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"Robot royalty. With a weapon that weighs more than any of the competitors, this can only mean trouble for anyone who dares enter the CPZ. But no one would be silly enough to do that...would they?"
— The Robot Wars website on Sir Killalot in the reboot

Sir Killalot (known as Sir K in Nickelodeon Robot Wars and often otherwise shortened to Killalot) was one of the most famous House Robots from the UK TV show Robot Wars. He made his debut in Series 2, and has appeared in every series since, including Robot Wars Extreme, all international versions and the reboot. Sir Killalot was one of the largest and best-known House Robots, often appearing at the centre of most Robot Wars merchandise, advertisements and press material during both runs of the show. His main weapons were hydraulic crushing jaws and a rotating lance, each mounted on a pair of independently-operating arms either side of his body.


"Our master of disaster! 200 kilos of gloom and doom, the lance to chew, the hydraulic claw to cut through- the nip and tuck, and you're out of luck!"
Jonathan Pearce in Series 5

The Series 2 Sir Killalot without his head. Note his more tapered and closer-fitting 'exoskeleton' for this series

Sir Killalot official image from Series 2

Sir Killalot was a large blue tracked House Robot initially designed to resemble an alien knight, although his backstory in the Robot Wars Technical Manual perpetuates him to be a time-travelling autonomous fighting unit. He featured a distinctive head, chest plate and shoulder pads resembling pieces of medieval armour, as well as sets of three blinking red LEDs forming his 'eyes', a pair of hydraulically-operated arms mounted on either side of his chassis, and a rear mesh exoskeleton with top-mounted spikes protecting his otherwise-exposed internals. Both arms featured his signature weapons - a set of crushing pincers (left) and a rotating drill-like 'lance' (right) - which could raise in order to allow Sir Killalot to lift competitors as he turned them over, caused damage, threw them across the arena or carried them to hazards such as the Pit or the Flame Pit.

Official profile of Sir Killalot in Series 3. Note: The smaller claw

Sir Killalot in Series 3

Sir Killalot's pincer had a crushing force of 15 tonnes, and was intended to grab competitors as well as pierce, crumple or even snap parts of their weapons, chassis or axles in half. They were also capable of lifting over 100kg (220lbs) with ease, allowing him to pick competitors up with them before carrying and dropping them over arena hazards and side walls. In Series 2-3, these existed in the form of a set of crushing pincers adapted from the 'jaws of life' used to rescue people from road accidents, which were also used by Sgt. Bash in Series 3. However, these were replaced by custom-made jaws from Series 4 onwards, which were noticeably larger and opened much wider than the pincers previously used. In Series 6, 101's creator, Mike Franklin built a new set of enlarged jaws for Sir Killalot for the remainder of the original series.

Sir Killalot in Series 4

Sir Killalot in the House Robot area, with his enlarged jaws

Sir Killalot's lance, meanwhile was intended to spear and drill through competitors' armour, although this capability was not seen as often as it was not powerful enough to drill through most types of armour. However, the lance was equally as capable of lifting competitors off the arena floor as the jaws, as well as rotating and twisting them over when it was raised and destroying a robot's internals if it managed to poke through exposed gaps in its chassis.

"Awesome, majestic, with a deadly claw capable of cutting through solid steel. Sir Killalot thrives on wanton destruction!"
Jonathan Pearce introduces Sir Killalot in Series 2

Sir Killalot in Series 5

Design sketches for Sir Killalot, including versions with a flamethrower instead of a lance

For his initial appearance in Series 2, Sir Killalot took ten days to build, and was still being finished as he was being transported to the studio for filming. He had several distinctive features in this series which were subsequently altered or replaced, such as a spiked steel rod on his right arm instead of his lance, as well as a more tapered and closer-fitting rear exoskeleton and white LED 'eyes' instead of his later red ones. Both of Sir Killalot's arms also raised and lowered together instead of being operated independently, and his jaws were mounted on extra hinges on his left arm, allowing them to lift at a 135 degree angle. While the latter capability was rarely seen during the Second Wars, Sir Killalot's jaws and rod in this series were still highly effective in lifting and causing damage to competitors.

Official shot of Sir Killalot in Series 4 Note: The Series 3 claw

The back end of Sir Killalot

In order to increase the movement in his arms, Sir Killalot's hydraulics were improved and his shoulder pads - which he was fitted with in Series 2 - were removed for Series 3. Additionally, his rear exoskeleton was enlarged and mounted differently, the jaws permanently fixed to the end of his left arm, and the white LEDs swapped for his more famous red ones. However, the shoulder pads were refitted for Series 4. Following his early upgrades and cosmetic changes, Sir Killalot's appearance and armament remained consistent throughout the later series of the original Robot Wars.

Official shot of Sir Killalot in Series 7

Sir Killalot weighed considerably heavier than most of the other House Robots, at 520kg, the second heaviest by the end of the original series' run. He was regularly implied to be their 'leader' by the show's hosts and Jonathan Pearce, among others, and was even claimed to have no weaknesses on his statistics boards. Even so, he was prone to catching fire, overbalancing or having his chest plate or tracks damaged by competitors from time to time. One of Sir Killalot's most memorable methods of 'punishing' a competitor would be to pick it up with his jaws and carry it around, before spinning around on the spot and opening his jaws after a few seconds, throwing said competitor a considerable distance across the arena. This was often referred to as his 'spin trick'.

