelosaurus, making it the only time all the competitors in a battle with more than two robots had ended up in the pit.


Shunt and Mortis axe Ghetto-Bot together

Ghettobot axed

Shunt axes Ghetto-bot

During the battle between Mortis and Ghetto-Bot, Mortis pushed Ghetto-Bot towards Shunt’s CPZ, and the two robots rained axe blows on the US representative, with Shunt causing six punctures. Shunt then pushed Ghetto-Bot onto the flame pit.

"Look at Shunt’s axe! More powerful, sharper than that of Mortis, it would seem!"
— Jonathan Pearce whilst Shunt attacked Ghetto-bot

In Heat I, when Splinter pushed Eric into Shunt's CPZ, Shunt attacked Eric with his axe and lifted it.

Panic attack vs spawn of scutter vs shunt

Panic Attack pushes Spawn of Scutter into Shunt who axes it

Splinter vs killerhurtz vs shunt

Shunt lifts Killerhurtz with his scoop

Pussycat shunt vs razer

Shunt comes in as Pussycat decimates Razer's left rear wheel

Splinter vs eric vs shunt

Splinter pushes Eric into Shunt who attacks it with his axe

Robot Wars Sumo Basho Arena

Shunt takes on Bigger Brother in the Sumo


X-Terminator 2 and Shunt stalemate each other

"It's the ultimate shoving match. The longer each competing robot can stay in the ring, the higher up the series leader board they'll go. But of course, it's Shunt they're up against, and he doesn't like being pushed around."
Craig Charles introduces Sumo Basho in Heat A of Series 4

Shunt was used in the Sumo Basho event that ran alongside the main competition, and performed much stronger than he had in previous series. Shunt dispatched half of the competitors in under ten seconds, and only four competitors managed to avoid being pushed out. He managed to push Diotoir off the ring in just under four seconds, which was ironic given its predecessor Nemesis managed to beat Shunt in the Sumo in Series 1.

Darke destroyer vs house robots

Shunt axes Darke Destroyer 2


Shunt makes Destruct-A-Bubble drive itself off the ring


Shunt is beached on Behemoth's bulldozer


Panic Attack and Shunt fall off the ring

Behemoth and X-Terminator both managed to wedge underneath Shunt with their lifters, holding him still, but were unable to push him back, so they managed to stalemate him for a minute. Destruct-A-Bubble drove off the ring itself, while old enemy Panic Attack proved victorious. It had reversed whilst avoiding Shunt, getting itself stuck on the edge of the ring. Shunt came in to push it off, but missed his charge and both robots fell off the ring. Because Shunt had just hit the tyres first, Panic Attack was given the victory, the only robot to best Shunt.

The Pinball Warrior side event returned for Series 4, but Shunt was not used, with Matilda taking his place guarding the 50 point target.

Bulldog breed shunt

Shunt slams through Bulldog Breed 2's flipper

Very few robots were brave enough to take on Shunt this series, outside of the Sumo. Bulldog Breed 2 tried to flip it during the Round 1 battle, but only lifted him a little. Shunt retaliated by pinning it in the CPZ and axing through its flipper.


Tornado rams Shunt

However, in its first televised battle, Tornado was able to shove Shunt around the arena, almost pitting it.

"Tornado meanwhile, puts the wind up Shunt, only a little bit. Well, not a little bit! Look at that! That’s great power from the Tornado team!"
— Jonathan Pearce

Panic Attack lifts and rams Shunt in Round 2

Panic attack lifts shunt

Panic Attack hoists Shunt in the Semi-Finals

Panic Attack also attacked Shunt on two occasions, continuing their feud from Series 2. First, having defeated its opponent Saw Point in Round 2, Panic Attack lifted Shunt up with his forks and shoved him up the arena. Later, in the Semi-Final battle with Spawn of Scutter, Shunt was lifted up by Panic Attack.

Attacks from competitors weren’t the only problem Shunt had in this series. After Weld-Dor 2 broke down, Shunt tried lifting it as he axed it, but this almost caused him to topple forwards. Then, whilst pushing Weld-Dor 2 around, Shunt reversed onto the flame pit.

Ironically, before puncturing Hypno-Disc's disc in what was one of proudest moments, he initially struggled to damage Hypno-Disc. The axe was unable to puncture the armour, despite its limited movement, Hypno-Disc was able to dodge an axe blow, and Shunt briefly got stuck on top when he dropped his scoop on Hypno-Disc.


Sir Killalot pulls Raizer Blade away from Shunt's axe

Like in Series 3, Shunt’s axe did get stuck in some of the competitors he axed. On some occasions, Shunt was able to get himself free after a struggle, such as when his axe got stuck in Tiberius, but during the Heat Final of Heat P, his axe became stuck in Raizer Blade, and Sir Killalot had to pull Raizer Blade to separate the two.


Shunt breaks off a CO2 vent cover

Shunt was not used during the Tag Team Terror, making this the first episode he did not appear in.

In the battle between Panic Attack and Saw Point, Shunt broke off the cover of a CO2 vent in the arena floor, causing damage to the Robot Wars Arena.

Extreme 1Edit

"Shunt. The push me, pull you of house robots. All slam, bam, and robo glam."
— Jonathan Pearce reviewing Shunt's statistics in one of his appearances in Extreme 1

Shunt axes holes in the base of Philipper

Oblark vs Anvil

Shunt attacks Oblark

Extreme 1 saw a couple of rule changes that affected Shunt and the House Robots. The number of House Robots allowed in the arena during a battle (not including Refbot) was reduced from 4 to 2. This, combined with the fact that the events in Extreme 1 were not filmed in broadcast order, meant that Shunt's appearances were inconstant throughout the series; some episodes had Shunt in almost every battle, or in the cases of Episodes 10, 12 and 13, every single battle. However, in other episodes such as Episodes 1 and 3, Shunt only appeared once. In The Second World Championship, Shunt did not appear at all.


Shunt and X-Terminator axe Cataclysmic Varaibot who withstands the axe blows

Shunt axes pussycat

Shunt axes Pussycat, but fails to puncture

Wild Thing House Robots

Shunt fails to puncture Wild Thing

More significantly, the weight limit for competitors was increased from 80kg to 100kg. With more weight, competitors had stronger armour, so Shunt's axe was not as effective as it had been. It still punctured a great deal of robots, such as Spawn Again and Spirit of Knightmare, but it became more common than in previous series for robots to withstand the axe; Wild Thing, Wheely Big Cheese and X-Terminator being examples.

SoK counted out

Shunt waits to attack Spirit of Knightmare


Shunt pulls Firestorm 3 away from Dead Metal


Firestorm 3 flips Shunt over

The weight limit also meant that Shunt, the lightest House Robot at 105kg, was just 5kg over the heavyweight weight limit. He was targeted by a number of competitors this series, and flipped over twice. First, having defeating of Wild Thing in its All-Stars battle, Firestorm 3 got underneath Dead Metal and tried to push it into the pit as Wild Thing was nudged in. Shunt responded by hitting Firestorm 3's gas canister with his axe, but caused no damage. Cease was called, but Firestorm 3 was not put off, and quickly flipped Shunt over.

"This was madness! But great fun! Great courage, a little bit crazy!"
— Jonathan Pearce watching the replay of Firestorm's attack on Shunt
Chaos 2 flips Shunt

Chaos 2 throws Shunt against the wall

Chaos 2 vs Shunt

Chaos 2 overturns Shunt in the Challenge Belt

Chaos 2 flipped Shunt over again in this series. It had been shoved into a CPZ during its Challenge Belt battle with Tornado, and was only moving on one wheel, but when Shunt came in to attack, Chaos 2 flipped Shunt up on its side, then flipped him over.

George Francis: "But did you see the way I fought back even when one wheel got stuck?"
Craig Charles: "You were like a wounded animal in the corner!"
— Craig Charles comments on Chaos 2 flipping Shunt over
Panic Attack vs Shunt

Panic Attack takes on Shunt in its Mayhem

Panic Attack vs Diotoir vs Shear Khan pit

Shunt hooked onto Panic Attack


Panic Attack lifts Shunt again in the Wild Card Warriors

Old rival Panic Attack also attacked Shunt, in two battles. Firstly, after Panic Attack defeated Diotoir and Shear Khan to win its Mayhem, Cease was called, but Shunt proceeded to push Shear Khan towards the pit. However, Panic Attack then got underneath Shunt and got its lifting forks hooked in his wheel guards. Matilda and Refbot attempted to separate them as Cease was called again, Refbot ended the battle by issuing Panic Attack a yellow card.

"Shunt will not like this, and the House Robots, Kim Davies, have long memories!"
— Jonathan Pearce on Panic Attack lifting Shunt during its Mayhem

Despite the warning, Panic Attack attacked Shunt again in its Wild Card Warriors battle against Axe-Awe. Again, it was after Cease had been called, and it had lifted it up.

