"Once a bastion of the Cold War, this base is now home to illegal robot contests. This is robot fighting at its grittiest extreme, just be careful of the explosive trinkets left as a little reminder of what this place used to be..."
— In-game description from Arenas of Destruction

The Siberian Military Base is a playable arena in the video games Robot Wars: Arenas of Destruction and Robot Wars: Extreme Destruction. The arena is set in Siberia, Russia.

In Arenas of Destruction, it is unlocked after the player earns 25000 credits; in Extreme Destruction, it is unlocked after completing Stage 6 of "Competition" mode.

Appearance and HazardsEdit

"The Siberian Military Base has a nasty surprise awaiting unsuspecting robots, trigger the missile and see what happens."
— In-game description from Extreme Destruction
Military Base ED

The Siberian Military Base in Extreme Destruction

The arena is based on an abandoned military base in Siberia, part of the former Soviet Union. Subsequently, the arena is littered with various military-based hazards- the most obvious of which being a large Missile Silo in the centre of the arena.

Taking the form of a pair of circular metal doors indented into the ground when closed, making it possible to trap robots with low ground clearances, it can be opened by driving over a button on top of the control bunker on the upper part of the arena. When activated, the doors proceed to slowly slide apart, and from there, the Silo acts like a Pit- any robot that drives or is forced into it will plummet into its dark depths, instantly eliminating them.

In both cases, the Silo contains a huge Missile, but what happens afterwards varies between games - whilst it does not launch and the Silo remains open for the rest of the fight in Arenas of Destruction, it launches after a period of time in Extreme Destruction, which is then followed by it closing up again. It can of course be reopened afterwards by driving over the button again.

The edges of the arena are also littered with Mines buried just under the ground. These explosive devices are incredibly dangerous, owing to their ability to not only cause massive blast damage, especially to a robot's chassis, but also in how they can hurl robots into the air, more often than not immobilising robots by throwing them upside-down. With particularly good hits, they can even throw robots over the chain-link fences.

The base also features five CPZs, housing Shunt, Dead Metal, Sergeant Bash, Sir Killalot and Matilda respectively.

Tournaments in Arenas of DestructionEdit

Russian RampageEdit

Russian Rampage

The Russian Rampage Trophy was never completed due to a shortage of funds.

  • Type: Annihilator
  • Rounds: 5
  • Competitors: 32
  • Entry Fee: 3000
  • Prize Money:20,000
  • Weight criteria: Lightweight-Super-heavyweight
  • Price criteria: Unlimited
  • Weapon criteria: Robot Wars

Flip FrenzyEdit

Flip Frenzy

The Flip Frenzy Trophy is flipping marvelous.

  • Type: Knockout
  • Rounds: 5
  • Competitors: 24
  • Entry Fee: 3000
  • Prize Money:18,000
  • Weight criteria: Lightweight-Super-heavyweight
  • Price criteria: Unlimited
  • Weapon criteria: Flippers or lifters only

Heavy BomberEdit

Heavy Bomber

The Heavy Bomber Trophy should be handled with extreme care.

  • Type: Mad Bomber
  • Rounds: 2
  • Competitors: 25
  • Entry Fee: 3000
  • Prize Money:18,000
  • Weight criteria: Lightweight-Super-heavyweight
  • Price criteria: Unlimited
  • Weapon criteria: Advanced


  • If the missile bay is activated as the battle finishes in Extreme Destruction, the launching of the missile will cause the game to suddenly run much slower.
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