Sir Killalot's stats card for Series 8, as posted onto social media by Robot Wars

The new Sir Killalot in the arena

Along with Matilda, Dead Metal and Shunt, a new version of Sir Killalot was built by Robo Challenge for Series 8, featuring a considerably enlarged and upgraded design but retaining his dark blue and grey colour scheme. His head and body now feature a grungier, predominantly 'Space Marine'-inspired influence, with a revised head and shoulder pads, more durable ARMOX armour offering improved protection to his internals and tracks, and front ramming blades beneath his signature chest plate intended to push competitors away.

Sir Killalot in the arena during the reboot

Rear view of the new Sir Killalot

Sir Killalot's weight had been dramatically increased to 741kg, while his enlarged pincers open at up to 700mm wide and have a crushing force of 2.5 tonnes. While his lance was de-emphasised as a weapon, both of his arms now have a lifting capacity of up to 300kg, while his internals have also been significantly upgraded, allowing him to reach a considerably higher top speed of 10mph - double that of his previous incarnation. His power source in this form comes from eight sealed lead acid batteries, eliminating the risk of catching fire as with the old petrol engine and allowing smoother and more powerful arm movements.

In Series 9, Sir Killalot was equipped with a new claw, and his weight was increased to 750kg, matching the weight of Mr. Psycho.


Sir Killalot's name is a pun on Sir Lancelot, one of the Knights of the Round Table from Arthurian legend. The Arthurian connotations were further reflected in his original design, which was that of an alien knight.

Robot History[]

Series 2[]

"Catch your breath, there's one more! The biggest, baddest, butchest of them all! Ladies and gentlemen, bow down to the mechanical might of Sir Killalot"
Craig Charles introduces Sir Killalot for the first time

Sir Killalot holds Piece De Resistance over the Flame Pit

Sir Killalot 'disrobes' Flirty Skirty

Sir Killalot made his Robot Wars debut in Series 2, demonstrating the power of his jaws by snapping a metal bar held by Craig Charles during his introduction in Heat A. During the series itself, he proved effortlessly capable of lifting and carrying competitors around the arena with his arms. Notably, he lifted Piece De Resistance during its Gauntlet run before carrying it towards and holding it over the Flame Pit following its Skittles run. One of his most damaging moments came in Heat C, where he snapped the bars for Dreadnaut's lifting forks after the latter failed to move at all during its battle against Oblivion; while in Heat L, he got under and lifted Flirty Skirty's shell off with his lance, before parading the remains of it around the arena and over the Flame Pit:

"Up it goes...almost up...and off! Good gads, sir! You have disrobed Flirty Skirty!"
Jonathan Pearce as Sir Killalot removes Flirty Skirty's shell

Sir Killalot topples over carrying GroundHog in his jaws

However, Sir Killalot was not entirely infallible. He sometimes lost balance while carrying competitors around and toppled onto his front, as he did while hoisting GroundHog up during its Gauntlet run in Heat H:

"And they're going nowhere, as Killalot comes in. Oh, he plucks up GroundHog so effortlessly! Turns and twists, ready for the kill - NO! They've killed Killalot! He's been dragged to the ground, it's never happened before! This is the king of the House Robots, this is unbelievable!"
— Jonathan Pearce as Sir Killalot overbalances trying to carry GroundHog in his jaws

Sir Killalot in the pit

Sir Killalot's petrol-driven engine also proved flammable, as Sergeant Bash accidentally set him on fire with his flamethrower during Robo Doc's Gauntlet run in Heat I. He was also at the centre of controversy during Mortis' Pinball run in the Semi-Finals, as he accidentally reversed into the pit in the closing seconds, with six men having to lift him out afterwards according to the producers. This incident was alleged to have been done deliberately to increase Mortis' score during its run, in an attempt to make up for its poor performance and its immobilisation by an arena spike on its initial run.

Series 3[]

Sir Killalot being introduced by Craig Charles

Sir Killalot drives over Grim Reaper and Big Brother

Sir Killalot, like the other house robots at the time, received improvements this series. His eyes were now red, instead of white, and his steel rod gave way to his famous lance. His shoulder pads were removed in the hope that they would give the arms more room to move. At the start of the series, Sir Killalot once again cut through a new metal bar that Craig Charles was holding.

"Imagine finding him in your laundry basket!"
Craig Charles after Sir Killalot cuts through the metal bar

Sir Killalot, hot under his collar

Sir Killalot holds Panzer up

Sir Killalot was once again set aflame on a few occasions during Series 3. During a battle between Robopig and Napalm, Killalot carried the defeated Robopig machine over to the flame pit, but caught fire himself. Sgt Bash also accidentally set Killalot on fire again during the Pinball Warrior Tournament, during the run by Oblivion, after the competitor was immobilised.

On a number of occasions, such as against Forklift's Revenge, The Big Cheese and Pitbull, Sir Killalot used his lance to lift robots off the ground and carry them around the Arena in a similar manner to how he would later do with his jaws. In the aforementioned battle with Pitbull, he attempted to spin the defeated robot on his lance, but the battle was ended due to the concern that Pitbull would fly off the spike and out of the Arena. After letting it go, Pitbull proceeded to attack Sir Killalot's hydraulics, immobilizing him and requiring considerable work to repair.

Series 4[]

Sir Killalot crumples Atomic

Mortis attacks Sir Killalot in the War of Independance

For Series 4, Sir Killalot returned with a larger crushing claw, although still referred to as the 'Jaws of Life' by Jonathan Pearce. Killalot's previous set of jaws were still present during the early stages of Series 4 though - clearly featuring in the fight between Mortis and Ghetto-bot during the early stages of the War of Independence. The new set of claws were utilised particularly well in a battle between Chaos 2 and Atomic where they crumpled the chassis of Atomic.