However, aside from these problems, Shunt could still cause damage and dispose of beaten competitors.

"...bull-nosed, lion-hearted, tigerish, dogged, an animal of a robot."
— One of Jonathan Pearce's introductions for Shunt

Shunt and Dead Metal duel with the three competitors


Shunt pits Plunderbird 5 in the House Robot Rebellion


Shunt axes Scorpion in the House Robot Rebellion

Shunt's largest role in Extreme 1 was in the first House Robot Rebellion, where he took on Plunderbird 5, Scorpion and Stinger, along with Dead Metal and Matilda, who came in as a substitute late on. Shunt defeated two of the three competitors, easily pushing the limping Plunderbird 5 into the pit, then he axed Scorpion and dragged it into the pit. Shunt could not finish Stinger off, and so the team of competitors were still declared the victors, although Shunt and the House Robots had still dominated proceedings.


Shunt pits Razer after its failed Vengeance challenge against Pussycat


Shunt about to finish off Judge Shred 2½

Comengetorix and Velocirippa

Shunt pits Comengetorix in its Mayhem

As usual, Shunt's main job was to perform "mercy killings" on beaten competitors. He pushed robots such as Wheely Big Cheese, Razer, Judge Shred 2½ and Comengetorix into the pit, and put others including Shear Khan, Oblark and Tornado, onto the floor flipper. In the Mayhem battle between The Spider, Napalm and Gemini, he pushed 1 half of Gemini into the pit together with Napalm. Gemini had been counted out, but one half was righted, and started attacking Napalm.

Shunt Comengetorix

Shunt flips over Comengetorix

Shunt's axe was still useful for dragging robots around, such as when he dragged Comengetorix to the flame pit, and when he dragged Thermidor 2 onto the floor flipper. He also used his scoop to flip over Comengetorix and Oblark.

Mega-Hurts vs Sub-Version

Shunt attacks the submariners' mascot

Shunt continued to attack decorations on competitors. After Sub-Version broke down, Shunt axed the mascot, and lifted the robot with his scoop, causing it to fall out of the crow's nest. During Mega Morg's Vengeance battle with Plunderbird 5, Shunt came out of his CPZ and axed Mega Morg's ninja sheep.


Shunt axes Mega Morg and receives a yellow card

Another change in this series was the introduction of Refbot's card system. Mostly used to confirm the elimination of immobile robots, it was also used to warn House Robots that broke the rules or went too far in attacking competitors. Shunt was one of the robots to receive a yellow card. During a long, dull battle between Plunderbird 5 and Mega Morg, Shunt, apparently "bored", came out of his CPZ and axed Mega Morg right on the melted Ninja Sheep. Refbot issued Shunt with a yellow card. Shunt seemed to take little notice; in fact, it appeared to be stuck on Mega Morg, and his attempts at freeing himself nearly pulled him over on a few occasions. After a little help from Refbot and Plunderbird 5, Shunt managed to free himself.

"So, he's saying to Shunt "I don't care if you're bored, you can't break the rules and come out!" … Well done Shunt, you're okay by me mate, get involved with those Mega Morg boys!"
— Jonathan Pearce during the tame encounter between Plunderbird 5 and Mega Morg
Razer vs Tornado

Shunt comes in to get Tornado free of Razer


Shunt rights Oblark

Shunt continued to help trapped or stuck robots. When Tornado was stuck on Razer's beak in the All-Stars Final, Shunt hit Tornado with his axe to free it. In the Forces Special, Shunt flipped Oblark over, and when it tried to self-right, it became stuck on its front. Shunt used his bulldozer blade to right Oblark.


X-Terminator pushes Chaos 2 into Shunt


Matilda reverses accidentally into Shunt

Shunt's first battle in Extreme 1 was the All-Stars battle in Extreme 1 between Chaos 2 and X-Terminator, but this was far from his best battle in the series. X-Terminator pushed Chaos 2 into Shunt, but Chaos 2 was able to dodge Shunt's axe. Later, after X-Terminator was flipped over, Shunt was pushing against X-Terminator, and Matilda, aiming to hit X-Terminator with her flywheel, reversed into Shunt.


Beef-Cake charges at Shunt


Shunt flips Beef-Cake over

In the Featherweight Championship, Shunt was one of the two House Robots used.

"Could push these two around all day, can't he?"
— Jonathan Pearce in the Featherweight battle

After RC Warrior broke down, Beef-Cake charged at Shunt, even though the House Robot was over 100kg heavier than it. It drove up Shunt's plough, nearly getting stuck. Beef-Cake drove away and opened the pit, disposing of RC Warrior, then charged at Shunt again, but bounced of his scoop, and Shunt then reversed into Beef-Cake, flipping it over with his plough. Shunt then pushed the featherweight into the path of Sir Killalot, who drove over it, crushing it. Shunt tried to axe Beef-Cake, but it struggled to hit such a small target.

"Look at the difference in size! It's like an ant against an elephant!"
— Jonathan Pearce in the Featherweight battle

Shunt puts his axe straight through S.M.I.D.S.Y.


Shunt stuck on S.M.I.D.S.Y.

SMIDSY pitted

Shunt struggles to drop S.M.I.D.S.Y. into the pit

In Round 1 of the Tag Team Terror, after S.M.I.D.S.Y. broke down, Shunt was axing it, easily puncturing the armour, but when it flipped S.M.I.D.S.Y. over, it dropped the scoop on S.M.I.D.S.Y. and became stuck. Shunt did get down, and was pushing S.M.I.D.S.Y. towards the pit, but S.M.I.D.S.Y. got one of its wheel hubs stuck on one of the spikes on Shunt's scoop, so Shunt was unable to drop it in properly, nearly toppling in itself.

Shunt had other problems across the series. He broke down twice, first in the German Melee, then later in the Round 2 battle of the Forces Special, between Mega-Hurts and Sub-Version.

Shunt's axe got briefly stuck in Pussycat during its battle with Tornado in the All-Stars, and Shunt nearly topped forward as he tried to get it out.

Series 5Edit

"Shunt is the lightest of our House Robots at 105 kilos, but quick and manoeuvrable. It can bulldoze, or with the fearsome axe, Shunt will blunt the brightest of hopes!"
— Jonathan Pearce introduces Shunt during the House Robot introduction

As in Extreme 1, Shunt’s appearances varied greatly across Series 5. In Heats E and F, he was in every battle, whereas in Heat H, he only appeared in one, and in Heat G, he appeared in none of the battles, the only episode he did not appear in.


Shunt axes Big Nipper

Shunt’s axe was still able to puncture many competitors. The most damage it caused in this series was on Big Nipper in its Round 1 battle with Razer. Razer pushed Big Nipper into the CPZ, and Shunt landed a series of axe blows, puncturing it five times.

"Oh! And Shunt's diamond-edged axe, the hardest material there is, slicing into Big Nipper."
— Jonathan Pearce during Razer's battle with Big Nipper

V.I.P.E.R. 01 is axed by Shunt and Splinter

Shunt also made four punctures on V.I.P.E.R. 01 in its battle with Splinter. Splinter pushed its opponent into Shunt, who punctured it with the axe and pushed it away, and Splinter pushed V.I.P.E.R. 01 back towards Shunt, who axed a couple more holes in the top and lifted it up as he pushed it away. Splinter forced V.I.P.E.R. 01 into Shunt's CPZ again, and Shunt axed it and dragged it onto the flame pit, holding it there until time ran out.

X-terminator shunt

Shunt drags X-Terminator around

The axe was also still useful at pinning robots down, allowing him to push or drag robots around, such as when it dragged the limping X-Terminator to the flame pit in Round 2 of Heat F. However, as in Extreme 1, there were more robots than in previous wars able to withstand the axe. Notably, during the Semi-Finals, Shunt failed to puncture Wild Thing, Spawn Again, S3 and Firestorm 3.

Shunt Tartan Terror

Shunt pushes The Tartan Terror onto the flame pit

One of Shunt’s most notable battles in this series was the Round 1 battle between The Steel Avenger and The Tartan Terror. He axed The Tartan Terror twice, but failed to puncture the shell, despite the fact it was made of wood. The Tartan Terror was put on the flame pit by Sir Killalot, and as Shunt pushed it to the floor flipper, parts of The Tartan Terror’s burning kilt became stuck on Shunt.


Shunt pits Velocirippa

Heat E was Shunt’s most notable episode in this series. He appeared in every battle, and he had a number of notable moments in those battles. Towards the end of the battle between Wild Thing and Trouble 'n' Strife, Shunt used his axe to pin Trouble 'n' Strife down, then dragged it into Matilda’s flywheel. He and Sgt. Bash pitted the beaten Velocirippa together after it broke down in its battle with The Alien, then did the same to the seeded Thermidor 2 after it broke down after running out of CO2 in its battle against Prizephita Mach 2.


