"If something goes wrong for you, then no doubt that Spanners had something to do with it"
— Jonathan Pearce

Spanners is a fictional robot from the game Robot Wars: Extreme Destruction. It has the design of an invertible robot, although in the game, it cannot run both ways up despite having large sun wheels. Spanners is armoured with a yellow fibreglass shell and is equipped with a diamond edged horizontal flywheel at the front. It bears a slight resemblance to the Extreme Series 2 incarnation of the robot Chip.

In Competition mode, Spanners is available to buy after unlocking Stage 8 for 4250 credits.

Strategies[edit | edit source]

Using Spanners[edit | edit source]

Spanners is respectively agile, allowing you to come in on the attack head on with the disc, dodging other robots, and running away again. Spinning on its axis allows you to cause damage if any opponents approach you. Despite having an invertible robot chassis, it cannot run both ways up so avoid flippers.

Alternatively, if the player were to fully recreate Spanners in the Robot Builder, then the updated machine would be fully invertible, reducing the risk of battling flippers.

Against Spanners[edit | edit source]

The easiest way to defeat Spanners is with a low tipped flipper to get in underneath and flip it, as it won't be able to self-right or run inverted. Also, its weak fibreglass shell is very easily ripped away, making it a very vulnerable target to other spinners and saws.

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