Wheely Big Cheese tries to flip Sir Killalot

As the leader, Sir Killalot was often the robot that roboteers took their grievances out on. One such instance was Roger Plant's Wheely Big Cheese. The Big Cheese had been "grilled" by Killalot over the flame pit in a previous series, causing very expensive damage, and Plant and his team were out for revenge from the start. However, despite the incredible power of Wheely Big Cheese's flipper, they were unable to lift Killalot. Many a roboteer would boast that they could flip Sir Killalot, but in the show's history, no-one ever achieved this. As a result of this, Sir Killalot was the only house robot in the show's history that was never flipped.

Sir Killalot pulls off Matilda's wheel

Sir Killalot once accidentally attacked a house robot. During the melee between twentieth seeds Aggrobot 2, Oblivion 2 and Saw Point, he went to attack Oblivion 2, but instead pulled Matilda's left wheel off, leaving her only able to go around in circles. During Panic Attack's fight with Spawn of Scutter, Sir Killalot's hydraulic pipe leaked all over the arena, rendering him immobile and the arena floor slippery.

Sir Killalot holds Attila the Drum

During the Southern Annihilator, Sir Killalot played a roll in the elimination of Attila the Drum, where Attila the Drum drove into its CPZ, here Sir Killalot picked up Attila causing damage to the barrel body and severely hindering its drive. In the final, Sir Killalot also battled Razer after it destroyed Matilda.

Extreme 1[]

Beef-Cake is flattened

With competitors' armour generally getting stronger, Sir Killalot's jaws never did as much damage as he had in his debut series. However, during Series 4 and Extreme 1, he developed his spin trick, whereby he would pick up a competitor in his pincer and spin on the spot, before finally letting it go, hitting anything in its way. In the one-off Featherweight battle of this series, he trampled on Beef Cake after RC Warrior was finished off. Beef Cake was left as flat as a pancake in the end, but it still won the battle.

Sir Killalot on fire

Sir Killalot once again was involved with controversy. During a Wild Card Warriors battle between Stinger and Ajjay, the former strayed near Sir Killalot's CPZ. Sir Killalot plucked Stinger off the ground, paraded it around the arena and dropped it over the arena wall just after "cease" was called. The judges ignored this, as the house robot's actions were out of order, and since Stinger's mace gave the axlebot numerous aggression points, the judges awarded it the win. The post-fight banter revealed that the Stinger team believed that "Killalot had something against them" as their robot was set upon by Sir Killalot in their vengeance match with Tornado. Similarly, during its Tag-Team Terror heat, Sir Killalot picked up Napalm, carried it across the arena and dropped it out. Sir Killalot also caught fire in the All-Stars Quarter Final between Tornado and Pussycat.

Series 5[]

Sir Killalot prepares to dump Ruf Ruf Dougal out of the arena

During Series 5 and Extreme 1, Sir Killalot had been added with a ramming blade to push robots from behind. He also developed the tactic of picking up competitors and then dropping them out of the arena, though he only did this once in Series 5, during Gemini's battle with Ruf Ruf Dougal. Gemini removed Ruf Ruf Dougal's power key, before proceeding to flip it onto its side, and Sir Killalot plucked Ruf Ruf Dougal off the ground before dropping it out of the arena.

"He probably wants someone to save him and take him to a nice warm home and basket by the fire somewhere. Well, Sir Killalot will oblige... Out you go!"
— Jonathan Pearce as Sir Killalot dumps Ruf Ruf Dougal out of the Arena

The pit pile-up

Another notable Series 5 moment happened in the Heat I final between Bigger Brother and 3 Stegs 2 Heaven. After Bigger Brother flipped Shunt, it attempted without success to flip Sir Killalot as he was carrying 3 Stegs 2 Heaven. At the end of the battle, with 3 Stegs 2 Heaven immobilised and counted out, Bigger Brother started attacking Sir Killalot again. This ultimately ended with 3 Stegs 2 Heaven, Bigger Brother and eventually Sir Killalot in the pit, though the latter managed to reverse out.

Series 6[]

Sir Killalot's lance easily pierces W.A.S.P.

Sir Killalot returned mostly unchanged for Series 6, but once again his claws had been redesigned, and would remain the same for the rest of his run. During a First Round Melee, Sir Killalot was able to cause major damage to W.A.S.P. with his lance, an unusual occurrence in the later series, drilling through the robot's side armour, though it did not cause major internal damage.

Supernova by Sir Killalot's breastplate

During the second first round melee of Heat H, after looking conspicuously loose earlier in the fight, Sir Killalot's breast plate fell off as he reversed into a CPZ. During one of the second round battles of Heat K, Kat 3 had become immobilised by Barber-Ous 2 after it was damaged and turned over where it couldn't self-right. Sir Killalot then proceeded to grab Kat 3 by the axe and drag it towards the floor flipper, and its axe head was snapped clean off by Sir Killalot's claw before it was thrown by the flipper.

Sir Killalot carries Ansgar's Revenge in his jaws

In the UK vs Germany special, Sir Killalot caused serious damage to the German loanerbot Dynamite, crumpling its armour repeatedly, carrying it around the arena and finally dumping it over the wall, tearing the armour off completely in the process.