Shunt and Sgt. Bash pit Thermidor 2


Dead Metal pulls The Alien free of Shunt's axe

In Round 2, after it was stuck on its back and counted out, Shunt axed the underbelly of The Alien, but the axe became stuck, and Dead Metal had to pull the competitor off. As Dead Metal let The Alien go, Shunt came in to axe the underbelly again, but The Alien self-righted. Unable to get away, The Alien hit Shunt's scoop with its spinning hammer, but Shunt hit the hammer with his axe, stopping it with one blow.


Shunt roasts the Lambsy mascot

Lambsy Bulldog Breed 3 Shunt

Shunt punches Lambsy's tyre

Immortalis shunt

Shunt shatters the globe of Immortalis

Shunt continued to attack decorations on the competitors. In Lambsy’s first battle, Shunt axed the sheep mascot, span around with it, and put it on the flame pit before axing Lambsy in its next battle against Bulldog Breed 3. Shunt also smashed the dome on the rear of Immortalis, shattering the back end of the immobilised machine.


Bigger Brother flips Shunt over

Shunt suffered various attacks from the competitors in this series. In the Heat I final against 3 Stegs to Heaven, Bigger Brother pushed 3 Stegs to Heaven into his CPZ, but before Shunt could attack, Bigger Brother flipped Shunt over, forcing Sir Killalot to avenge the beaten House Robot.

Craig Charles: "What have you got against Shunt?"
Ian Watts: "Ah well, he was there! What are you going to do?"
Craig Charles: "He was there, and you thought "I can take him down!""
— Interview following Bigger Brother's victory against 3 Stegs to Heaven

Panic Attack lifts Shunt as he attacks Tiberius 2

The next heat saw old rival Panic Attack stage another attack on Shunt. During its battle with Tiberius 2, Panic Attack got under Shunt as he was attacking Tiberius, and lifted him up. Refbot intervened, pushing Panic Attack, who abandoned his attack. Shunt would later exact revenge in the Semi-Finals, axing Panic Attack when it was in the CPZ with Sgt. Bash during its battle with Pussycat.

"...I don't think Shunt should be out there, that's not in the CPZ, Refbot. And Shunt on the attack again... he's red-carded! Shunt sent back to his corner!"
— Jonathan Pearce whilst Shunt is red-carded in the battle between Rick and Destruct-A-Bubble

Shunt gets red-carded


Shunt pushes Refbot in retaliation

Shunt continued to have problems with his axe getting stuck in robots. For example, Shunt came out of his CPZ to axe Destruct-A-Bubble when it stopped moving during its battle with Rick, but the axe got stuck in the competitor, and when Shunt tried lifting Destruct-A-Bubble, he began toppling forwards, with the axe still being stuck. He managed to free the axe after some pushing and pulling. This battle was also notable because Shunt was given a red card from Refbot for leaving his CPZ and attacking a competitor before it was counted out. As Shunt reversed to his CPZ, Refbot followed him, and Shunt pushed back against Refbot, "angry" at the red card.

"...and Shunt's having a ruck here with the Refbot! A real argument ensuing!"
— Jonathan Pearce in the battle between Rick and Destruct-A-Bubble
S3 vs razer

Shunt axes S3 as Razer pierces it


Shunt struggles to drop Terrorhurtz into the pit


Shunt falls into the pit whilst pitting Axe-C-Dent

Shunt’s axe also became stuck when in Terrorhurtz after it became immobilised against Fluffy. After it was thrown by the Floor Flipper, Shunt axed the underbelly and lifted it up the beaten competitor with his scoop, but the axe became stuck in the base, and when Shunt tried pushing the beaten competitor into the pit, Terrorhurtz would not fall of the end. Shunt tried moving away, but his scoop was hanging over the edge so he could not reverse away, and he accidentally drove into the pit with Terrorhurtz.

"Shunt's gone in after them! Oh dear, driving lessons for you!"
— Jonathan Pearce during the battle between Terrorhurtz and Fluffy

Shunt also fell into the pit whilst pitting Axe-C-Dent in its Heat K battle with Destruct-A-Bubble.

Corkscrew vs 13 black

Shunt attempts to separate Corkscrew and 13 Black

Shunt’s pushing abilities were used to pit beaten robots such as Immortalis and Juggernot 2, and when 13 Black became stuck in Corkscrew, he attempted to use his plough to separate the two robots, though cease was called before he could. In the Semi Final battle between Chaos 2 and Wild Thing, Shunt tried to free Wild Thing when it became stuck under Dead Metal. Shunt then lifted and axed Wild Thing.


Razer and Shunt lift S3 against the fence

Shunt almost achieved an out of the arena lift in this series, during Razer's battle with S3 in the first Semi-Final. Razer had S3 pinned in the bottom CPZ, caught on the crusher, and lifted it up against the fence. Shunt also came in, helping Razer to lift it up against the fence. Time ran out before they could lift it out however.

Series 6Edit

"Shunt will bully and bulldoze, and leave even the best facing the axe from the Sixth Wars!"
— Jonathan Pearce introduces Shunt during the House Robot introduction

Shunt returned for Series 6 with an improved pneumatics system and a new blade for his axe. The blade was no longer "diamond edged" as had been often boasted in previous series. Once again, Shunt did not have a great deal of involvement during this series.

Dantomkia Chaos 2 1

Shunt pins Chaos 2 as both competitors flail around in the CPZ in the Heat Final of Heat C

He was absent from Heat F and Heat G, as well as the UK vs Germany Special at the end of the series. In a number of episodes he did appear in, he only appeared in one battle, and in those, he sometimes did not make an impact, such as his first appearance in the series, the Heat Final of Heat A.

Despite this, he was used in every battle of Grand Final, and all but one battle in Heat I. He also appeared in nine of the twelve Heat Finals, including the first five heats.

Alien meets Shunt + Shred

Shunt axes The Alien

Terrorhurtz vs Bigger Brother

Shunt tries to axe Terrorhurtz

As in Extreme 1 and Series 5, Shunt's axe was less effective than it had been before the weight increase. It was able to puncture very few robots in this series, including the base plate of ICU after it was flipped over in Round 1 of Heat D, and also the top of Warhog in Heat J. Notably, he failed to puncture Firestorm 4 and Terrorhurtz, despite trying multiple times in two battles each across the series.

Shunt axes icu s6 melee

Shunt axes ICU

Shunt vs Shredder

Shunt punches through Shredder

Shredder vs The Alien

Shunt attacks The Alien


Shunt drags Sumpthing to the flame pit

However, it did still rove effective at holding robots still and dragging them, which it did to Shredder in Round 2 of Heat D and Sumpthing in Heat J, which he forced onto the flame pit.


Shunt lifts Warhog onto S.M..I.D.S.Y.

Razer Tornado 1

Razer is lifted up and axed by Shunt

He was also able to use his axe together with his scoop to lift robots up. He did this twice, first in Round 1 in Heat J, where he used his weapons together to lift Warhog onto S.M.I.D.S.Y., then later in the Grand Final, where Tornado forced Razer into him, and Shunt axed Razer and lifted it up. Notably, although his axe did not appear to puncture Razer, it did crumple the side.

Shunt's main role in this series was the arena duties on immobilised competitors. He pushed robots such as Sabretooth, Axe-C-Dent 2 and Barber-Ous 2 into the pit, and also put competitors including R.O.C.S. and Tridentate onto the flipper. In the cases of Ming 3 in Heat H, and Terrorhurtz in the Grand Final, he pushed them into both.

PA24K Shunt

Shunt achieves vengeance on Panic Attack as he pushes it onto the Drop Zone

Most of Shunt's most notable moments in this series came from doing the arena duties. He pitted second seed Bigger Brother after it was eliminated by Terrorhurtz in the Semi-Final. In one of the first-round melees in Heat L, he pitted Derek 2 and Behemoth. Fittingly, Shunt was able to get some revenge on Panic Attack, dragging it to the Floor Flipper and then the Drop Zone, the new arena hazard for this series, in the Heat Final of Heat I.

"Will the House Robots, Shunt and Matilda, totally destroy? Oh, oh, oh, the Drop Zone's being lined up! Surely not for Panic Attack, have some reverence! ... Shunt, how could you? How nasty! How wonderful!"
— Jonathan Pearce as Shunt pushes Panic Attack onto the Drop Zone
Wild Thing vs Vader HF

Shunt comes in as Wild Thing and Vader fail to separate

Shunt was also used to separate robots that were stuck, first in the Heat Final of Heat E when Wild Thing's disc became stuck in the side of Vader, then later in Round 1 of Heat I, where Terrorhurtz's axe became stuck in Reptirron the Second.

