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"Invertible, with a very different stored kinetic energy weapon in the form of a weird tin opener. Just a weapon with some wheels bolted on, really."
Jonathan Pearce describes Spam

Spam was a competitor robot that fought in Series 6 of Robot Wars. It reached the second round in its only appearance, but lost to the seeded Spawn Again after accidentally driving itself into the pit.


Spam in the arena

Spam was an invertible, two-wheeled robot with a cylindrical body, transparent plastic armour, and a unique rotating prong shaped like a tin-opener. The prong was powered by a pair of horizontal flywheels mounted to the robot's top and bottom, which transferred kinetic energy into the prong when they spun, enabling the prong to rotate slowly and function like a drill. While the prong proved ineffective, and the kinetic flywheels vulnerable to damage, Spam had a high top speed of 15mph, and showed excellent durability and a high level of aggression during both of its battles.


Official photo of Spam in Series 6

Due to Spam being armed with a weapon somewhat resembling a household can opener, the team originally intended to call the robot Can Opener. However, when the similarly named Kan-Opener entered Series 5, the team could no longer use their intended name. Instead, the name Spam was chosen, in reference to the tinned meat product which is typically opened using a can opener.

The Team[]

The team in Series 6

Spam was entered by a Norwich-based team, consisting of three team members, Jon Witte, Pete Birch, and Edward Birch. The team had previous experience in Robot Wars, having entered the Second Wars with Pain, and competed on the live circuit with Judge Mech, which twice attempted to enter Robot Wars.


Spam in the pits

Spam was built for The Fifth Wars. The robot was completed in time to enter the qualifiers, but a speed controller inside Spam blew while the robot was present at the qualifiers, and ultimately it could not enter the arena for a qualifier battle, withdrawing from the process[1].

The team work on Spam during the Sixth Wars

"We blew it for RW 5, more specifically we blew one of our 4QDs on the day of our slot down at the studios. No way on earth we could get it up and running in time so that was it for 2001."
— The Spam website[2]

Nevertheless, Spam was repaired in time for the Sixth Wars, and successfully qualified after participating in a qualifier battle.

Robot History[]

Series 6[]

Spam fought in Heat H of the Sixth Wars, and was drawn up against Ming 3, The Hassocks Hog and Hot Pants in its first round battle.

"Mmm... fritters, anyone?"
— Jonathan Pearce introduces Spam

Spam is pitted by Ming 3

It drove into Ming 3 but avoided its crusher, before circling round Hot Pants and bumping into The Hassocks Hog, who appeared to have lost drive on one side. Spam nudged the immobilised Hot Pants a few times before slamming into the side of Ming 3, backing away and slamming Hot Pants with its rotating prong. The Hassocks Hog lifted Spam before it was grabbed by the wheel by Ming 3, who pushed Spam near the Flame Pit before both robots separated. Spam pressed the pit release button as Refbot counted Hot Pants out, before being chased and pinned against the wall by Ming 3, who again grabbed hold of Spam and tried to crush its top flywheel. The three surviving robots briefly converged close to Sir Killalot's CPZ, before Spam drove away and was pushed onto the edge of the pit by Ming 3 shortly after Sgt. Bash put Hot Pants in. 'Cease' was called, and the judges ruled that The Hassocks Hog had lost mobility on one side for a sustained portion of the battle, allowing Spam through to the second round alongside Ming 3.

"A slight touch of controversy, which we always have on Robot Wars. Our judges, who are infinitely wise, have decided that The Hassocks Hog was going round in circles, so basically it was immobilised, and that was before Spam was thrown into the pit. Now, Hot Pants doesn't matter, that felt the heat and was thrown out of the kitchen, but our judges in their infinite wisdom, reckon that Ming 3 and Spam go through!"
— Craig Charles explains the judges' decision to the audience

In the second round, Spam was drawn up against the tenth seed Spawn Again, with only its bottom flywheel working as the top one had been damaged by Ming 3.

Spam runs up Spawn Again's flipper

Spam drives into the pit

Even so, it started much more aggressively, darting round the arena and riding up Spawn Again's wedge a few times as the latter appeared to be having problems firing its flipper. Both robots circled round each other before Spam again drove up Spawn Again's flipper a few more times, only to drive into an angle grinder following a nudge from Spawn Again. Spam backed away and drove into Dead Metal, before again riding up Spawn Again's flipper and ramming it twice more. It aimed for the pit release button, successfully hitting it on its second attempt, before trying to get its prong under Spawn Again's partially-opened flipper, with Spawn Again now barely moving across the arena floor. Spam rammed the side of Spawn Again once more, before backing away for another charge as the latter fired its flipper. However, it missed, driving straight into the pit and eliminating itself from the Sixth Wars despite a dominant performance.

"Using its time - OH NO! Oh no! What on earth was that all about? They can't believe it either - why are you laughing?! You nutter! You're a nutter! They drove into the pit!"
Jonathan Pearce expresses shock at Spam's fatal driving error


Series 6
The Sixth Wars - UK Championship
Heat, Round 2
Heat H, Round 1 vs. Hot Pants, Ming 3, The Hassocks Hog Qualified
Heat H, Round 2 vs. Spawn Again (10) Lost


  • Wins: 1
  • Losses: 1

Series Record[]

Series Spam Series Record
The First Wars Did not enter
The Second Wars Entered with Pain
The Third Wars Not selected with Judge Mech
The Fourth Wars Failed to qualify with Judge Mech
The Fifth Wars Withdrew from qualifiers
The Sixth Wars Heat, Round 2
The Seventh Wars Did not enter
Series 8 Did not enter
Series 9 Did not enter
Series 10 Did not enter


  • The Judges deciding to put Spam through to the second round in spite of being pitted before The Hassocks Hog could be counted out is sometimes cited as a matter of inconsistency in Robot Wars, as it conflicts with other examples on the show where the fully immobilised machine would not be reinstated by the Judges (such as when Behemoth progressed over Tridentate later into the same series).

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