Extreme 2[]

By now, robot armour was very strong in most cases, so the Jaws of Life could merely pluck other robots. During the Minor Meltdown, Sir Killalot picked up the immobilized Saw Point, helped Growler remove two of its four wheels, and proceeded to lift it out of the Arena.

Killalot span around with the defeated Niterider in the New Blood Championship. Even though he toppled over, he was able to fall back onto his tracks. According to Issue 3 of Robot Wars: The Official Magazine, Sir Killalot was being driven by the magazine's editor Darryl Curtis during this battle.

Sir Killalot's breastplate in the centre of the arena after falling off

Later on in the New Blood Championship, he grabbed Cedric Slammer with his lance and barbecued it on the flame pit. His breast plate also came off in the battle between Cedric Slammer and Fatal Traction.

Series 7[]

Sir Killalot, like the other returning House Robots, didn't receive many noticeable improvements. He was involved in several notable moments during the series however. In the first heat, Sir Killalot used his lance to hold Mechaniac aloft and carry it over the flame pit. He then spun it around on the lance, triggering the Austrian robot's electronics to short and catch fire as its batteries fell out. In the first Featherweight qualifier, which was Heat B's Special Event, he trampled on Mini-Maul, annihilating it. This led certain fans to believe that the producers chose the three heaviest House Robots for this battle purposefully to trample the tiny robots, which could only weigh up to 12kg.

Sir Killlalot carries 13 Black around

During the semi-final of Heat D, during the battle between Gravity and 13 Black, Sir Killalot was lifted up by Gravity's flipper while chasing 13 Black into his CPZ. This is the closest Killalot has come to being flipped. He was also nearly flipped by Iron-Awe 2.1 later in the series.

Sir Killalot with a broken track.

During the Heat I first round melee involving Supernova, Storm 2, Rhino and Mayhem, Storm 2 pushed Supernova into the side of Sir Killalot, severing its right-side track leaving it strewn across the arena floor. In Iron-Awe 2.1's heat melee, the red LEDs for Sir Killalot's eyes fell out. In the playoff match between Tornado and X-Terminator, a collision between Sir Killalot and Matilda saw Matilda's flywheel accidentally damage his hydraulic arm, causing hydraulic fluid to spill all over the arena.

Series 8[]

Sir Killalot was first unofficially confirmed by Dara Ó Briain over Twitter, calling him 'bigger and better' and 'on steroids'. It wasn't until the 24th February when the teaser for Sir Killalot appeared. Like the other returning House Robots, Sir Killalot has been rebuilt from the ground up, heavier than before and upgraded to compete with modern competitors.

Sir Killalot immobilises King B Remix

Sir Killalot helps Ironside3

In Heat 3, Sir Killalot had a few significant moments. During the TR2 and King B Remix battle, Sir Killalot grabbed hold of King B's wheel and helped burn away the motors inside the machine, immobilising it. In a later battle between Big Nipper and Dantomkia, Dantomkia kept shoving Big Nipper into the CPZ occupied by Sir Killalot who in turn attacked Big Nipper multiple times. At one point Killalot rammed Big Nipper but got his own lance stuck in the arena wall, leaving him trapped for the rest of the match.

In Heat 5, after picking Ironside3 up, Sir Killalot inadvertently dropped it back onto its wheels after it was stuck on its back.

Battle of the Stars[]

Sir Killalot in a promotional image for Battle of the Stars

Sir Killalot returned for the ongoing ninth series. As with the other House Robots, he also appeared in Robot Wars: Battle of the Stars, where promotional materials saw him bursting out of a Christmas present and wearing a Santa's hat, in keeping with the Christmas theme of the specials.

Sir Killalot carries JAR by the hammer. Note the fire extinguisher (bottom-right) which fell out of JAR

In Episode 1, Sir Killalot grabbed JAR by the hammer and carried it around the arena after it became immobilised during its Head-to-Head battle against The Cat. As he paraded it around the arena, one of JAR’s CO2 canisters fell out of its chassis as it was left suspended in his claw.

Sir Killalot's claw sustains damage from The Cat

Sir Killalot grabs and carries Arena Cleaner

Later on, Sir Killalot's claw was damaged by The Cat's disc after it drove into him during its battle against Interstellar: MML. He pushed The Cat towards the wall, where it became immobilised. In the Grand Final, he picked The Cat up and held it over the Flame Pit following its immobilisation by Arena Cleaner, before spinning it around in his claw and throwing it into the wall. The victorious Arena Cleaner then attempted to attack Sir Killalot, which compelled him to pick Arena Cleaner up and pit the Episode 1 champion.

Sir Killalot drops Soldier Ant out of the arena

Sir Killalot holds Robo Savage over the Flame Pit at the end of the Grand Final

In Episode 2, Sir Killalot first pinned Dee against the wall and carried it towards the pit after its four-second immobilisation by Kadeena Machina. In other matches won by Kadeena Machina, Sir Killalot picked Soldier Ant up and dumped it in the trench, its first out-of-the-arena attack since Extreme Series 2, and held Robo Savage over the fire at the end of the Grand Final.

Series 9[]

Sir Killalot appeared in a teaser trailer for Series 9, uploaded on 10th February 2017.[1] The teaser showed him and the other House Robots destroying household appliances, with Taylor Swift's "I Knew You Were Trouble" playing in the background.