Shunt firestorm

Shunt is lifted by Firestorm 4 before being toppled over

Shunt firestorm refbot x-terminator

Firestorm 4 rights Shunt as Refbot's count begins

Shunt bore the brunt of two of the few House Robot attacks in this series. First, Firestorm 4 got underneath and turned him onto his side following its victory over X-Terminator in the Heat Final of Heat B.

"How impressive was that?!"
— Jonathan Pearce in the Grand Final recap

Firestorm 4 then drove him round the arena a few times before overturning him. Shunt retaliated by chasing Firestorm 4 until cease was called.

Although not shown on television, during the Heat Final of Heat K, Hypno-Disc cut a gash in his scoop. This gash can be seen across the series. It is not present in the early rounds, but can be seen in many of the Heat Finals, and has been patched up for the Grand Final.

Chromalot Bumps Shunt

Sir Chromalot bumps into Shunt

There was also a somewhat comical moment during one of the heats, when Sir Chromalot drove into the arena and bumped into Shunt. Shunt seemed to take offence to this and chased Sir Chromalot to its starting spotlight.

Extreme 2Edit

Shunt appeared frequently during the second series of Robot Wars Extreme, only being absent from Heat B of the New Blood Championship. However, just like in Series 6, notable moments involving him were genuinely limited.

Sgt Bash vs Tornado

Shunt lifts Terrorhurtz up

Shunt's first appearance was in the very first battle of the series, in Heat A of the All-Stars. This proved to be one of his most eventful battles in the series. First, he axed Dantomkia and pulled it away from Terrorhurtz. He then tried to axe Terrorhurtz, but despite repeated attempts, couldn't due to Terrorhurtz's anti-axe panels. Instead, Shunt used its scoop to lift Terrorhurtz up, push it into Refbot and flip it over, from which it could not self-right, allowing Dantomkia to pit it.

As in Series 6, Shunt's axe was less effective that it had been in previous series, failing to puncture most competitors due to the improving standards of armour. Shunt even failed to puncture less experienced competitors such as Infinity, Maximus and Spin Doctor. Notable lows for Shunt included the Heat Final of Heat A of the All-Stars, where he couldn't puncture Bigger Brother or Firestorm 4, and failing to puncture Philipper 2 in the European Championship despite two attempts.


Broadsword has its top ripped off

There were some highlights for Shunt, however. In the Robot Wars Extreme: Series 2/Middleweight Championship, Shunt used his axe to rip the top off of Broadsword, the most damage he did in the series.

Razer vs 13black vs shunt CPZ

Razer takes 13 Black to Shunt's CPZ


Shunt axes 13 Black

In Heat B of the All-Stars, when Razer pushed 13 Black into his CPZ, Shunt used his axe to puncture on of 13 Black's discs, then Shunt dragged both competitors together. Also during the All-Stars, Shunt's axe punctured the armour of Dantomkia.

A few competitors tried to attack on Shunt in this series, but none of them made much of an impact. During its Round 2 battle in the All-Stars, after Dantomkia was immobilised, Firestorm 4 got under Shunt, pushed him into the corner and trying to flip him over, but couldn't topple the House Robot because it was flipping him against the arena wall.

House Robots Barbaric Response

Matilda attacks Barbaric Response as it tries to flip Shunt

Barbaric Response attempted to flip Shunt after defeating Mighty Mouse and Velocirippa in Round 1 of the Tag Team Terror, but only managed to lift it a little, and Matilda attacked Barbaric Response as it was doing so, hitting the wheel guard with her flywheel, ripping off a part.

In Round 1 of the Iron Maidens, Behemoth had a brief fight with Shunt. Behemoth attempted to flip Shunt as he and Mr. Psycho steered Riptilion away from the angle grinder, and attempted to resume its attacks on Shunt as Kat3 attacked the immobile Riptilion.

"...and bulldozer blade to bulldozer blade, Behemoth with Shunt."
— Jonathan Pearce

Behemoth and Shunt lifted and pushed each other for some time until Riptilion was counted out.

PA vs Shunt

Panic Attack engages with Shunt

Old rival Panic Attack also made an attack on Shunt in this series, getting its forks under the House Robot in Round 1 of the Commonwealth Carnage and lifting it off its wheels, but this time Panic Attack couldn't flip Shunt over, unlike the first series of Robot Wars Extreme.

"...Panic Attack is taking on Shunt, is that wise?"
— Jonathan Pearce as Panic Attack lifts Shunt
Kan-Opener Thermidor 2 Annihilator Final 4

Kan-Opener and Thermidor 2 near the CPZ where Shunt and Sgt Bash are

Kan-Opener Thermidor 2 Annihilator Final 2

Shunt's camera shows him axing Kan-Opener

In the final of the Annihilator, Kan-Opener got one of its claws stuck in the side of Shunt after being pushed into the House Robot by Thermidor 2. Shunt had to use his scoop to lift Kan-Opener loose.

Shunt continued to commit "mercy killings" on beaten competitors, though he did so relatively rarely compared to other series. One of the few times he did so in this series was in the Lightweight Championship, where he put Ellie's Little Pink-Bot onto the floor flipper, then pitted it.

For the New Blood Championship, Shunt and the other House Robots were allowed to do more damage than usual to immobilised competitors.

"A real baptism of fire - none of the "Mercy Clauses" that the usual competitors get to sign, if you lost in this your machine was going to be thoroughly trashed by the House Robots, there was even a briefing given before the competition explaining what was in store."
— Team Storm Website[5]
Shunt Chopper

Shunt axes the underside of Chopper

Despite this however, Shunt made little impact in the tournament. In Heat A, he did put Maximus on the Drop Zone, having failed to puncture the armour despite multiple attempts. Heat C saw one of his most brutal treatments of a beaten competitor, as he used his axe to drag Chopper to the floor flipper, and after it was thrown into the air, Shunt repositioned it on the flipper so it could be thrown again. Shunt then put Chopper on the flame pit, then pitted it

"...that's great work by the House Robot! ... We've donesturely everything we can do to embarass Chopper, and just destroy it. Or is there more? Is there more Shunt, I wonder?"
— Jonathan Pearce as Shunt drags Chopper to the floor flipper, then later as he prepared to pit it
Shunt axes philipper 2 final

Shunt axes Philipper 2

Pressure axed

Shunt axes Pressure


Shunt before he was thrown by the floor flipper

There was a comical moment in the Robot Rampage, Shunt was flicked upwards by the Floor Flipper in the first round of the Middleweight championship. Shunt was positioning Doom Too on the flipper to join Mammoth, but didn't get off the corner when the flipper fired, meaning Shunt was thrown by it.

Chompalot and Shunt

Shunt controversially helps Chompalot


Shunt knocks out Behemoth's link (just visible below Behemoth and to the left of Chompalot)

Shunt's most notable moment in Extreme 2 was a a rather controversial battle during the Iron Maidens tournament. During the second round, Behemoth had flipped Chompalot over and it appeared as though Chompalot would be unable to right itself, but Shunt came out of his CPZ and flipped the dragon-based robot back onto its wheels.

"Was that an attack by Shunt? House Robots aren't allowed to help a competitor out, of course, it might well have been a misguided attack from Shunt!"
— Jonathan Pearce after Shunt righted Chompalot

Later, Shunt clashed with Behemoth after it drove into a CPZ. With Chompalot holding it in place, Shunt axed through Behemoth's top, eventually knocking its link out. As the House Robots are not meant to "help" an immobilised robot unless it is stuck on an arena hazard or the arena wall, Shunt's actions were criticised by the Behemoth team in particular after the battle.

Philippa Forrester: "Right, that wasn't fair, was it?"
Liz Pritchard: "No it certainly wasn't, no!"
— Forrester and Pritchard comment on the controversy

Series 7Edit

"Around the arena you'll see him hunt, he's the beefy bulldozer - Shunt! A diamond tipped axe that can deliver a killer blow is the best weapon in Shunt's repertoire of tricks."
— The Series 7 Programme on Shunt
Shunt axes Herbinator

Shunt punctures Herbinator's top armour

Shunt Demolition Man

Shunt axes the immobile Demolition Man

Series 7 continued the trend of Shunt's decline in effectiveness. As in Extreme 2, Shunt's axe was largely unable to puncture competitors; King B Powerworks, Thor, Leveller 2, Demolition Man and the wooden Brutus Maximus being some of the competitors that withstood its axe blows this series.

Shunt Crushtacean 1

Shunt axes Crushtacean but does not puncture it

Particularly notable, Shunt failed to puncture S.M.I.D.S.Y. despite making three attempts in Round 1 of Heat G. Shunt also failed to puncture the base of Tartarus in Heat L.

