Skull Dragger is a fictional competitor robot in the game Robot Wars: Arenas of Destruction. It is a super heavyweight class robot with a half cylinder-shaped body. Its weapons are a pair of lifting spikes and 2 triple spikes and it is armoured in steel. It cannot self-right and costs 3850 credits to buy.


Using Skull DraggerEdit

Skull Dragger is very quick, similar to Electra's speed. Avoid flippers if you can as Skull Dragger tips over quite easily and cannot self-right. Your safest option would be to lure other robots into the house robots or arena hazards. Due to the awkward shape, Skull Dragger is not great for pushing, though it can use the spikes to cut into armour and the forks can tip over robots once in a while.

Against Skull DraggerEdit

Skull Dragger can get underneath your robot easily using its lifting forks. Once Skull Dragger is tipped upside down it cannot get back up as it has no srimech. Skull Dragger can often break down due to its gas engine. Ramming also works, as Skull Dragger is not very stable.

Skull Dragger Stats

Skull Dragger's stats

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