Sir Killalot holds Sabretooth over the flame pit

"Recently awarded 'The World's Angriest Robot' by the readers of Giant Angry Robot Magazine: it's Sir Killalot."
— Jonathan Pearce wittily introduces Sir Killalot during Heat 3

Sir Killalot's first appearance in the main competition of Series 9 came in the Head-to-Head battle between Rapid and Aftershock, while he also added further punishment to the beaten Sabretooth in the Heat Final, as he spun around and threw it aside after roasting it over the flame pit. Off-screen, Sir Killalot had inflicted similar misery upon Sabretooth in the second round.

Sir Killalot roasts Cobra

Sir Killalot was involved in the first battle of Heat 2, and made his presence known as he picked up Cobra and held it over the Flame Pit after it was flipped into the CPZ.

Sir Killalot drops Foxic into the pit in an untelevised moment

Sir Killalot spins M.R. Speed Squared around

Sir Killalot's main involvement in his Group Battle in Heat 3 was edited out of the TV broadcast, as he first submitted Expulsion to the Floor Flipper, before dropping Foxic into the pit after cease had been called. A clip of the latter was still used in a promotional trailer for Series 9, however.[2] Later in the same heat, Sir Killalot pulled off his trademark sit and spin technique with M.R. Speed Squared and threw it across the arena.

Sir Killalot holds Pulsar over the Flame Pit

Heat 4 was a busy one for Sir Killalot as he appeared in six battles and made use of his claw on multiple occasions by torching Pulsar and Supernova over the Flame Pit in Head-to-Head battles against Ironside3, before subjecting Pulsar to more punishment in the Heat Final by holding it in place for Shunt to axe.

"And in the arena, the only House Robot the Apollo boys haven't managed to flip: Sir Killalot."
— Jonathan Pearce before Apollo's first Head-to-Head battle

Sir Killalot toasts Apollo over the Flame Pit

After flipping all of the House Robots bar Sir Killalot in its Series 8 title win, emphasis was on Apollo to complete the job in Series 9 by toppling The King of the House Robots in Heat 5. As part of the anticipated rivalry, Sir Killalot appeared in every battle that Apollo featured in bar its Group Battle.

Sir Killalot is lifted up by Apollo

Sir Killalot was able to carry out the first moment of note between the two, as, after Carbide had knocked Apollo into submission during its first Head-to-Head battle, Sir Killalot was able to hold the beaten machine over the Flame Pit. Apollo's next battle against Coyote saw it attempt to flip Sir Killalot on two occasions, but it only managed to lift the House Robot up before being forced to retreat, as Sir Killalot and Dead Metal then chased it around the arena.

Marc Dermott: "Run away! Run away! They're chasing you!"
Jonathan Pearce: "Yes! Run away or you're going to get crushed!"
— Apollo is sent on the back foot by the House Robots

Sir Killalot holds Coyote above the flames

Away from his tussle with Apollo, Sir Killalot also played a part in Coyote's demise against Carbide, where he held it over the Flame Pit before Carbide came in to finish Coyote off.

A Rogue Sir Killalot sets his sights on Apollo

In Apollo's last Head-to-Head against Crackers 'n' Smash, it activated the Arena Tyre, which sent Sir Killalot into the arena to chase after Apollo for most of the permitted 10 seconds, before Apollo attempted to attack the rear of the House Robot as he moved back into his CPZ.

Sir Killalot then appeared in Apollo's final battle of the heat - the Heat Final. Apollo was defeated by Carbide once more, which allowed Sir Killalot to have the last laugh as he carried out additional punishment to Apollo again by moving it onto the Flame Pit.

"I'm afraid, Apollo, everything you get now... mwahahahaha! You deserve!"
— Jonathan Pearce as the House Robots exact revenge of Apollo

The House Robots punish the new champion

Sir Killalot made appearances in five battles in the Grand Final, with his most notable moment taking place in the championship deciding fight. As Sir Killalot went in on the beaten Eruption, Carbide attacked the House Robot. This lead to both Sir Killalot and Shunt tagging up to attack the new champion, with Sir Killalot picking Carbide up before Shunt crashed it into the arena side gate.

Series 10[]

"The crème de la crème of carnage: Sir Killalot!"
— Jonathan Pearce introduces Sir Killalot before Behemoth vs. The Swarm

Sir Killalot grabs hold of Apocalypse

Sir Killalot appeared five times in Heat 1. His first appearance came in the second Group Battle of Heat 1, which involved Apollo, Apocalypse, and The Swarm. He made use of the Flame Pit on two occasions during the battle, as he roasted Pinza from The Swarm and Apocalypse on the arena hazard.

Sir Killalot pinches Rubber Duck late on

Other highlights from Heat 1 included being called into Rogue House Robot mode during the Robot Redemption battle between Donald Thump and The Swarm, as well as grabbing hold of Rubber Duck from The Swarm in the remaining seconds of their loss to Behemoth, then roasting and throwing it.

Not aired on the televised broadcast was Apollo trying to flip Sir Killalot in its Group Battle, with Sir Killalot almost toppling twice before getting stuck on Apollo's wedge. Sir Killalot was shoved across the arena by Apollo's 22hp drive before Team MAD were told to stop.

"I hope they don't charge overtime, because it's Shunt and Sir Killalot again!"
— Jonathan Pearce in Heat 2

Gabriel 2's mace, snapped in half

Sir Killalot on top of Crackers

As Sir Killalot was one of the House Robots with the best defence against spinners, Sir Killalot made six appearances in Heat 2. After Gabriel 2 had been immobilised in its fight against Aftershock, Sir Killalot completely sliced away its mace polearm, and would later comically sit himself on top of Crackers, during Crackers 'n' Smash's battle against Big Nipper.

