"The most popular of all the house robots has a friction motor that can be powered by pushing Killalot forward. Killalot then has incredible power and can move through all kinds of debris. Both his arms move and his pincers are spring loaded. His lance can be removed and replaced with a huge sledgehammer. His accessory is the massive seesaw and ball. The object of the task is to get Killalot to push the ball over the ramp."
— Official description from the Robot Wars Online Shop[1]

A model toy of the House Robot Sir Killalot was released in the year 2000, alongside the Shunt, Matilda, Dead Metal, Sgt. Bash and Hypno-Disc pullback toys.


The Sir Killalot pullback in its box

Like the Stinger pullback toy, the toy of Sir Killalot does not have a pullback motor. Instead it is powered by a friction motor.

Just like its real life counterpart, the toy of Sir Killalot is one of the biggest toys in the pullback range, weighing nearly 170g and is armed with Sir Killalot's trademark lance and claw combination. However, the lance could be changed to a hammer weapon by sliding the lance out of the arm and vice versa. The claw was activated by pulling a switch on the top of the arm back until it clicked and then activating it by pushing a second switch at the back of the arm forward. Since the lance was removable, it is able to spin as in real life.


Being one of the first generation toys, Sir Killalot came with a piece of Pinball equipment, in this case the ramp and sphere.

Differences from real life

  • In real life, Sir Killalot's lance isn't interchangeable with a hammer like it is in the toy.
  • The stats on the back of the packaging list one of Sir Killalot's weapons as a flame thrower.
  • Despite being one of the largest toys in the range, Sir Killalot is still fairly small when compared to the competitor pullbacks.

Sir Killalot and Dead Metal Pullbacks (centre) on Jonathan Pearce's desk in Series 6



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