RWEDGBA Sir Killalot Arena

Sir Killalot in the Arena.

Sir Killalot (sometimes known as Killalot or Sir K) was a house robot designed to look like a medieval knight, with his name being a pun on Sir Lancelot. He is armed with a rotating drill lance and a hydraulic cutting claw. Sir Killalot appears in the Game Boy Advance release of Robot Wars: Extreme Destruction in addition to the other four Robot Wars video games.

Appearance and ArmamentEdit

Sir Killalot and the other four House Robots made their fourth video game appearance during this game. The Game Boy Advance version of the game differed greatly from the PC and Xbox releases, so much so it could essentially be considered a completely different game.

Sir Killalot is a lot less detailed than it was in its last appearance on the Game Boy, looking no more detailed than a cube on tracks with a basic head and arms. Sir Killalot's weapons; a lance and cutting claw are recognisable, if not detailed. The weapons are static however and Sir Killalot rams opponents to damage them.


Against Sir KillalotEdit

When played against, Sir Killalot is a difficult opponent, being a lot more durable than any of the other House Robots and is very hard to flip. He can be immobilised by a powerful flywheel, although this takes a long time and the battle will often go to the judges before enough damage can be caused. Sir Killalot is very fast and heavy, making it hard to push him into the pit, although he can drive close to the edge and be pushed in if the player waits next to the pit.

Differences from Real LifeEdit

  • Sir Killalot's shape is incorrect, as he was longer than represented in the game.
  • Sir Killalot's head is shown as part of the body, instead of protruding.
  • The colour of Sir Killalot is lighter than in real life.
  • The lance and cutting claw are static, and Sir Killalot simply rams into opponents.
  • Sir Killalot is the fastest House Robot in the game, when in real life he was actually the slowest.
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