"Could be in trouble here, Sir K looks angry!"
— In-game quote from Jonathan Pearce

Sir Killalot (sometimes referred to as Killalot or Sir K) was a House Robot who appeared in the robot combat game show Robot Wars, starting with Series 2. Originally designed to resemble an alien knight, he is armed with a set of hydraulic crushing jaws and a rotating drill lance, each mounted on a pair of moveable arms, and was one of the largest and most famous House Robots to appear in the show's history. Sir Killalot's name was a pun on Sir Lancelot, one of the Knights of the Round Table from Arthurian legend.

Along with the other four Series 2-4 House Robots, Sir Killalot appears in Robot Wars: Arenas of Destruction, the second of his appearances within all five of the Robot Wars video games.

The player is able to battle against Sir Killalot and the four other 'first generation' House Robots in this game, in a training mode called the "Ultimate Challenge".

Appearance and ArmamentEdit

Sir Killalot AoD

Sir Killalot in the TV Studio Arena

Arenas of Destruction is based on Series 4, with Sir Killalot virtually resembling the form he took in this and the previous series. However, while his real-life form acquired a larger set of hydraulic crushing jaws in Series 4, this alteration is not reflected in the game, with the jaws instead resembling the smaller ones he used in Series 2-3. Sir Killalot is, however, a lot more detailed than in the previous game.

This time around, Sir Killalot's arms do not move around during a battle, only lifting up and down when he is coming in to attack. He no longer turns to face the competing robots as they battle or pass his CPZ, which is located in the bottom-right corner of the TV Studio arena. When attacking nearby player or AI robots in the game, Sir Killalot tends to push his opponents across the arena, occasionally gripping them with his jaws or raising his lance. When flipped over, Sir Killalot usually rolls back onto his wheels, although it is possible to keep him on his side, particularly through flipping him against a wall.

Differences from Real LifeEdit

Killalot aod promo

Sir Killalot as he appeared in a promo for the game as well as the install screen

  • Sir Killalot's lance does not spin and cannot skewer another robot like it can in real-life.
  • The arm that the crushing jaws are mounted on does not raise.
  • The crushing jaws used in the game are smaller than the jaws Sir Killalot used in the real Series 4.
  • Like the other House Robots, Sir Killalot usually rolls back onto his wheels when flipped.
Sir Killalot Stats AOD

Sir Killalot's stats in Arenas of Destruction

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