"Snooker. Lets be honest - not the most exciting sport ever to grace our television screens. Robot snooker on the other hand, is right up there with nude powerboat racing...Now obviously, its going to be mayhem out here, there will be balls going everywhere, it'll be Own Goal City. But we're not bothered, because when time's up, the roboteer with the least amount of balls will be taken outside, tied to a post...and just left there, really."
— Jeremy Clarkson

Snooker was one of the Trial events that featured during Series 1 of Robot Wars. Essentially a robotic version of the popular cue sport, it appeared exclusively in Heat F of that series.

The five remaining competitor robots from The Gauntlet were each assigned a 'pocket' in an octagonal arena, and were required to push as many silver balls into their pockets as possible before time ran out. Although they could push the balls into any of the five pockets, they would only receive points for balls which entered their own pockets; it was possible for them to score points for their opponents if the balls went into the wrong pocket. The robot with the fewest balls in its pocket by the end of the Trial would be eliminated from the competition; in the event of a tie, the least active robot would be eliminated.


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