Sir Killalot pits Apex

Despite only making one appearance in Heat 3, Sir Killalot's involvement was still notable, as Apex spectacularly ripped itself apart against Track-tion in the Robot Redemption round. After Apex's body was violently thrown into his CPZ, Sir Killalot pitted it, while one of the lexan panels of the arena itself was left shattered by the impact made after Apex's weapon crashed into it.

Sir Killalot toasts one half of The Kegs

Sir Killalot was sent rogue by The Kegs during its battle with Tauron and Iron-Awe 6 during Heat 4, and so it pressured all three robots. Later in the same battle, Sir Killalot swung the same half of The Kegs into the Arena Tyre, opening the pit, before also being required to free Iron-Awe 6 and Tauron - with the two machines stuck together.

Sir Killalot's claw, notably warped after a hit from Hobgoblin

Ultimately, Sir Killalot moved Tauron onto some debris, immobilising it. In the battle between The Kegs and Concussion, Sir Killalot held one of The Kegs over the flame pit. Androne 4000 also frequently pushed Tauron into Sir Killalot in another battle, with Sir Killalot separating the two when they became stuck together.

Sir Killalot's only notable involvement in Heat 5 saw him on the receiving end of damage, as Hobgoblin's egg-beater weapon buckled the House Robot's claw.

John Reid: "No! No, no, no, no! No! That’s not right! That’s not right!"
Jonathan Pearce: "It isn’t right, John Reid. It’s brutal, but them’s the rules, son! Get on with it! And... I think Sir Killalot’s been gentle!"
— Sir Killalot puts Terrorhurtz in danger before releasing it

Sir Killalot is attacked by Thor

Sir Killalot was entrusted with plenty of responsibility in the Grand Final - first appearing in the 10 Robot Rumble, where he was attacked by Thor, before attempting in vain to drop Terrorhurtz over the arena gate, late into the battle.

Sir Killalot dangles Terrorhurtz over the entry gate

Aside from this, Sir Killalot's most notable moment came in the first Group Battle of the Grand Final, where he slipped Nuts 2 onto the Flame Pit after being called into action by Rogue House Robot mode. He also appeared in the championship decider itself between Carbide and Eruption - something which maintained Sir Killalot's run of appearing in the title fight for every series of the reboot. This also extended his overall run to four consecutive appearances in championship fights, which began when he appeared in the Series 7 final between Typhoon 2 and Storm 2.

Sir Killalot is very nearly toppled by Apollo

Sir Killalot then appeared in the World Series. His most notable moment in Episode 1 came during the captains' fight at the end of the show, as Apollo attempted to flip the House Robot after beating Diotoir. Despite coming close, the Series 8 champion was unable to overturn Sir Killalot with any of its three attempted flips - preserving Sir Killalot's status as the only House Robot never to be flipped.

Sir Killalot damages Weber

In Episode 2, Sir Killalot's biggest role came during the fight against Concussion and Weber, as he knocked off one of Weber's tyres. The House Robot then pitted the beaten Russian machine, before also pitting Concussion along with it.

US Season 1[]

Sir Killalot's nosedive

During the House Robot Rebellion of the US series, Sir Killalot entered the arena to the song Ride of the Valkyries, looking for revenge after Matilda and Shunt had been beaten. He proceeded to pick up Silver Box but just before putting it into the pit, he overbalanced and Tricerabot came behind him and knocked him over, causing him to drop Silver Box into the pit, but Sir Killalot was then left suspended on his front next to the pit until time ran out, with the remaining three competitors trying to push him. What wasn't shown on television was Tricerabot actually succeeding in pitting Sir Killalot.

Sir Killalot attacks Run Away

Sir Killalot played an active role in the Tag Team Terror, first punishing Rosie the Riveter for entering the battle without an official tag by picking it up, and tossed it. Refbot red carded him for it, but he came out again and push the flipped Matilda back onto her wheels and attacked Tricerabot and swung him around in the same battle. In the other first-round battle, Run Away was displaying a dominant performance over Joker, but without any provocation, Sir Killalot interfered and paraded Run Away around the arena, eventually overturning and disabling it, and placing it on the Floor Flipper. When the battle was sent to a Judges' decision, Sir Killalot's attacks on Run Away were deemed unfair, and so it won the battle alongside its partner General Chompsalot.

US Season 2[]

In Heat B he pushed The Bat in the Pit who was supposedly immobilized. But Medusa Oblongotta was immobilized first, and The Bat advanced to the second round with Rocky-Bot-Boa. However, what wasn't acknowledged was that Sir Killalot drove over the flame jet and caught fire for the fifth time. In Heat C, Sir Killalot attacked Unibite for no reason and did his spin trick and threw it across the arena. In the House Robot Rebellion, he attacked Paul Bunyan, who wasn't counted out yet but also lifted Sgt. Bash in the process. Then Sgt. Bash tore Paul Bunyan's spinning axes off and Sir Killalot dumped Paul Bunyan out of the arena. In the Final, he entered the arena and came at Snookums first. But when he picked up Snookums, Shunt was caught on him for a second. Sir Killalot spun Snookums around and threw it across the arena twice. He then turned his attention to Snake Bite and after damaging Snake Bite's armour, performed his spin trick on it as well. After Snookums was crushed by an organ in the Drop Zone, Sir Killalot grabbed the damaged Snake Bite and dumped it into the pit along with some pieces of the organ which meant the House Robots were the winners.