Lightning vs Thor

Shunt involved in some action with Sgt Bash as Lightning pushes Thor into the CPZ

Gravity vs Shunt

Gravity throws Shunt over

This series also saw Shunt flipped over more times than ever before. Gravity, Hydra, Ceros, Ripper, Raging Knightmare and Firestorm 5 all flipped him over during the course of the series. First, during the Heat Final of the Heat D, where Lightning had broken down after constant flipping by Gravity. The House Robots moved in to attack Lightning as Refbot counted it out, when Gravity caught Shunt unawares and flipped him over. Shunt landed heavily on his top end and various parts, including his camera, broke off.

"Gravity, side-by-side with Lightning. Gravity watches as Lightning is counted down, watches and listens, AS DOES SHUNT! OH, AND SHUNT HAS PAID THE PRICE! Lost concentration, Gravity flipped it!"
— Jonathan Pearce as Gravity throws Shunt over

Gravity then took on Dead Metal and flipped him over as well, receiving a red card for its attacks.


Hydra topples Shunt

Then, in the Axe Attack, the competitors decided to take on the House Robots after Kat 3. Shunt was unable to stop them, his axe failing to puncture any of the three competitors, before Hydra flipped him over.

Shunt Ceros

Shunt is thrown over by Ceros

In his only appearance in Heat H, having defeated Revolution 3, Ceros drove at Shunt's side and flipped him up. Shunt chased after it, but Ceros got under Shunt and flipped him over. However, whilst Sgt. Bash grabbed Ceros, Refbot righted Shunt, and Shunt was able to help pit Ceros after Sgt. Bash broke down, and also put Revolution 3 on the Drop Zone.

Ripper attacks Shunt

Ripper attempts to flip Shunt

Ripper shunt killalot

Ripper leaves Shunt hanging off Sir Killalot, whose breastplate is missing

Ripper flips refbot

Shunt lifts Ripper as it flips Refbot

Ripper went after Shunt having defeated Daisy-Cutter in Round 2 of Heat P, charging into his CPZ and flipping him up a couple of times with the flipper. Shunt tried to axe Ripper, but Ripper managed to block the axe by firing its flipper. Sir Killalot came in to help, pinning Ripper against the side wall, whilst Shunt opened the pit. Shunt attempted to intervene when Ripper tried to flip Refbot, but couldn't stop Ripper flipping him onto his back. Ripper flipped Shunt against Sir Killalot, causing the two House Robots to become stuck together, with Sir Killalot losing his breastplate. Although Sir Killalot was able to get free, Shunt was left stuck on his side.

"Taking on the House Robots when you should be thinking of a Heat Final? Is that wise? ... Will we have any robots left in there representing the house? It's all gone a little bit crazy out there!"
— Jonathan Pearce
Raging Knightmare Shunt

Raging Knightmare throws Shunt over

In the first Semi-Final, Tornado rammed Raging Knightmare into a CPZ, and when Shunt came in to attack Tornado, Raging Knightmare got its flipper under the House Robot and flipped it on its side. A view from the Shunt Cam was shown as it did so.

"Good attack by Raging Knightmare, but err, you're actually supposed to be attacking the little red thing on wheels called Tornado."
— Jonathan Pearce after Raging Knightmare flips Shunt
All stars eliminator A

Shunt, having been flipped over by Firestorm 5

Finally, during the first round of the All-Stars, all four robots ignored each other and attacked the house robots, Shunt being their first victim. He was easily flipped over by Firestorm within the opening moments as the competitors charged at him. Later on, Bigger Brother tried to flip him out of the arena, with no success.

"The message from these competing machines quite clear, we don't actually mind who goes through to the second round of the All-Stars as long as we take our revenge on the House Robots! Shunt, you're a big boy Shunt, and Bigger Brother's only a wee, wee ninety-eight kilo machine Come on, right yourself! You are fighting for the pirde in the name of Robot Wars."
— Jonathan Pearce as Bigger Brother flips Shunt against the fence

Jackson Wallop cuts a gash in Shunt's scoop

Being flipped over wasn't the only problem Shunt suffered from in this series. During the match between Big Nipper and Jackson Wallop in Heat B, Shunt was struck by the spinning blade of Jackson Wallop which put a massive hole in Shunt's scoop. The hole was never repaired and can even still be seen during the Meet the House Robots preview episode for the 2016 series.

Mute Shunt

Mute decides to have a go at Shunt

Behemoth Tartarus

Behemoth shoves Tartarus into Shunt

Shunt's axe failed to rectract properly on two occasions during the battle between Dantomkia and Scorpion in Heat C.

Dantomkia vs Scorpion

Shunt fails to retract his axe properly while Dantomkia flips out Scorpion

Shunt was absent from three Heats in a row in the middle of the series; I, J and K. He was also absent from all four of the battles in the Grand Final, in contrast to the previous series where all four Grand Final battles featured him. Shunt was also not used in House Robot Rebellion, the only House Robot Rebellion he was absent from.


Reaper NP2 is pushed in the Pit of Oblivion

Of course, Shunt was still mainly used for the arena duties, pushing The Alien, Hammerhead 2 and Crushtacean onto the flipper, pitting Reaper NP2 and King B Powerworks, having also put King B Powerworks on the flipper, and putting Revolution 3 and Cygnus X-1 on the Drop Zone.


Robochicken feels the full force of Shunt's axe

Shunt's axe did still cause some damage this series. It caused large holes in the tops of Herbinator and Thermidor 2, also causing smaller holes in Tetanus Booster, Robochicken, Hammerhead 2 and Reaper NP2, the latter of which he caused a number of small holes in. Although he failed to puncture the top of St. Agro, he did cause the CO2 battle to leak after axing it.

In Heat O, Shunt contributed to one of the series' biggest shocks, in the Round 2 battle between Iron-Awe 2.1 and Bigger Brother. Bigger Brother was pushing Iron-Awe 2.1 to the arena side wall, but Bigger Brother drove into Shunt, who was just outside of his CPZ. This allowed Iron-Awe 2.1 to turn away, and as Bigger Brother turned around, Iron-Awe 2.1 got underneath it and flipped it out of the arena.

"They got a lucky shot, and Shunt shouldn't have been there! He's supposed to be in the CPZ's. not outside and tinkering with the odds!"
— Joe Watts of Team Big Brother after the battle
Storm 2 vs grim reaper s7 semi final 2

Shunt without his exhaust pipe looks on

Shunt's exhaust pipe fell off in two battles in this series, first in the Round 2 battle in Heat P where it fell off after Shunt missed an axe blow on Ripper. In the battle between Storm 2 and The Grim Reaper in Semi-Final 2, Shunt's exhaust pipe fell off after Shunt axed The Grim Reaper.

Shunt axes Storm 2 Supernova

Shunt stacks Storm 2 on the angle grinder

Rather fittingly, as the first House Robot to be introduced, Shunt also appeared in the final of The Third World Championship, the last episode of Robot Wars' original run. During the match, Supernova stacked itself against the arena wall. As both the Storm 2 team and the House Roboteers believed that Storm 2 had won, Shunt stacked it against the arena side wall for fun. This lead to a rather controversial finish (see Storm 2/Controversy), but Storm 2 was given the win anyway.

Series 8Edit

"Shunt. The arena bruiser, perfectly equipped for pushing people around. If that's not enough his titanium tipped axe lands with a tonne of force, right on top of your cherished shiny robots head."
— Robot Wars Facebook

Shunt was shown in the third teaser. He was enlarged and upgraded to meet the standards of modern competitors, as with the other returning House Robots, and features a faster and more powerful axe and scoop as well as a revised design. Shunt also takes a role similar to Shove where it can help clean up the debris, as noted after Chompalot was knocked out in its Head to Head.

"350 kilos of axe-wielding push, Shunt's pneumatic axe will be capable of perforating any robot that strays into his Corner Patrol Zone!"
— Jonathan Pearce introduces Shunt for the first time in the new series

The improved Shunt made his first appearance in the second group battle in Heat 1, but was not involved in the battle. He appeared again in the next battle, between Carbide and Terrorhurtz, but stayed on the sidelines again.

His next battle saw the first competitor attack on a House Robot in the reboot series. Having defeated Nuts in the Head-to-Head battles, Carbide hit the side of Shunt after cease was called, causing the House Robot to lose drive on one wheel.

Shunt was repaired and appeared in the next two battles, and after remaining on the sidelines for the Carbide vs. Behemoth battle, he made his first proper attacks on competitors in the Nuts vs. Terrorhurtz battle, as he rammed Nuts out of the CPZ and into a wall, before axing Terrorhurtz and Nuts. Notably, Shunt's axe caused sparks on impact with the competitors.

Shunt made another appearance in the Heat Final, but stayed on the sidelines as Carbide quickly defeated Behemoth. He was largely absent from the next Heat, only appearing in two battles, and briefly landing an axe blow on Thor during its battle with M.R. Speed Squared. Shunt was not used in any battles in Heat 3 - the last episode he was absent from.

