"Designed exclusively for the Minibots, this new accessory will keep fans battling because all components are interchangeable, resulting in an infinite number of collision and racing games, stunts and jumps and smashing and crashing! It includes two long ramps; two stunt ramps, a working flipper, two deadly pits, tracks and 'H' frame. There is a missile in the frame, which fires when hit - it's smashing fun!"
— Description of the toy from the offical Robot Wars Online Shop.[1]

The Smash ‘N’ Crash Playset was a playset specifically for the Minibots, released in 2002. The playset was not an addition to the Minibot Arena, but a standalone playset consisting of a small fighting platform, to which ramps, pits and a “flamethrower” could be added.

The two large ramps could be fixed onto the side, intended for minibots to slide down, meeting in a large crash, as well as two smaller “stunt ramps”, a "flamethrower" and two pits. There were several places on the sides of the platform where these could be fitted, leading to a variety of set-ups for the set. There was also a flipper on the platform itself.

The set came with the Panic Attack and Dead Metal Minibots, barrels, cones and tire targets.



The set with all the pieces

  • The “flamethrower” on the set was very similar to the ones on the Sergeant Bash Pullback and the one packaged with the Firestorm Pullback, in that it launched a small missile shaped like a flame.
  • The flipper on the fighting platform worked just like that on the Minibot arena, in that it was operated by a switch on the side.

The Smash N Crash playset offical promotion, featuring a different colour scheme

  • Strangely, the colours on the actual set do not always match those on the box or the official artwork. The image on the front of the box shows primarily grey targets on the H frames, stickers not present on the actual toy and a grey switch to control the flipper, whereas the panels are primarily yellow, and the flipper switch is black on the actual toy. The official artwork, as seen on the Robot Wars online shop, shows a grey fighting platform and grey and red striped ramps, whereas the fighting platform on the actual toy is black, and the ramps have yellow and black stripes.


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