For the American robot that competed in Robot Wars: Extreme Warriors, see Snake Bite (Extreme Warriors).

Snake Bite was a Swiss robot that competed in two international competitions in Robot Wars and Robot Wars Extreme. It represented Switzerland in both the European Championship (broadcast as part of Extreme 2 and German Robot Wars) and The Third World Championship, falling in the first round in the former, and in the heats in the latter.

Team captain Paul Koch had also previously built Hydrotec, which competed in German Robot Wars, although, for unknown reasons, Koch himself was unable to attend filming.


Snake Bite Arena

Snake Bite in the arena during Extreme 2

Snake Bite was a large, roughly wedge-shaped robot armed with a hydraulic crusher that exerted a force of 5 tonnes. It was armoured in steel and aluminium, and like other crusher-wielding robots such as Razer and Tiberius 3 had several holes drilled into it in order to keep it within the weight limit.


Side view of Snake Bite in Extreme 2

Snake Bite Series 7

Snake Bite in the arena during Series 7

While Snake Bite had a potent crusher, a top speed of 13mph and good pushing power, it suffered from poor manoeuvrability. This made it difficult for it to position itself properly and made it a struggle to use its crusher to the weapon's full potential. Additionally, its armour was fragile, and the wheels were partially exposed as they had no front armour plates to protect them.

Robot History

Extreme Series 2/German Robot Wars

"They're not frightened!"
— Philippa Forrester on Team Hydrotec's nerves
Tornado vs Snake Bite

Snake Bite is dominated early on

Snake Bite fought in the European Championship representing Switzerland, and faced the reigning UK Champion Tornado, which was using its scoop. Snake Bite could not breach this front ground clearance, and Tornado pushed it into a vacant CPZ, but Snake Bite was quick to escape. However, Tornado pushed it back in, as Dead Metal thumped it with one of his claws. Dead Metal gripped Snake Bite, and then sliced into the crusher. He let Snake Bite free, but again it was pushed back into the same CPZ by Tornado. Dead Metal cut into it again, then Tornado hammered it into the side wall. Tornado pushed it into Mr. Psycho's CPZ, but Snake Bite narrowly avoided the hammer.

"Tornado and the House Robots making Swiss cheese out of Snake Bite."
— Jonathan Pearce
House Robots vs Snake Bite

Snake Bite takes damage from Dead Metal

Snake Bite by pit

Snake Bite is finally pitted

Snake Bite appeared to stop over a CO2 jet, then was shoved back into Mr. Psycho's CPZ. It brought the hammer down onto Snake Bite, as Tornado rammed it again, then Mr. Psycho pushed against an angle grinder. Dead Metal sliced into the back armour of Snake Bite, then Mr. Psycho repeatedly trampled its front wedge. With the Swiss robot immobilised, Refbot counted it out, then Tornado pushed it into the pit straight afterwards. There, Mr. Psycho inflicted extra punishment, crushing the back panel of Snake Bite with its hammer.

"It wasn't an alpine pass, but the pit will do!"
— Jonathan Pearce

Series 7


Snake Bite crumples the shell of Terror Turtle

Snake Bite Terror Turtle pitting

Snake Bite releases Terror Turtle to defeat

Snake Bite was offered a chance to represent Switzerland in the Third World Championship at the end of the series, but first it had to fight in a qualifier match against the Canadian Terror Turtle. Snake Bite pursued Terror Turtle at the start, but the latter managed to outmanoeuvre it. The two turned tentatively away from each other, then Terror Turtle was almost hit by Shunt's axe, as it veered into his CPZ. Snake Bite seemed to have problems catching the turtle, as Terror Turtle bumped over Snake Bite's front wedge. Snake Bite took a blow from Terror Turtle's disc which put a small slice in the rear armour and almost cut through Snake Bite's hydraulic cables. Terror Turtle then accidentally drove onto the front wedge of Snake Bite, therefore allowing the Swiss to crush into it. Snake Bite's crusher repeatedly pierced the Canadian machine, crumpling it as if it was tin foil.

"Crumpled... Canadian... Catastrophe."
— Jonathan Pearce as Snake Bite slices through the armour of Terror Turtle.

Snake Bite crunched into Terror Turtle's shell again, then battered it into the pit release button. Snake Bite hesitated at first, but then dumped the turtle into the pit, putting it through to the Third World Championship.


Snake Bite remains stationary as the battle progresses


Snake Bite grappling with Crushtacean and PulverizeR after being counted out

Snake Bite was drawn against the Dutch champion PulverizeR and the South African Crushtacean in the first round. Right from the start, Snake Bite appeared to be leaking hydraulic fluid and soaking its tyres - it was spinning its wheels but could not move. Unfortunately this meant that it was immobile, and it was counted out by Refbot. The house robots attempted to put it on the floor flipper, but at this point the tyres had dried off sufficiently to provide traction, so Snake Bite drove away and rejoined the fight. It couldn't seem to get a hold on its opponents though, and was being hunted down by Sergeant Bash.

"What is Snake Bite doing? Weren't they counted out? Go away! Just go away! You're beaten!"
— Jonathan Pearce as Snake Bite tries to rejoin the battle

Snake Bite grappled Crushtacean, but was then dragged away by Dead Metal. In the last ten seconds, Dead Metal sliced into Snake Bite. Because it had been deemed immobile during the fight, Snake Bite was ineligible to win the resultant judges' decision.


Extreme Series 2 / German Robot Wars
European Championship
Representing Switzerland, Round 1
Round 1 vs. Tornado (UK) Lost
Series 7
The Third World Championship
Representing Switzerland, Eliminated in Heats
Qualifier vs. Terror Turtle (CAN) Won
Round 1 vs. Crushtacean (RSA), PulverizeR (NED) Eliminated


  • Wins: 1
  • Losses: 2

Series Record

UK Series

Snake Bite 2003

Snake Bite at the Dutch Robot Games in 2003

Main Series Snake Bite Series Record
The First Wars Did not enter
The Second Wars Did not enter
The Third Wars Did not enter
The Fourth Wars Did not enter
The Fifth Wars Did not enter
The Sixth Wars Did not enter
The Seventh Wars The Third World Championship, Round 1
Series 8 Did not enter
Series 9 Did not enter
Series 10 Did not enter
Robot Wars Extreme Appearances
Series 1 Did not enter
Series 2 European Championship, Round 1

German Series

German Series Snake Bite Series Record
German Robot Wars European Championship, Round 1
Entered with Hydrotec

Outside Robot Wars

Snake Bite 2006

Snake Bite in 2006

Snake Bite made appearances at the Dutch Robot Games, including the 2003 tournament. An upgraded version competed in the 2005 European Championships, with a new design featuring completely enclosed wheels and an improved wedge. It was overturned and eliminated by PulverizeR.


  • In the English dub of the European championship, Snake Bite's name was erroneously spelled as Snake Byte.
  • Every robot Snake Bite fought had experience in world events previously; Tornado in the Second World Championship, Crushtacean and Terror Turtle in the Commonwealth Carnage and PulverizeR in the European Championships.
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