Apollo flips shunt

Shunt is flipped by Apollo

During Heat 4, Shunt, along with fellow House Robots Matilda and Dead Metal, were all flipped by Apollo, despite the weight increase for the House Robots.

Chompalot Shunt

Shunt attacks Chompalot

Thermidor Shunt

Shunt immobilises Thermidor 2

In Heat 5, Shunt - along with Ironside3 - was responsible for immobilising Thermidor 2 on one side. After it was pushed into the CPZ by Chompalot, Shunt's axe penetrated Thermidor 2's wheel, putting it out of the competition. Shunt would later attack the battered Chompalot in the next round, contributing towards its eventual battery fire and withdrawal from the series.

Shunt axes pulsar

Sparks fly as Shunt strikes Pulsar

Apollo vs carbide GF 4

Shunt axes Carbide as Apollo shoves it into him in the closing seconds

In the Grand Final, Shunt played a large role, featuring in seven out of the nine battles, and striking blows on Thor, Pulsar and Carbide at various points with his axe as well as stacking Carbide against the wall during its Head to Head against TR2. Shunt was also seen in the final, causing damage to both Carbide and Apollo throughout the battle - Apollo even intentionally received a blow from Shunt's axe in order to flatten its flipper back down.

Battle of the StarsEdit

Shunt made numerous appearances in Robot Wars: Battle of the Stars, which was filmed as part of the ninth series.

Arena Cleaner vs Interstellar

Shunt axes Interstellar: MML

In Episode 1, Shunt rammed Interstellar: MML into the wall and axed its flipper after it became immobilised by Arena Cleaner during its first Head-to-Head battle. Later on, he axed and pinned Arena Cleaner against the wall after the latter had its wheels sliced by The Cat, only to have his right-hand wheel-guard and rear plough badly damaged by Arena Cleaner following its victory over JAR. This appeared to immobilise Shunt.

Arena Cleaner vs Shunt

Shunt's rear plough after sustaining damage from Arena Cleaner

In Episode 2, Shunt flipped Robo Savage over into a CPZ following its Head-to-Head defeat to Kadeena Machina. When both robots fought each other again for the Grand Final, he axed Robo Savage just as it was being picked up by Sir Killalot following its immobilisation.

Series 9Edit

Shunt appeared in a teaser trailer for Series 9, uploaded on 10th February 2017.[6] The teaser showed him and the other House Robots destroying household appliances, with Taylor Swift's "I Knew You Were Trouble" playing in the background.

Rogue shunt axes terrorhurtz

Shunt, in Rogue House Robot mode, attacks Terrorhurtz

"He's an axe to the max - it's the titanium tipped axe of Shunt!"
— Jonathan Pearce introduces Shunt before his first appearance in Series 9
Shunt Aftershock

Aftershock's weapon churns sparks after contact with Shunt's front scoop

In Heat 1, Shunt became the first Rogue House Robot in the Head-To-Head between Terrorhurtz and Sabretooth, attacking Terrorhurtz and damaging its firing ram and leading to the robot being counted out after Sabretooth pressed the Arena Tyre. He also made the most appearances of the House Robots in Episode 1, playing a part in 6 battles. Other notable moments for Shunt from the first episode included tossing over Sabretooth in its Group Battle involving TMHWK, Crank-E and Aftershock, while later in the episode, an altercation with Aftershock in the CPZ sent sparks flying from the House Robot's front scoop.

Shunt axes draven

Shunt KO's Draven

PP3D sparks

Shunt damaged by PP3Ds blade

In Heat 2, during the group battle between Cherub, Draven, PP3D and Push to Exit, Shunt was responsible for knocking Draven out completely, penetrating the armour and hitting the receiver of Draven. Later in the episode, during a head to head match between Behemoth and PP3D, Shunt went "rogue" after Behemoth triggered the switch. Shunt slammed PP3D around, which soon caused it to burst into sparks, but in turn Shunt was damaged by PP3D's blade.

Shunt vs MRSS

Shunt pierces M.R. Speed Squared

In Heat 3, Shunt made two appearances. He had no involvement in the group battle between Thor, Concussion, Tauron and Chimera2, but during the Head-to-Head battle between M.R. Speed Squared and Heavy Metal, Shunt's axe punched straight through the top armour of M.R. Speed Squared and barged it into the arena wall.

Shunt vs Frostbite

Shunt punches through the top of Frostbite

Shunt had a very busy Heat 4 as he made an appearance in every battle bar one. Shunt's most notable moment came during the first Head-to-Head battle of the episode between Frostbite and Supernova, as he slammed through the top armour of the immobile Frostbite before pulling it clean off. He also axed Wyrm and dented the top of Supernova's armour in their Head-to-Head battles against Ironside3.

Shunt's appearances in Heat 5 were limited, as he was being repaired after suffering damage from Arena Cleaner in the previous day of filming. Shunt filmed a Grandstand view of Smash damaging the Arena wall after an attack by Carbide in their Head-to-Head.

Shunt Concussion

Shunt causes further damage to the immobile Concussion

Shunt appeared in 6 battles in the Grand Final, and used his axed on the beaten Concussion during the second Group Battle, with Ironside3 also forced to bear the brunt of the House Robot's weapon while it fought Carbide in the Head-to-Head stage.

Carbide Sir Killalot Shunt

The House Robots exact their revenge on the new champion

Shunt also appeared in the championship deciding fight between Carbide and Eruption, and was forced to help Sir Killalot out after Carbide attacked the House Robot. Shunt used his bulldozer scoop and axe to attack the new champion, and drove it against the arena side gate.

Series 10Edit

Shunt Sabretooth

Shunt rams Sabretooth into the side wall

Shunt made three appearances in the opening heat of Series 10 - starring in the first fight of the series between Behemoth, Donald Thump, and Sabretooth, as well as being present for the first occurrence of the new arena hazard, Fog of War. In terms of in-battle action, Shunt tussled with Sabretooth on more than one occasion, with the House Robot axing and ramming the yellow and black machine when it was in the CPZ during battles against Apocalypse and The Swarm.

"Goodness me, they'll need a day off after this - it's sympathetic Shunt against cuddly Killalot."
— Jonathan Pearce, as the two House Robots appear yet again in Heat 2
Shunt Carbide

Shunt's front scoop takes damage from Carbide

With an abundance of spinners in Heat 2, Shunt was involved in seven out of the eight battles in the episode. His most notable involvements came in the Group Battle between Carbide, Gabriel 2, and Big Nipper, with the House Robot called into Rogue House Robot mode, as well as taking damage on his front scoop from Carbide.

Shunt was allowed to take more of a backseat in Heat 3 - only appearing three times. Despite little in terms of notable moments, Shunt was present for the shortest fight in Robot Wars history between Rapid and Track-tion, with the former achieving an Out of the Arena flip in just 00:05.6 seconds.

Shunt Concussion 1

Part of the damage caused to Concussion during the Heat Final

Shunt played a crucial role in the Heat Final of Heat 4 between Nuts 2 and Concussion. The inverted Concussion strayed too close to Shunt, which disabled the spinning drum weapon with a single blow. Concussion's team wanted Shunt to turn their robot back over, but the House Robot did not comply - damaging it further with his axe.

Hobgoblin vs Shunt

Shunt's axe tip is smashed by Hobgoblin

Heat 5's second Group Battle saw Shunt cause damage to the underside of Push to Exit with two hits from his axe, before sliding it onto the inactive Pit of Oblivion. The House Robot's second appearance in the Heat saw his axe come into play again, but after a rally of hits on the immobile Hobgoblin, Shunt took damage himself - with his axe point shattering off after a direct hit to Hobgoblin's egg-beater weapon. As revenge, Shunt toppled Hobgoblin over, before charging Coyote against the arena wall following an attack on the House Robot after cease, from Jamie McHarg's machine.

Shunt's most damaging moment in the Grand Final came during the 10 Robot Rumble, as he charged into Apollo and axed the ex-champions after being called into Rogue House Robot mode. Despite offering little with his weaponry after this, Shunt still made five more appearances, which also included the championship fight between Carbide and Eruption. This meant that Shunt continued his record of appearing in the title fight for every series of the reboot.

Shunt also appeared in the World Series. In Episode 1, Shunt carried out tradition on a returning Diotoir by setting it on fire after it was immobilised by Terrorhurtz. Shunt was also a Rogue House Robot during the fight between Rabid M8 and Gabriel 2 - with the House Robot slamming the already limping Gabriel 2 against the arena wall.

Shunt vs Terror Turtle

Shunt's axe punches straight through Terror Turtle

Shunt vs Eruption

Shunt's axe snaps in half

Just like in Episode 1, Shunt appeared in the second Tag Team battle during Episode 2 - a battle where it axed right through Terror Turtle's fibreglass shell after it was immobilised. Shunt also went rogue in the battle between Thor and Tough as Nails, using his axe to strike both machines, and also briefly overturned Thor using its lifting scoop. Shunt's axe later suffered damage itself though, as the weapon shaft of the House Robot snapped following a hit on Eruption during its captains' battle against Cathadh, in what proved to be Shunt's final appearance on Robot Wars.