Sir Killalot (renamed Sir K) made numerous appearances throughout the one-off series Nickelodeon Robot Wars, being seen in at least one battle per episode. In the first round of the US Championship, he initially played a minor part in pushing an immobilised Ninjitsu across the arena after it had been thrown by the Floor Flipper. Sir K proceeded to crush, lift and carry Phantasm in his jaws following its loss to Probophobia, eventually dropping it onto the Drop Zone square. He dealt further attacks to Phantasm in the Bonus Battle, eventually leaving Phantasm on the Drop Zone square to have an assortment of sports equipment be dropped onto it. In the US Championship final, Sir K grabbed and carried Probophobia by its lifting weapon, eventually pitting the would-be runner-up after it had been counted out.

Sir K drops Ming 3

Sir K, prior to dumping Rick out of the arena

Sir K played a significant role in the International Tag Team Terror final. Initially, along with Sgt. Bash, he attacked both Ming 3 and Rick in a CPZ when they collaborated against an overturned Revolutionist. Sir K dragged, lifted and carried Ming 3 away by its left axle before dropping it, an attack which resulted in Ming 3 becoming immobilised on one side. Later on in the same battle, Sir K pinned Rick against the wall before picking up and dropping the UK representative out of the arena. However, the Judges ruled Sir K’s attack on Rick as an ‘illegal ejection’, resulting in Rick and Ming 3 being declared the winners of the International Tag Team Terror.

Sir K cuts Bunny Attack's hammer in two

Sir K pits both competitors after 'cease' is called

In Episode 3, Sir K made one appearance in the Vengeance battle between Bunny Attack and Hoot. During the battle, he repeatedly left his CPZ to attack both competitors, eventually grabbing and cutting Bunny Attack’s hammer in half with his jaws. After 'cease' had been called, Sir K proceeded to push both competitors into the pit; despite this, and the damage he inflicted to its hammer, Bunny Attack would win the battle via an audience vote.

Sir K drops Squirmin Vermin over the wall during the House Robot Rebellion

Sir K was next seen in the Challenge Belt battle between Tut Tut and Rosie the Riveter 2, shown in Episode 4, where he briefly approached Rosie the Riveter while outside of his CPZ. At the end of the same episode, he also appeared in the House Robot Rebellion, where he entered the arena mid-battle to join Shunt and Dead Metal. Following Shunt’s earlier attacks on Squirmin Vermin, Sir K grabbed and paraded the yellow loanerbot in his pincer, before proceeding to dump it out of the arena. Sir K then attacked Humdrum, pinning it against the wall before crushing its side and lifting it. Sir K carried and placed Humdrum over the Drop Zone, where it had pieces of scrap metal dropped onto it; he, Shunt and Dead Metal emerged as victors of the Rebellion.

Sir K (background, top-right) pits Vert-I-Go as Sgt. Bash prepares to push The Revolutionist in

In Episode 5, Sir K was present for all four battles, initially appearing in the opening Mayhem battle between The Revolutionist, Rigby and Diskotek. He grabbed, pushed and lifted Diskotek over the Floor Flipper shortly after its immobilisation, before dropping it. Sir K attacked Diskotek again after it briefly regained mobility, before proceeding to place it and Rigby onto the Drop Zone. He also briefly attacked Joker following its count-out in the Vengeance battle against Xylon, and Probophobia in the closing stages of its Challenge Belt battle against Tut Tut. During the Ultimate Mayhem, Sir K picked up an immobile Revolutionist and turned it over, shortly before the Team LOGICOM machine was thrown by the Floor Flipper. He proceeded to grab and carry an overturned Vert-I-Go by its flipping arm, eventually pitting it alongside The Revolutionist, which was pitted at the same time by Sgt. Bash.

Sir K made his final Nickelodeon appearances in the first two rounds of the Annihilator; in the first round, he dragged and spun Techno Trousers around shortly after its elimination from the battle. Despite moving between CPZs and brushing with Bunny Attack in the second round, Sir K would not play a major part in this battle.

Dutch Series 1[]

"Killalot tries to help, but meanwhile he breaks the tail off of Alien Destructor! I don’t know what the judges will say of that… Killalot got his souvenir!"
Eric Corton (translated from Dutch)

Sir Killalot drops Bamm Bamm out of the arena

During the battle between Twisted Metal and Alien Destructor (a match close enough to reach a split Judges' decision), Sir Killalot caused damage to the loser Alien Destructor after clipping off its swinging tail using the Jaws of Life. Sir Killalot also performed the only out-of-the-arena attack in Dutch Series 1 when he dropped Bamm Bamm out of the arena following its Grand Final loss to Lizzard. Also in the Grand Final, he illegally attacked Botwork before Refbot could count it out and recieved a yellow card from Refbot.

Dutch Series 2[]

Vortex Inducer is snapped in two

During an Eliminator in Heat E of Dutch Robot Wars Series 2 between Vortex Inducer and Scarab, Sir Killalot cut the immobilised Vortex Inducer in half with his pincers, cutting through the thin frame behind the robot's vertical spinner. Sir Killalot then dumped the larger half of Vortex Inducer out of the arena.

German Series[]

Sir Killalot burns Absolut Krankhaft

During Heat A, Sir Killalot picked up a defeated Junkyard Queen and carried it straight into the spinning flywheel of Matilda, putting the German machine's tyre directly in the path of the House Robot's weapon.

