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"Now, when you think of Skittles, you think of sweaty old men, huddled in the corner of a pub, dribbling over warm beer. But our game of skittles isn't like that, no, no, no, no, no."
— Craig Charles

Skittles was one of the Trial events that featured during Series 2 of Robot Wars. The five competitor robots which qualified from The Gauntlet would have to take on ten stacks of ten barrels ('skittles') located within a triangular 'exclusion zone', and attempt to knock as many of them over as possible in the time allowed. Each barrel was filled with sand to increase their weight and thus make them more difficult to push or topple over.

The House Robots would patrol the arena, but could not enter the 'exclusion zone' to attack competitors if they were inside that zone. The robot which knocked down the fewest barrels by the end of the Trial would be eliminated.

The best Skittles performance by any competitor was from Killerhurtz in Heat G, which knocked over 64 barrels. Only one robot failed to knock over any skittles: Piece De Resistance in Heat A.

Also in Heat G, then-reigning champion Roadblock was almost eliminated in the Skittles stage, after starting the trial first, knocking 34 barrels over, and having its score beaten by Onslaught, Nemesis and Killerhurtz. Roadblock eventually qualified after Limpet only knocked over 23 barrels during its own run and was eliminated instead.



  • Initially, the start of the Trial also involved robots negotiating down a ramp positioned in front of the arena entry doors. This mostly applied to competitors in Heat A, however, with a majority of those from Heat G (Roadblock, Onslaught, Killerhurtz and Limpet) starting directly ahead of the ramp instead.
  • A spare Skittles barrel was offered to Random Violence Technologies as an object to test the power of Mortis' tantō axe. The result - as shown by Rob Knight in Episode 3 of Robot Wars Revealed - was that Mortis succeeded in puncturing, throwing and tearing open the sand-filled barrel with ease.