US Season 1Edit

"As strong as an Ox, with a diamond edged axe! Shunt might be a lightweight in house terms, weighing in at over 215 pounds, but he’s a heavyweight when it comes to havoc!"
— Stefan Frank introduces Shunt during the House Robot introduction in the Tag Team
Closeenoughvssb EW1

Close Enough gets axed by Shunt

Shunt made numerous appearances in the first series of Robot Wars: Extreme Warriors. He appeared in the first battle of the first episode, the Robot Rebellion battle between Close Enough and Silver Box. After Close Enough broke down and was counted out, Shunt pushed it across the arena and put it on the flipper. After it was thrown, Shunt axed the top of Close Enough and pushed it onto the flame pit. As Close Enough burnt, Shunt landed two more axe punctures on the top.

He appeared in all but one of the battles in that episode. Notably, in the Eliminator between The Green Mouse and Tricerabot, Shunt pushed The Green Mouse onto the floor flipper, and after it was thrown, Shunt tried to lift it up and axe it. However, this caused him to topple forwards each time he tried it.

Shunt vs Rosie the Riveter

Shunt attacks Rosie the Riveter during the House Robot Rebellion

Tricerabot vs shunt

Tricerabot rams into and immobilises Shunt

Along with Matilda, Shunt was one of the House Robots that started against the competitors. He started by attacking Tut Tut, lifting it against the top arena wall, twice. He also axed Rosie the Riveter and lifted it up, causing it to flee, but towards the end ran out of power and was beaten into submission by Tricerabot.

"This could be a huge upset! Whoah, these four on two. I mean, you never would have thought that the House Robots would take this much punishment!"
— Stefan Frank

Matilda had also been immobilised after being flipped over, so Sir Killalot had to come in to help the House Robots. The damage he had taken proved to be quite severe, putting him out of commission for some time.

Shunt returned in the Annihilator, appearing in three of the five rounds. In the final, after Rippa Raptor broke down, Shunt used his axe to drag Rippa Raptor to the floor flipper, then tried to push it into the pit, but he missed his charge, leaving Rippa Raptor hanging on the edge of the pit, so Drillzilla pitted Rippa Raptor.

Shunt vs spike

Shunt deflates the tire of Spike


Bot-Ugly gets axed by Spike and Shunt

During the battle between Spike and Bot-Ugly in the Civil War, when Spike and Bot-Ugly strayed into his CPZ together, Shunt axed Spike's wheel, but the axe briefly became stuck under one of Spike's spines, with Shunt having to use his scoop to lift his axe free. Shunt then landed an axe blow right on Spike's tyre, but did not rip it. As Bot-Ugly pushed Spike down the arena, Shunt came out of his CPZ and axed it.

Pussycat shunt WoI

Shunt lifts Pussycat into the wall

In the same episode, Shunt pushed another beaten competitor onto the floor flipper, this time Tiger Cat. He would also put UK representative Spawn Again on the floor flipper in War of Independence.

"...Shunt and Sergeant Bash are in there to clean up the trash!"
— Stefan Frank as Shunt pushes Spawn Again to the flipper

Shunt was used in the final of both episodes, and in the final of the War of Independence, he righted Pussycat when it was stuck on its side in his CPZ, lifting Pussycat up with his scoop and pulling it back.

Shunt axes Falcon.

Shunt hits Falcon with its axe

Shunt would put two more robots on the floor flipper in the US Championship; Shuriken and Mad Cow, though he failed to line Shuriken up correctly, so it was not thrown very far.

Some robots, including Joker and Falcon, were able to withstand the axe of Shunt.

US Season 2Edit

"…with that diamond-edged axe."
— Stefan Frank in almost every introduction for Shunt

Shunt axes a flaming Tricerabot 3.0

As usual, Shunt’s main roles in this series were to perform “mercy killings” on beaten robots, and to attack robots that were pushed into, or drove into, his CPZ. He pushed Unibite onto the Floor Flipper, pitted Lightning Tracks, put Psycho Chicken on the flame pit and then the floor flipper, and pushed G-Force on the floor flipper before pitting it.

Rocky-Bot-Boa vs Manta

Rocky-Bot-Boa pushes Manta into Shunt

Notable occasions where Shunt attacked competitors included his first appearance of the series, when he axed and lifted Manta after Rocky-Bot-Boa pushed it into the CPZ during their Heat B battle.

In the same Heat, he axed The Bat after Rocky-Bot-Boa pushed it into his CPZ, pulled it back with the axe and lifted it with his scoop, nearly toppling it onto its side. In Heat C, Conquering Clown 2 pushed Sir Force A Lot into the CPZ, so Shunt punctured the top and lifted it against the wall and axed it again.

"...the Clown pushes Sir Force-A-Lot, and Shunt is going to let him know he dosen't belong there! And that's a good bit of strategy on the Conquerinb Clown's part, to let the House Robots do all the work, 'cause you know that Corner Patrol Zone's a no-go area for any of these bots! They wander in there, they're going to feel the wrath of Shunt of Killalot!"
— Stefan Frank as Conquering Clown 2 pushes Sir Force-A-Lot into the CPZ and Shunt axes Sir Force-A-Lot

Sir Force-A-Lot escaped, only for Conquering Clown 2 to push it back into Shunt, who lifted and axed it again.

During the first round of the Robot Rebellion, Shunt axed the top of Night Stalker, pulled it back, then pushed it into Matilda’s flywheel and pulled it away, after which it broke down, so Shunt pulled it out of the CPZ, and after it was counted out, pushed it on the Drop Zone.

Shunt appeared in a number of Finals in this series. First of which was the final battle of the Grand Final, where he axed Tricerabot when it drove too close. Panzer MK4 pinned it in the CPZ and Shunt axed it again.

Shunt would then appear in the final of the Annihilator, where it axed both competitors when they strayed close to his CPZ and pitted Brute at the end, and also the final of the International Championship, where General Chompsalot 2 got its jaw stuck on Shunt’s plough. Refbot had to come in and push the two apart.

Snakebitepitted rwews2

Sir Killalot and Shunt pit the beaten pair in the Robot Rebellion final

Most notably, he was used again in the final of the Robot Rebellion. He had better luck than in the Season 1 Robot Rebellion against Snake Bite and Snookums. He started by chasing after Snookums, but found it hard to land an axe blow because of Snookums narrow body.

"...Shunt goes right into the easiest target, Snookums, who gets away, fortunately for Snookums."
— Stefan Frank

After Snookums escaped, he went after Snake Bite, axing the top and getting the axe in one of the wheel gaps, pulling Snake Bite back and opening the pit. However, Shunt was then stabbed in the side by Snookums' sword, which became stuck in the side. Shunt pushed Snookums into the side wall to help separate them, then drove forwards to get free. Sir Killalot came into the arena and forcefully separated Snookums from Shunt, who was nearly overturned. Shunt managed to survive to the end of the match after Snookums was crushed by an organ and Snake Bite was pitted.

Shunt caused some controversy in this series. In Heat C, he and Sir Killalot attacked Unibite, despite the fact Texas Tornado had been counted out, after Texas Tornado pushed it into the CPZ. In Round 1 of Heat E, Shunt came out of his CPZ, opened the pit and pitted King of Diamonds, but this attack was overruled by the judges.

In the Tag Team, Shunt came out of the CPZ and axed Snookums. Later in the same battle, he axed and lifted Bang when it was pushed into the CPZ.

In Heat E. Shunt separated Brawler and Dragbot when B’s hammer got stuck under an angle grinder, leaving them stuck on Dragbot

The Revolutionist hit Shunt when it bounced into him whilst attacking Psycho Chicken. In the Tag Team, Rocky got under Shunt with his chainsaw and pushed him back.

Shunt managed to fight back against a robot that took on a house robot in the Grand Final – Tricerabot pushed Sgt Bash, Shunt axed it, dragged it back and flipped it over. Towards the end, RBB pushed Tcb back in CPZ and Shunt axed it again.

Nickelodeon Robot WarsEdit

Tut Tut vs Rosie the Riveter

Shunt axes the wheel of Tut Tut

In the Nickelodeon Robot Rebellion, Shunt was sent flying by the spinning maces of Humdrum but managed to recover. He then spent much of the fight attacking Squirmin Vermin, lifting it up into the air until Sir Killalot once again came in and threw Squirmin Vermin out of the arena and sent Humdrum to the Drop Zone. Shunt also landed a direct blow on the wheel of Tut Tut during its Challenge Belt battle with Rosie the Riveter 2.

Dutch Series 1Edit

Shunt made his first appearance in the first battle of Heat A, and would appear in all but two of the battles in that Heat. He appeared in every episode except Heat C, and was used in every battle of the Grand Final except the final battle.

