"From the industrial workshop of robot hell... Smog Head follows us in its presence!"
— In-game quote from Jonathan Pearce

Smog Head is a fictional competitor robot in the game Robot Wars: Arenas of Destruction.

The name Smog Head could be a reference to the phrase "Smeg Head", made popular by the sci-fi sitcom Red Dwarf, which former Robot Wars presenter Craig Charles stars in.

Appearance and ArmamentEdit

Smog Head is a middleweight class robot with a bevelled wedge-shaped body, four wheels, a two-stroke petrol engine as its power source and polycarbonate armour. In its default configuration, the robot's weapon is a Spring Powered Axe, while it also features two pipes and two Police Sirens as extras. Smog Head cannot self-right through any method.


Using Smog HeadEdit

Smog Head has a useful pick axe which is reasonably powerful, although it takes a while to retract. Smog Head is armoured in polycarbonate, so is quite resilient in a melee or annihilator battle. Smog Head is also pretty quick due to the two-stroke engine, although that can sometimes be subject to breaking down. Smog Head must try and avoid flippers at all costs as it can't self-right at all. Plus, with the axe, it will only have one effective strike before needing to retract, so keep that in mind when fighting.

Against Smog HeadEdit

Smog Head has a powerful weapon, so it would be wise to avoid it, and Smog Head's armour can take a bit of a beating before it starts breaking away. Smog Head can sometimes mysteriously break down due to the petrol engine, however that shouldn't really be counted on for a win. As Smog Head cannot self-right, a flipping weapon would work best against it.

Smog Head Stats

Smog Head's stats

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