In Heat B, when Absolut Krankhaft was defeated by Tsunami and Black Hole, Sir Killalot had a long period to play with the beaten machine, holding it over the flame pit, placing it on the floor flipper and finally pitting it. Delldog also bounced off Sir Killalot in its Round 1 battle, putting it near to the pit that it was ultimately pushed into.

Appearances in Merchandise[]

Outside Robot Wars[]

Sir Killalot pinches Kill Paterson during The One Show's Robot Wars segment

On July 21st, 2016, Sir Killalot and the rest of the house robots appeared on BBC's The One Show, to promote Series 8 of Robot Wars. They battled three remote controlled cars piloted by the cast of The Rebel. Sir Killalot flattened all three cars, and won the battle for the House Robots.

Sir Killalot in TomSka's video

On August 26th, 2016, YouTube sketch comedian TomSka uploaded a short video, The Robot Wars (later retitled as simply Robot Wars), to promote the Series 8 Grand Final, starring the Series 8 version of Sir Killalot. During the video, Sir Killalot (referred to as "A Freakin' Giant Evil Laser Firing Robot") was seen attacking TomSka, Eddie Bowley and Elliot Gough by firing lasers at them, while the trio attempted to thwart his attacks by adopting a variety of disguises (Bowley wearing a false moustache, Gough confronting him naked, etc.). Sir Killalot backed upon seeing Gough, and crushed a wooden plank in two when Gough and Bowley confronted him wearing cardboard boxes and acting like humanoid 'robots'. He was eventually defeated after getting vaporised by a "bloomin' bird", which then turned on Gough, Bowley and TomSka.

The House Robots confront the Cybermen in the What If Robots Replaced Teachers? promo

Since the start of the rebooted series, Sir Killalot and the other House Robots have made appearances in promotional videos for the BBC's Make It Digital campaign and micro: bit computer. In Sir Killalot vs Hex micro:bit, initially released in 2016, he cuts a micro:bit buggy in half with his claw; the video itself was promoted by BBC Teach's Twitter page in 2017.[3] Along with Matilda and Dead Metal, Sir Killalot also appears prominently in the YouTube promo What If Robots Replaced Teachers? as one of several robots running a high school in place of human staff. He is seen 'expelling' a pair of disruptive Cybermen at the end of the promo, and is credited onscreen as 'Head Prefect'.[4] Sir Killalot was also used to promote The Asian Network Breakfast Show, broadcast by the BBC Asian Network[5], and 'took a selfie' for Children in Need[6].


  • Sir Killalot is notably known as Sir K. in Nickelodeon Robot Wars, but this is not in fact the only instance he has been known by that name. He was frequently called that in the Robot Wars Magazine, and once during Robot Wars: Arenas of Destruction. In the Grand Champions edit of Series 4, his "KillCam" graphic was edited to "K-Cam".
  • According to Andrew Marchant, oil was put on Sir Killalot's tracks to make him turn easier.
  • In the original series, Sir Killalot had a "tattoo" of a fish on his left arm. This was drawn by his operator, Colin Tilley, who had a similar tattoo on his left arm[7].
  • Despite being very large, and also being dubbed The King of the House Robots, Sir Killalot was just the second heaviest house robot between Series 6 and 7, weighing only about two thirds as much as Mr. Psycho.
  • Sir Killalot is the only House Robot that has never been flipped, although he has toppled over on several occasions, due to being top-heavy. The most notable was when he fell over whilst carrying Groundhog, the only time Sir Killalot had been overturned. Many boasted they could flip Sir Killalot, possibly because he was always billed as weighing 280kg, rather than 520kg, with some roboteers specifically designing the flippers to be capable of lifting that exact amount. Robots like Wheely Big Cheese and Gravity were feasibly capable, but during the entire run of the show, including all international versions, no one succeeded in actually flipping the King of the House Robots.
  • Notably, Roger Plant claimed that his Wheely Big Cheese machine could flip Sir Killalot, as it had tossed a Mini in testing, but didn't take the opportunity when it had the chance, in Wheely Big Cheese's debut battle.
  • Following the initial announcement of the rebooted series, BBC Two used Sir Killalot as part of new promotional media for the reboot, including tweets and Facebook posts. The original version of Sir Killalot later appeared in the fourth teaser trailer.
  • Sir Killalot featured heavily in both the cover art and the music video for Android Love.
  • Sir Killalot, unofficially, is the robot that has sent robots out of the arena the most times, with 15; six more than the record held by Dantomkia.
  • Sir Killalot made an appearance in the book Riotous Robots by Dr Mike Goldsmith as part of the "The Knowledge" series. He was shown as an example of a "Puppet Robot" being used for entertainment purposes, and had an illustration and a fact-file provided on him, even though the lance was claimed to be a flamethrower. In the same book, Sgt. Bash was also mentioned.
  • Sir Killalot's pincers in Series 6-7 were made by Mike Franklin of Team 101.
  • Sir Killalot received and displayed a few adornments from beaten competitors in later battles across Series 4, such as Kater Killer's stuffed furry tail, and The Steel Avenger's feather duster.
  • Sir Killalot and Shunt have appeared the most in UK Grand Final battles, though Sir Killalot did not appear in the Series 1 and Series 6 finals.
    • For the reboot, both House Robots were used for every Grand Final fight.
  • Dick and Dom in da Bungalow featured a Robot Wars inspired game, including a "robot" called Killabot, likely a reference to Sir Killalot. Despite it being somewhat of a parody of Robot Wars, the game was ironically called Bungalow BattleBots.[8]


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