As usual, Shunt's main role was to dispose of beaten competitors. He axed El-Mower, put it on the flame pit then the floor flipper in Heat D, and did the same to Blue in the same episode. He pushed NEAT Machine onto the floor flipper, then the pit in Heat E and pitted Twisted Metal and Botwork into the pit in the Grand Final.

The most damage Shunt caused in this series was to Pyramid of Chaos in the Losers' Melee of Heat B. Shunt axed it and lifted the shell up, nearly ripping the shell off as he did so. After pushing Pyramid of Chaos on the flame pit, Shunt axed the side of Pyramid of Chaos, pulling it back and causing the whole robot to topple over, before putting it on the floor flipper, and finally pitting it.

There were a few controversial moments involving Shunt in this series. In Heat A, during the battle with Arena Killer] and Lizzard, when Arena Killer drove into the CPZ, Shunt axed the flipper, lifted the robot up with his scoop and flipped it over. Shunt would later re-right Arena Killer, having axed it a couple of times after Lizzard pushed the inverted robot into his CPZ, including a large puncture on the baseplate. Later, after Matilda flipped Lizzard over, Shunt put it on the floor flipper, then pitted it. However, the jury ruled in favour of Lizzard, as Arena Killer had been immobilised first.

During the Heat B battle between Alien Destructor and Twisted Metal, Shunt came out of his CPZ twice, both times pushing Alien Destructor.

In Heat D, Shunt came out of his CPZ and attacked Flextreme whilst it was fighting El-Mower, even though neither robot was in his CPZ. For this, Refbot gave him a yellow card.

Shunt had some problems in this series. In the Heat D battle between Blue and Enderbot, part of Blue's armour became stuck on his axe. Shunt had to go into the centre of the arena and swing the axe to get it off. Whilst pitting Twisted Metal in the Grand Final, Shunt nearly fell in as well.

There were a couple of moments where Shunt attacked decorations on the competitors. He landed an axe blow right on El-Mower's Elmo doll after it was defeated by Slicer, and also pitted the shell of Lizzard after it was ripped off by Philipper in Heat A.

Shunt was only used to separate competitors once in this series, giving Rat a push when it was stuck on the axe of Bamm Bamm in Heat A.

Dutch Series 2Edit

As in the first series of the Dutch series, Shunt made his first appearance in the first battle of the series, between Lizzard and Project Two: Hex'em. This was one of his most notable appearances, as he axed Project Two: Hex'em, then dragged it away from the wall, before pushing it onto the Drop Zone, then the pit.


Shunt pits Tartarus

Shunt's main role in the series was carrying out arena duties on beaten competitors. He pitted Tartarus and Bluemax after they lost their respective Round 1 battles. After The Black Beast broke down in his CPZ, Shunt used his axe to drag it to the arena centre, and after Mr. Psycho picked The Black Beast up and dropped it, Shunt put it on the floor flipper, then the Drop Zone.


Shunt axes Beaverbot

Shunt had relatively few notable moments in this series, not even being used at all in Heat D. One of the more memorable bits of damage he caused was to Beaverbot, where his axe smashed through the spinner after Infinity pushed it to him.

In the Grand Final, Shunt was used in all four of the Round 1 battles. There was a comical moment in the battle between Krab-Bot and Philipper 2, when both Shunt and Growler charged into the CPZ when the two were fighting in an empty CPZ. Growler rammed into Krab-Bot, knocking it into the corner, and tried to pin Philipper 2 against the wall, but he bounced off Philipper 2 and bumped into Shunt, which had charged in to attack Krab-Bot.

Shunt pits Lizzard vs. Bamm Bamm

Shunt finishes off the defeated Lizzard

In the battle between Lizzard and Bamm Bamm, Bamm Bamm pushed Lizzard into Shunt, and Shunt axed the top of Lizzard. Although it didn't puncture, Shunt's axe knocked one of the top panels loose. Lizzard broke down and Shunt pushed it out of the CPZ, and after it was counted out, pitted it.

German Robot WarsEdit

Shunt was mostly absent during the only season of German Robot Wars, appearing in just two battles (not counting the episodes shown as part of other series).


Shunt falls into the pit whilst pitting Hydrotec

Both of those moments involved his usual arena duties. After Golem was defeated by Tyke in the second Final of Heat A, he pushed it onto the floor flipper, and after it was thrown placed it on the Drop Zone.

In the first Final of Heat B, after Black Hole defeated Hydrotec, Shunt and Mr. Psycho came out to attack. Both House Robots landed blows on the top with their axe and hammer respectively, then Shunt pushed the beaten competitor onto the floor flipper. After it was thrown, Shunt opened the pit and pushed Hydrotec in, but pushed too far, and toppled in as well.

Appearances in MerchandiseEdit

  • The Shunt pullback
  • The gold Shunt pullback
  • The Shunt Minibot
  • The remote controlled Shunt
  • Shunt Construction Set
  • Shunt in Robot Wars: Metal Mayhem
  • Shunt in Robot Wars: Arenas of Destruction
  • Shunt in Robot Wars: Advanced Destruction
  • Shunt in Robot Wars: Extreme Destruction (GBA)
  • Shunt in Robot Wars: Extreme Destruction (PC/Xbox)

Outside Robot WarsEdit

Matilda Shunt One Show

Shunt and Matilda appear on display during The One Show

On July 21st, 2016, Shunt and the rest of the Series 8 house robots appeared on BBC's The One Show, to promote the new series of Robot Wars. They battled three remote controlled cars piloted by the cast of The Rebel. Sir Killalot flattened all three cars, and won the battle for the house robots. Both Shunt and Matilda appeared in the 6th March 2017 edition of The One Show along with Dara Ó Briain, in order to promote Series 9.

In mid-2019, Jamie McHarg built a to-scale replica of Shunt, as it appeared in Series 4-7. For more information, see here.

Trivia Edit

  • The original Shunt being modelled
  • The insides of Shunt from Series 1
  • Shunt from Series 1
  • Shunt from Series 2
  • Shunt given maintenance during Series 2
  • Shunt being worked on
  • Shunt axes Techno-Lease, in the later version of the show's opening
  • Shunt (bottom left) appears in a clip shown under the battle boards
  • Shunt axes Humdrum in the show's opening
  • Shunt rams into Rosie the Riveter and Tut Tut in the show's opening
  • Shunt axes Techno Trousers in the show's opening
  • Shunt in the Ultimate Warriors DVD
  • Cartoon Shunt Poster from Issue 18 of the Robot Wars Magazine
  • Shunt is axed by Kat 3 in a promo shot
  • Kat 3 and Shunt in a poster, included with Issue 4 of Robot Wars: The Official Magazine
  • The original Shunt in a trailer for Series 8
  • Shunt on display in 2016
  • The Series 8 Shunt without armour
  • Shunt in the arena in Series 8
  • The Challenge ident featuring two Shunts
  • A CGI Shunt that appeared in the opening of Series 1-4. Note: The original design is used
  • ShuntCam (Series 1-4)
  • Shunt and the other house robots stored in the warehouse
  • Shunt's axe in Series 1
  • Shunt replica model used for displays
  • In every episode of Robot Wars Extreme: Series 1, Robot Wars: The Fifth Wars, Robot Wars: Extreme Warriors, Nickelodeon Robot Wars, Dutch Robot Wars: Series 1 and German Robot Wars, Shunt is seen in the corner in a battle between Falcon and Shuriken, visible behind the boards showing the list of events/rounds in each episode of the aforementioned series.
  • In the opening sequence used from Series 5-6 and Extreme 1 and 2, a clip from Shunt's on-board camera of Shunt axing Techno-Lease was included.
  • In official imagery and merchandise throughout the original run of Robot Wars, Shunt was always portrayed with its snowplough scoop side as the robot's front end. This was changed for the reboot, where Shunt was always pictured from its lifting scoop side.
  • During the later stage of filming for Series 8, the version of Shunt used in the original run of the series was put on display in the waiting tent.
  • Shunt's light weight compared with the other House Robots in the original run of the series made him a common target for competitors, especially flippers. Shunt has notably been flipped over more times than any other House Robot, having suffered from this misfortune eleven times.
  • Shunt is the only House Robot from the show's original run that was lighter than the new maximum heavyweight limit of 110kg (per Series 8-10).
  • Shunt appeared in the last battle of both the original and rebooted series of Robot Wars.
  • Shunt was the only House Robot to be thrown by the floor flipper.
  • In some battles in Series 5-7 and Extreme 1-2, Shunt's exhaust pipe was facing the back and in others, it was facing the front.
  • Out of all the House Robots built for Robot Wars, Shunt is one of the only three that appeared in every series of the classic and the reboot. The other two are Matilda and Dead Metal.


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