"A unique opportunity to control your own replica house robot. This limited edition range has amazing detail and is 40cms long. Complete with exclusive Robot Wars radio controlled handset that features the voice of Jonathan Pearce and battle sounds. This robot has independantly [sic] controlled wheels for that realistic spinning action. Sir Killalots pincer is radio controlled and also features light-up eyes. Running on 49Mhz he is compatible with both the Radio Controlled Shunt and Matilda and comes with a 7.2v rechargeable battery pack. Children and adults alike will be able to recreate battles in the schoolyard, living room or office."
— Official description from the Robot Wars Online Shop[1]

The Sir Killalot radio controlled toy was the most expensive of the House Robots, priced at around £79.99-£89.99. It was quite fast and has a recharge time of five hours. Rather disappointingly, the caterpillar tracks don't move. Instead, two larger wheels beneath the toy at the centre drive the robot while two single caster wheels provide balance and help the toy turn. However, this gives the robot a manoeuvrability advantage as it can turn very fast in any direction without moving forwards or backwards and it can also spin at incredible speed. The eyes also light up when the robot moves in any direction.

The toy in its packaging

Official promotional image of Sir Killalot's RC

These robots were meant for battling the other R/C house robot toys, and are strong and sturdy to reduce the risk of breakages. Like all other radio controlled house robot toys, the weapons are functional. In Sir Killalot's case, the claw will open and close, but the arms are not controlled by remote, they must be positioned manually. The lance doesn't spin like the real Sir Killalot, but it can be used as an effective weapon when the robot toy is spinning. This can throw other robots a reasonable distance and flip them over, it can also act like a barbed harpoon when driven into another robot; it can be caught between armour plates in certain robots like Shunt or between Matilda's tusks.

Sir Killalot is one of four of the remote control house robot battlers without an immobilising hotspot, making it difficult to beat with the other radio controlled toys.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

RC Sir Killalot and RC Shunt's cameo in the 2018 Gadget Show

  • An R/C Sir Killalot toy appears in the 12th October 2018 edition of The Gadget Show, a technology-based show currently being presented by Craig Charles. The toy appears alongside a radio-controlled Shunt, and can be seen numerous times sitting on a shelf in the background of the studio.

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