The Shunt radio controlled toy was one of the cheapest of the House Robot R/C toys at £29.99-£39.99. It is rather fast and has a recharge time of about five hours when the battery is completely empty. The robot has just as great maneuverability as the real-life counterpart, as it can turn very fast in any direction without moving forwards or backwards. The robot can also spin on the spot at quite a high speed.

These robots were meant for battling the other R/C house robot toys, and are strong and sturdy to reduce the risk of breakages. Like all other radio controlled house robot toys, Shunt has weaponry that is remote controlled. The shovels don't move at all but the axe weapon can be operated by remote, it will fire as far down as it can before the stem hits the front lifting shovel. The shovels themselves are good for pushing as they give a very low ground clearance at either end. Like the real-life counterpart, the axe won't be powerful enough to fully self-right the robot if overturned, but this is an unlikely occurrence. Like the other R/C toys bar Sergeant Bash and Tornado, the Shunt R/C toy doesn't have an immobilising hotspot. The Shunt remote control toy was described on the Fighting Robots website as "able to clear your room in seconds by pushing everything to the side".

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